Iain Duncan Smith

The Conservative Party Annual Conference Continues In Birmingham

Iain Duncan Smith was defending welfare reform from his own colleagues as well as the Left

23 January 2014 19:56

Compassionate Conservatism has taken a bit of a kicking in the past few months: from leftwing critics who want to claim it is dead (but who always disagreed with its… Continue reading

Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith’s speech on welfare reform – full text

23 January 2014 10:42

The Work and Pensions Secretary was speaking to the Centre for Social Justice this morning. Introduction It is a pleasure to be hosted today by the Centre for Social Justice… Continue reading

Rochdale Foodbank Use Triples In A Year

The Tories’ hunger games

16 January 2014 11:59

Last night I went to hear Chris Mould of the Trussell Trust speak at my local church. The scene appeared to confirm every myth Tories tell about themselves. Though it… Continue reading


Podcast: Benefits Street vs the left, Cameron’s Euro mission and our 1964 expose

16 January 2014 8:30

Has Benefits Street exposed Britain’s dirty secret? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Fraser Nelson debates the Labour MP Frank Field on the left’s reaction to the Channel 4… Continue reading

Members Of The Cabinet Attend Their Weekly Meeting

Iain Duncan Smith: People are shocked by ‘Benefits Street’ and Labour will thank us for welfare reform

13 January 2014 16:35

Channel 4 screens the second episode of its Benefits Street documentary tonight, as a petition calling for it to be taken off the air has gained over 30,000 signatures. Labour… Continue reading


In defence of Channel 4’s Benefits Street

10 January 2014 12:55

Few subjects are more unfashionable than British poverty. And judging by the reaction to Channel 4’s brilliant documentary Benefits Street, it seems as if the left believe that it ought… Continue reading

There are better ways for the state to save money than by making large families the preserve of the well-to-do.

Cap child benefit? There are better ways to cut the welfare bill

16 December 2013 14:38

David Davis is plainly right that the Tories are just testing the water to see how talk about capping child benefit to two children for people on the dole goes… Continue reading

Iain Duncan Smith's Universal Credit project has become a circular firing squad. Photo: Getty Images.

Universal Credit is turning into an IT project disaster

10 December 2013 19:02

Universal Credit has replaced Labour’s NHS supercomputer as the ABC of how not to manage an IT project. Just six months after the hip Government Data Service outpost was brought… Continue reading

The Conservative Party Annual Conference

Pathfindering and lobster pots: IDS defends Universal credit

9 December 2013 22:01

If you’d judged the success of universal credit purely on Iain Duncan Smith’s tone at the Work and Pensions select committee this afternoon, you might conclude that things weren’t going… Continue reading

(Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Number 10 defends IDS and universal credit

9 December 2013 12:32

It’s a bit pointless asking whether the Prime Minister has confidence in Iain Duncan Smith, so this morning his spokesman was asked a slightly different question: why does the Prime… Continue reading

Iain Duncan Smith campaigning on the Easterhouse estate, where in 2002 he was inspired to start his drive for reform of the welfare system. Picture: Getty.

Iain Duncan Smith: Universal credit plan is different

9 December 2013 8:56

Iain Duncan Smith is up before the Work and Pensions Committee this afternoon to talk about his department’s annual report. Doubtless the latest bad news on universal credit will crop… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Same old ding-dong as Reeves and IDS face off for first time

14 October 2013 16:53

After insisting that her appointment in no way represented a ‘lurch to the left’ at the weekend by repeating the policy pronouncements that her predecessor was allowed to come out… Continue reading

Image: Carla Millar

Liam Byrne’s vulture strategy

5 September 2013 20:45

David Aaronovitch’s furious Times column this morning described Ed Miliband as a vulture, swooping down on problems caused by this government rather than leading. If he wanted another example of… Continue reading

Iain Duncan Smith campaigning on the Easterhouse estate, where in 2002 he was inspired to start his drive for reform of the welfare system. Picture: Getty.

Iain Duncan Smith turns up the jargon on universal credit

5 September 2013 15:59

Iain Duncan Smith was in an aggressive mood when he appeared before MPs this morning to explain the latest awkward report on universal credit to the Commons. He combined his… Continue reading

Scott's has survived the Nigella crisis. In fact, it's thriving. (VALERY HACHE/AFP/GettyImages)

No Nigella slump for Scott’s

24 July 2013 17:14

You might have thought that being the scene of a tabloid sensation — and one concerning a national treasure — could have spelled a tricky period for Scott’s of Mayfair. Not a… Continue reading

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British Sectary of State for Work and Pe

Why Universal Credit delay is a good thing, not a political failure

11 July 2013 17:06

‘Iain Duncan Smith must now ask himself if he is fit for purpose.’ That’s what Liam Byrne thinks of the Work and Pensions Secretary’s admission that the roll-out of Universal… Continue reading


The ‘conservative wing of the coalition’ toast Maggie and roast Dave

28 June 2013 19:17

Margaret Thatcher’s death has reinvigorated her devout following in the Conservative Party. The current Prime Minister was wise to give the House of Lord’s terrace a wide berth last night.… Continue reading

Billy Bragg: power to the people, vote Tory! Photo: Getty Images.

Billy Bragg may not like it, but the Conservatives are the new workers’ party

6 June 2013 11:37

Ed Miliband argued this morning that the Labour party ought to be more focused on people working. ‘The clue’s in the name,’ he said. The irony is that Labour gave… Continue reading

Eurozone Debt Crisis - General Imagery

European Commission makes the case for curtailing its own power

30 May 2013 9:22

If anyone pushing for reform of Britain’s relationship with Europe was hunting for an example of why there needs to be a renegotiation, they would have struggled to find a… Continue reading

Chancellor George Osborne Accepts Recommendations By Lord Heseltine To Boost Regional Growth

George Osborne rules out further welfare cuts as IDS offers solution to spending review stalemate

28 May 2013 9:03

George Osborne’s broadcast tour this morning served two purposes. The first was to reward those ministers who aren’t playing hard to get in the spending review negotiations by praising their… Continue reading

Image: PA

Can you really give back your pensioner perks?

29 April 2013 16:30

This weekend, Iain Duncan Smith sparked a furore when a Sunday Telegraph interview quoted him as saying he would ‘encourage everybody who reads the Telegraph and doesn’t need [their winter… Continue reading

Philip Hammond was made defence secretary because of his ability to balance the books. Picture: Getty.

Ministers burrow under the ring-fences for spending review

29 April 2013 9:07

Bids for the 2015/16 spending review will land on George Osborne’s desk today from Secretaries of State across Whitehall. Some, like Iain Duncan Smith and Patrick McLoughlin, are signed up… Continue reading

British Sectary of State for Work and Pe

IDS highlights contradiction of pensioner perks as spending review deadline looms

28 April 2013 10:42

It isn’t the first time that ministers have suggested wealthy pensioners might want to hand their universal benefits over to those who really need it, but Iain Duncan Smith’s proposal… Continue reading

Ed Miliband

I hate to admit it, but Ed Miliband has a point about welfare and language

7 April 2013 16:11

In his Mail on Sunday column today, James Forsyth gives a fascinating insight into what both main parties are thinking as we move from welfare wars into local election campaign… Continue reading

Photo: Getty Images.

Matthew Parris is right – and George Osborne should calm down.

6 April 2013 10:46

George Osborne has been behaving rather oddly of late. Normally, he’s known as the ‘submarine’ for surfacing only twice a year. Now, it’s twice a week. On Tuesday he delivered… Continue reading