Abbas pitches for a Palestinian state

16 September 2011 17:39

As Daniel wrote this morning, the Middle East peace process has returned to the headlines. Palestinian President Abbas has called for Palestine to be granted full membership of the United… Continue reading


The Israel Palestine question

16 September 2011 10:32

After a hiatus, the Middle East Peace Process is about to return to the international stage. The Palestinians are pushing at the UN for recognition. Nobody knows yet what they… Continue reading


Britain’s Palestinian statehood question

14 September 2011 11:16

The Palestinians are seeking United Nations recognition as a state and a vote is apparently imminent. The Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland has a useful account of the diplomatic arithmetic and explains… Continue reading


Where does the Arab Spring leave Israel?

10 September 2011 18:38

After decades where Arab politicians kept the truth of their constructive relations with Israel hidden from their publics and stoked anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment for domestic purposes, it is no… Continue reading


Philistines for Free Palestine

3 September 2011 17:33

This summer I had the pleasure of listening to the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra performing in the once-ravaged Croatian coastal town of Dubrovnik. The concert, conducted by the Indian maestro Zubin… Continue reading


Relations between Turkey and Israel deteriorate

2 September 2011 13:25

Last summer, I spoke to Turkey’s foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, about the Mavi Marmara row. Davatoglu was not only animated, but clear on what he thought. Unless Israel apologised, he… Continue reading


Middle East round-up

22 August 2011 15:52

Reuters is reporting that Libyan rebels have taken control of Libyan state TV – one of the last organs to remain in Gaddafi’s hands. It’s another indication that the dictator’s… Continue reading


Tensions rise in the Middle East

20 August 2011 17:20

The escalating crisis in Gaza and Sinai is worrying. Egypt is to recall its ambassador to Israel after 3 security personnel were killed in confused scuffles after an Israeli bus… Continue reading


An Israeli Spring?

2 August 2011 15:15

Israeli politicians have been worrying that the Palestinians would join the protests sweeping the Middle East. So far, this has not happened. But now the Israeli leadership is facing something… Continue reading


Will Britain recognise Palestine?

30 June 2011 16:02

Will Britain recognise Palestine as a state if, as planned, the matter comes to a vote at the UN General Assembly in September? Right now, the government says it has… Continue reading


Tim Pawlenty: Generic Republican

29 June 2011 19:50

Tim Pawlenty’s Presidential campaign may be stranger than any of his rivals’. For some candidates – Gingrich, Cain – running for the Republican nomination is an outlet for excess egomania.… Continue reading


Trouble in Golan

5 June 2011 18:44

In a clear move to distract attention from his own problems, Syrian president Bashir Assad has allowed people to march from the Syrian border toward the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, in… Continue reading


Netanyahu’s Myopia

26 May 2011 12:42

What scares Israel more than anything else? Not, I wager, the rockets flying over the fence from Gaza or even, at least on a quotidian basis, the Iranian shadow. No,… Continue reading


Grading Obama’s visit

26 May 2011 9:16

It was a good state visit. Actually, it has been an excellent visit. Much better than George W Bush’s and even Barack Obama’s 2009 trip to London. The US president… Continue reading


1967 And All That

24 May 2011 8:05

How do you reconcile these comments? Argument A: "Abbas and co have had a laughably free pass despite their serial aggression, bad faith, reneging on treaties and repeated expressions of… Continue reading


A special relationship

22 May 2011 15:09

The visit of President Obama on Tuesday has not yet inspired rapid British soul searching about the ‘special relationship’, not by comparison to David Cameron’s trip to America last July… Continue reading


No, Obama Did Not Throw Israel "Under the Bus"

20 May 2011 13:42

President Obama’s speech yesterday confirmed that the main thrust of American foreign policy in the middle east may now fairly be characterised as Obama men and Bush measures. In large… Continue reading


Through a different camera: the source of Melanie Phillips’ discontent

20 April 2011 11:14

It is unfortunate that Melanie Phillips based her allegations of BBC bias in its reporting of Israeli actions on a video by CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting… Continue reading


Goldstone recants

6 April 2011 18:00

Judge Richard Goldstone has changed his mind. Writing in the Washington Post, he admits that his "fact-finding mission had no evidence" for key allegations made in the UN report into… Continue reading


Cairo Diary: it’s the economy, stupid

28 March 2011 15:36

Whether revolutions devour their own children often depends on the ability of a post-revolutionary government to deliver political freedom, jobs and services. Egypt is no different. If the economy opens… Continue reading


The government should acknowledge Israeli restraint

27 March 2011 10:39

With NATO planes circling above Libya, Saudi troops quashing protests in Bahrain, and troops killing civilians in Syria and Yemen, there has been little attention paid to Israel. But Israel… Continue reading


Tehran’s latest provocation

22 February 2011 14:05

The people of Egypt and Libya may have swung the spotlight onto their respective countries – but it is a spotlight that Iran is keen to exploit. Two of their… Continue reading


Eastern promises

18 February 2011 11:59

Events in Bahrain are yet another reminder of why the supposed choice between stability and democracy is a false one. The idea that in the medium to long term backing… Continue reading


Reasons for optimism in the Middle East

12 February 2011 16:44

I began the week in Israel, where I watched Tzipi Livni make an extraordinary pitch for the premiership by representing herself as the candidate of moderation and peace. I ended… Continue reading


And more from the world’s press on Egypt

12 February 2011 11:59

Here are a few more pieces from around the world on the Egyptian revolution and its aftermath. Andrew Neil: More about the Muslim Brotherhood. Charles Krauthammer says a freedom plan… Continue reading