David Cameron interview: ‘I feel I have worked my socks off’

22 April 2015 16:22

In this week’s Spectator, out tomorrow, James Forsyth and Fraser Nelson have interviewed the Prime Minister David Cameron. He discusses why even his closest colleagues think he needs to show more… Continue reading

Author and politician Tony Benn, who has passed away today. Photo: Getty Images.

Tony Benn 1925 – 2014: a politician who actually believed in people

14 March 2014 7:47

The former Labour Cabinet Minister, author and long-serving MP Tony Benn has passed away today, aged 88. In 2009, our deputy editor Mary Wakefield interviewed Benn about the financial crisis… Continue reading

British Prime Minister David Cameron get

David Cameron interview: tax, ‘green crap’ and #TeamNigella

10 December 2013 16:05

A sneak preview from The Spectator’s bumper Christmas issue, out this Thursday… It’s 9.30 a.m. on a Friday and David Cameron is about to head for his Oxfordshire constituency and… Continue reading

Roddy Doyle. (Image: Mark Nixon 2013)

Roddy Doyle: I’m a middle class person commenting on working class life

6 August 2013 13:09

Roddy Doyle was born in Dublin in 1958. He first came to prominence with his debut novel The Commitments, which he self-published in Ireland in 1987. The book was then… Continue reading

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The Silence of Animals hi res

Interview with a writer: John Gray

22 February 2013 9:59

In his new book The Silence of Animals, the philosopher John Gray explores why human beings continue to use myth to give purpose to their lives. Drawing from the material… Continue reading

David Mitchell: 'I look back at that kid and think, what were you thinking!' Image: Getty

Interview with a writer: David Mitchell

25 January 2013 14:00

David Mitchell slaps a big hand on his head. ‘I look back at that kid and think, what were you thinking! How dare you, idiot!’ He is talking about his… Continue reading

For John Burnside, happiness can be found in simple pleasures like a cup of coffee or a walk in the snow. Image: Getty.

Interview with a writer: John Burnside

18 January 2013 11:50

It’s Friday at 10am in a remote field in Fife. John Burnside is taking his morning walk, whilst simultaneously attempting to conduct a conversation with me down a dodgy telephone… Continue reading

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Professor Mark Mazower believes that the era of international government is passing. What would such an event mean for the nation state? Image: Getty.

Governing the world – an interview with Mark Mazower

12 October 2012 13:36

‘People begin to feel that… there are bonds of international duty binding all the nations of the earth together.’ This quotation, which resonates so clearly as yet more blood is shed in… Continue reading

Howard Jacobson worries about the health of the novel. Image: Getty

Howard Jacobson interview

7 September 2012 11:39

While Howard Jacobson’s prose works are renowned for their wit, energy, and self-deprecating, priapic jokes, his latest book, Zoo Time, is perhaps his most light-hearted to date. The protagonist is… Continue reading

The Orange Prize For Fiction

Shelf Life: Nell Freudenberger

8 August 2012 9:15

Nell Freudenberger is one of the brightest young novelists in America, and she takes the Shelf Life hot seat this week. She suggests that Michael Gove should introduce English Literature GSCE… Continue reading


Interview: Jonathan Haidt on left vs right

20 April 2012 18:09

Why are Dennis Skinner and George Osborne locked in enmity? The answer, according to Jonathan Haidt, lies beyond the obvious partisan explanation, and reaches back into humanity’s first nature. Haidt is… Continue reading


Switching off the spotlight

14 October 2011 15:25

Having tea with Gillian Anderson is a thoroughly pleasant business — a splash of muted glamour in a fairly drab London autumn. I thoroughly recommend it, as a more engaging… Continue reading


Web exclusive: Extended interview with David Cameron

We interview David Cameron for today’s issue of The Spectator. Here’s an extended version of that interview for CoffeeHousers: The most striking thing about David Cameron is how well rested… Continue reading


Coffee House interview: Mark Sedwill

15 February 2011 11:24

Diplomats are often seen as stuffy characters from a different century, men who often appear lost in today’s chaotic world. Nobody could be further from that caricature than Mark Sedwill,… Continue reading


Put a sock in her

6 February 2011 16:05

For once, I am in total agreement with Nigel Farage: the best way for Sally Bercow to help her husband is to take a vow of silence. Her recent Cleopatra… Continue reading


Brown struggles on beyond the crash

4 December 2010 16:41

Today’s Guardian calls it his first interview since leaving office, although I think the Independent beat them to that one back in July. But, in any case, Gordon Brown’s chat… Continue reading