At least Martin McGuinness made old age. Many others didn’t

20 January 2017 10:43

So Martin McGuinness is retiring from politics due to a ‘very serious medical condition.’ Already this is giving vent to…

Theresa May becomes PM

Ireland will have the hardest Brexit of all

19 January 2017 8:20

Irish eyes aren’t smiling – when it comes to Brexit. As one who hails from the Emerald Isle, I’ve taken…

What the papers say: Southern strikes, pig-headed militants and what Brexit means for Ireland

13 December 2016 8:35

Social care was notable by its absence from the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement. But the care system is now firmly back…

Apple’s Irish tax bill is bad news for free-market liberals

30 August 2016 16:53

So the European Commission has today released its much-delayed iTax. This time, it’s not an Apple innovation but a ruling…

Children collect firewood from the ruined buildings damaged in the Easter Rising Photo: Getty

The Easter Rising centenary shows Ireland more at peace with its past

26 March 2016 9:52

Here in Dublin, Ireland is busy marking 100 years since the Easter Rising of 1916. It is being celebrated, but with…


Shamrocks, green beer and leprechauns – the sheer un-Irishness of St Patrick’s Day

17 March 2016 16:23

March is the cruellest month if you’re Irish and venture out of Ireland, breeding plastic leprechauns from dead Tesco aisles,…

Enda Kenny casts his vote. Image: Getty

Today’s elections show the way towards Ireland’s new politics. But we aren’t there yet

26 February 2016 12:21

Dublin Ireland goes to the polls today.   The Google Doodle is up, the shadow of history hovers with the 1916…

Roisin Murphy at Sonar 2015

Why I’m in love with Róisín Murphy

19 November 2015 16:59

Róisín Murphy, the Irish singer-songwriter, is currently touring Europe with her Mercury Prize-shortlisted new album, Hairless Toys. The album, with its…

Freddie Scappaticci, who is alleged to be the British spy, code-named Stakeknife. He denies being an informant

The ‘Stakeknife’ investigation and the dark reality of double agents

22 October 2015 13:16

The decision by Barra McGrory, the Director of Public Prosecutions in Northern Ireland, to recommend an official investigation into the…


Here’s what happens when you create a ‘safe space’ at a pro-life event

13 October 2015 11:15

You know all that stuff about ‘safe spaces’, places on university campuses where you’re not allowed to say or do…

Jeremy Corbyn and Gerry  Adams

How Jeremy Corbyn could boost David Cameron’s majority

6 August 2015 11:46

Tories tend to think that Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader will be fabulously useful for their party, returning them an…

Euclid Tsakalotos addresses the Sinn Fein annual conference in Londonderry in 2015 (Photo: Paul Faith/Getty)

Euclid’s theorem of the Irish

10 July 2015 9:00

The excellently named Euclid Tsakalotos has become the Greek finance minister after the sacking (tsaking?) of Varoufakis. He was educated…


Irish Catholicism’s response to gay marriage hasn’t been totally incoherent

30 May 2015 15:33

Matthew Parris, in a characteristically elegant essay in this week’s magazine, complains about the rubbish quality of the arguments against…

(Photo: Paul Faith/Getty)

Is gay marriage just a fad?

30 May 2015 10:00

Now that Ireland has voted Yes to same-sex marriage, it will be widely believed that this trend is unstoppable and…

Is there nobody of any intellectual stature left in our English church, or the Roman church, to frame the argument against same-sex marriage?

As a gay atheist, I want to see the church oppose same-sex marriage

27 May 2015 16:55

I see. So now we have the result of the Irish referendum on gay marriage, and now we’ve heard the…


Ireland’s gay marriage vote was never an equal contest

24 May 2015 0:20

In more ways than one it’s impossible to be heard above the din right now in the wake of the…

Image: Getty

Gay marriage will split the Catholic Church

23 May 2015 23:49

Ireland, for so long the most overtly Catholic state in Western Europe, has voted for gay marriage by a stupendous margin –…

After one bakery declined to make this  cake, another agreed to do it (Photo: QueerSpace Belfast/Facebook)

The free market is still the greatest force for reducing prejudice

20 May 2015 15:20

I suppose if you’d told someone in Northern Ireland 25 years ago that the most contentious issue come May 2015 would…

Ashers Bakery (Photo: Charles McQuillan/Getty)

The ‘gay cake’ case highlights a new intolerance developing in Ireland

20 May 2015 10:12

In what sense, precisely, has a bakery in County Antrim contravened discrimination law by refusing to ice a cake with a…

Pro-same-sex marriage campaigner Glenna Benson poses with yes badges at an event ahead of the Irish same-sex marriage referendum (Photo: Paul Faith/Getty)

Ireland’s ‘tolerant’ elite now demonise anyone who opposes gay marriage

19 May 2015 11:05

If you think it’s tough being a Tory voter in 21st-century Britain, try being a ‘No’ voter in this week’s…


I don’t trust these latest obesity predictions from the nanny state

6 May 2015 22:05

Seventy-four per cent of men and 64 per cent of women in Britain will be overweight or obese by 2030, or…

Pro-Russian separatists on a road near Uglegorsk (Photo: Dominique Faget/Getty)

Want to understand the conflict in Ukraine? Compare it to Ireland

11 February 2015 10:03

What seemed this time last year to be a little local difficulty in Ukraine has metastasised to the point where…

Pope Francis says it is OK to smack your children to discipline them — as long as their dignity is maintained (Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty)

The pope is right – smacking your kids is sometimes OK

10 February 2015 13:35

One good thing has come out of the fuss over the pope’s comments about it being ok to smack your…

Sorting and packing in a printing works. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

The Spectator at war: Preachers of sedition

27 November 2014 8:30

From The Spectator, 28 November 1914: If the press is to be muzzled, why do not the muzzling laws hold…

Dublin 1912: a crowd gathers on Sackville Street (as was) for Herbert Asquith after the government introduces a bill for Irish Home Rule. Photo: Getty/Hulton.

A federal UK? Home Rule all round? We have been here before.

24 October 2014 11:48

There are fewer truly new things in politics than you think. The present constitutional uncertainty – which, it should be…