Inheritance tax

George Osborne making his pledge on inheritance tax at the 2007 Conservative conference. Picture: Getty

Briefing: What is the government doing to inheritance tax?

11 February 2013 21:05

The Death Tax has risen again. The government estimates that its proposals for social care funding will cost the Treasury £1 billion a year. That will be met through a… Continue reading

Care of the elderly

Social care reforms: clever politics, bad government

11 February 2013 10:14

Judge a Government on its priorities.  And then its priorities within priorities.  Amidst the clamour for rapid and credible deficit reduction, the dawning reality that green shoots won’t sprout unaided,… Continue reading

Elderly care

Social care reforms: the good and bad news

11 February 2013 9:02

Jeremy Hunt is unveiling the government’s long-awaited reforms to the funding of social care today. This is the next announcement in the government’s mid-term review series, and while it addresses… Continue reading