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The IFS’s verdict on George Osborne’s ‘deeply disappointing’ Budget

9 July 2015 14:22

In the March Budget – and, indeed in the Conservative manifesto – we were promised budget balance by 2018-19. That magic moment has now been shifted back a year. In… Continue reading

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Labour’s ‘secret plan’ attack exploits Tory silence on welfare cuts

29 April 2015 11:40

A common technique in gothic horror novels is to avoid describing whatever monster the author is trying to scare readers with. The imagination is even more powerful than the pen,… Continue reading

Party manifestos for the 2015 General Election campaign. Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Four things you need to know about the IFS’ manifesto analysis

23 April 2015 15:17

Nobody’s perfect, are they? The IFS found something to criticise today for all the parties — the Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems and SNP — whose tax and spending plans it has examined.… Continue reading

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Were the Tories’ dodgy figures designed to provoke Labour into making a statement?

30 March 2015 18:28

Why are the Tories peddling what the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies has described as ‘at best unhelpful’, which is the claim that households would be hit with a £3,000… Continue reading

U.K. Chancellor George Osborne Launches National Loan Guarantee Scheme

IFS: Osborne should come clean on his welfare cuts

19 March 2015 16:11

George Osborne this morning said that people should judge him on his track record, as he refused to set out the detail of welfare cuts planned in the next parliament.… Continue reading

George Osborne, U.K. chancellor of the exchequer, smiles as he carries the dispatch box containing the 2015 budget as he leaves 11 Downing Street in London, U.K., on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.

Budget 2015: five things you need to know about the IFS analysis

19 March 2015 16:00

Did George Osborne hide any surprises in yesterday’s Budget? The Institute for Fiscal Studies delivered its post-budget analysis this afternoon and presented a generally positive picture — noting that, as expected, the… Continue reading


Revealed: where George Osborne’s axe will fall hardest

4 December 2014 18:07

If you think George Osborne has been a mad axe man, just wait to see the cuts he has planned for the next Parliament. To return a budget surplus by the end of… Continue reading

Cabinets From Both UK And Scottish Governments Meet In North East Scotland

Scottish Independence: The Cost of Living Like This

28 May 2014 13:40

Yippee! The number-crunching boffins are at war again. The UK and Scottish governments have today released rival forecasts for life in an independent Scotland. It will not surprise you that… Continue reading

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Does Alex Salmond want to swap rule from London for rule by OPEC?

4 March 2014 17:30

Another day, another hole blown in Alex Salmond’s case for breaking up Britain. The IFS has today published its estimates (based on the OBR’s) for Scottish oil and gas revenues,… Continue reading


Forget 50p — scrap the 60p tax rate

12 March 2013 14:50

Imagine if a Chancellor stood up and announced that those earning up to £100,000 would pay a 40p tax rate, those earning £100,000 to £112,950 will pay a 60p rate,… Continue reading

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Tinkering with tax isn’t enough

22 February 2013 15:04

Should the 10p tax rate be brought back? Should the top rate be higher, or lower? Can the personal allowance be raised further? Is a mansion tax a good idea?… Continue reading

Steve Webb has today announced that a new 'single tier' state pension will be introduced in 2017. Picture: Getty Images

Briefing: Simplifying the state pension

14 January 2013 18:11

There certainly seems to be something to be said for keeping an effective minister in the same post. After two years and eight months in the job, Steve Webb is… Continue reading

The IFS says the policies in George Osborne's Autumn Statement will hit the rich and the poor, but make the upper middle better off. Picture: Getty Images

A budget for the squeezed middle

6 December 2012 16:55

Ed Miliband may have coined the term, but it seems George Osborne has the squeezed middle on his mind too. The overall effect of yesterday’s budget* was to take from… Continue reading

The IFS says George Osborne must not use the QE transfer to claim he's meeting his debt target. Graphic: Carla Millar

IFS warns Osborne: don’t cook the books, like Brown

26 November 2012 12:19

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has today published its attempt to predict what the OBR forecasts will show when they’re released as George Osborne sits down after delivering his Autumn… Continue reading


Balls wants you to trust him

6 May 2012 18:24

It’s only ten days or so since Ed Balls was last quizzed by Andrew Neil, but there he was rehashing many of the same lines on the Sunday Politics today.… Continue reading


Is Alexander ushering in Austerity Squared?

23 April 2012 12:15

23rd April, 2012 — mark it down in your calendars, CoffeeHousers. For, after weeks of froth and fury about tax, today’s the day when the government focused on spending cuts… Continue reading


Balls goes on the attack over tax credits

5 April 2012 9:49

After all the commotion about various policies in last month’s Budget, the focus this morning has shifted to measures announced back in 2010. Why? Because they take effect tomorrow. So… Continue reading


The IFS gives its Budget verdict

22 March 2012 16:15

The Institute for Fiscal Studies’ briefing is always a good place to pick up a few interesting nuggets of detail about the Budget — and this year’s is no exception.… Continue reading


The man behind the Budget

17 March 2012 15:51

In today’s Telegraph, I profile Rupert Harrison, chief economic adviser to George Osborne and the man who’ll do more than anything else (including his boss) to shape next week’s Budget.… Continue reading


The conflict over 50p has escalated once again

1 March 2012 10:00

Just like fuel duty, George Osborne can’t shake off the fury and discontent over the 50p tax rate. This morning, in a letter to the Telegraph, 537 bosses of small-to-medium-size… Continue reading


The 50p tax debate won’t be settled this year — but it might be escalated

11 February 2012 10:26

More evidence this morning that the government won’t be dropping the 50p rate any time soon, in the form of an interview with Danny Alexander. ‘This is not the time… Continue reading


Your six-point guide to the Green Budget

1 February 2012 16:27

As promised earlier, here’s my more detailed supplementary take on today’s IFS Green Budget. I’ve distilled it down into six points, but obviously there’s much, much more in the actual… Continue reading


The view from the Institute for Fiscal Studies

1 February 2012 11:48

It’s the halftime coffee break here at the launch of the Institute for Fiscal Studies’ Green Budget, so I thought I’d send CoffeeHousers a quick update. But first, just to… Continue reading


We need better schools, not more spending

25 October 2011 16:09

More money, better services? You might have thought that Gordon Brown had already tested that theory to destruction, but here it is again in the coverage of today’s Institute for… Continue reading


Right to reply: The truth behind the poverty figures

11 October 2011 19:13

This morning, Fraser published a piece criticising the Institute for Fiscal Studies’ definition of poverty. Here is a counterpunch from Julia Unwin, Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which… Continue reading