Iain Duncan Smith

Brexit lies are opening up a terrifying new opportunity for the far-right in Britain

27 June 2016 14:54

The Tory leaders of Vote Leave, those supposedly civilised and intelligent men, are creating the conditions for a mass far-right…

‘Remain’ dodges a hammer blow from the European Court of Justice

14 June 2016 15:31

‘Remain’ might be trailing in the polls, but the campaign can at least be grateful they haven’t been dealt another…


IDS’s claim about Germany’s hidden EU renegotiation role is hugely damaging for ‘Remain’

10 May 2016 8:03

Yesterday, David Cameron was all talk of ensuring peace in our time and preventing world war three by staying in…

Today in audio: Jeremy Hunt stands firm ahead of junior doctors strike

25 April 2016 17:20

Jeremy Hunt has been facing questions in the Commons ahead of tomorrow’s junior doctors strike. The Health Secretary said the…

Boris Johnson Leads 48Hour Brexit Blitz Of Campaigning

Is the Leave campaign turning into Project Grouch?

25 April 2016 13:48

Monday mornings are miserable enough as it is, but this morning the Leave campaign decided to treat us to the…


Sorry, Danny Finkelstein, but you didn’t change Iain Duncan Smith’s career

23 March 2016 17:19

A few years back, Mr Steerpike wrote a blog entitled ‘How Danny Finkelstein botched the reshuffle‘ – revealing how those…

Conservative Party Conference 2004

Nicholas Soames on IDS resignation: ‘you’d have thought there’d been a coup by a black African dictator’

22 March 2016 13:31

With the Conservatives currently experiencing inner party turmoil following Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation over the Chancellor’s Budget, there are concerns…

George Osborne is nicknamed 'The Submarine' for his ability to disappear when in trouble

George Osborne disappears, as MPs debate fallout of his budget

21 March 2016 16:27

How did George Osborne survive the Urgent Question that John McDonnell asked him today in the Commons about the changes…

Tory Wars

Podcast: IDS, Ros Altmann and the return of Tory Wars

20 March 2016 11:08

Iain Duncan Smith has just given what James Forsyth refers to as a “bombshell interview” which turned into “a missile…

Ministers Attend The Government's Weekly Cabinet Meeting

Iain Duncan Smith warns government in danger of ‘dividing society’

20 March 2016 10:28

In one of the most extraordinary political interviews of recent times, Iain Duncan Smith has warned that the government ‘is…

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 09.06.24

Ros Altmann: IDS is out to inflict “maximum damage” on Tory leadership

20 March 2016 1:06

I am extremely shocked by the news of Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation and the way he has behaved. Having worked alongside…

U.K. Chancellor Of The Exchequer George Osborne Presents The Autumn Statement

George Osborne should have gone to the Foreign Office after the election

19 March 2016 10:10

Imagine how different politics would be now if George Osborne had moved to the Foreign Office after the election. He…


David Cameron suspends disability benefit reform, after IDS resignation

19 March 2016 0:27

Well, that was quick. In his letter responding to Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation, the Prime Minister has this to say:- “We collectively agreed –…

David Cameron Chairs The Weekly Cabinet Meeting

Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation letter: full text

18 March 2016 21:32

I am incredibly proud of the welfare reforms that the Government has delivered over the last five years. Those reforms…

Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith given pointless grilling on how he sleeps and jobs fairs

14 March 2016 16:40

Labour had an aggressive session at Work and Pensions Questions today, attacking the Conservatives on disability benefit cuts, and on…


Eurosceptics are finally having to emerge from their safe space

8 March 2016 11:17

I accept it may take an effort to imagine Charles Moore dressed in a recyclable hemp skirt and organic cotton…

David Cameron Chairs The Weekly Cabinet Meeting

IDS’ furious attack on the ‘In’ campaign threatens Tory unity post-referendum

4 March 2016 8:55

Iain Duncan Smith’s attack on the ‘In’ campaign today doesn’t just show us how febrile the referendum campaign is going…

The Spectator podcast: Donald Trump’s angry America

3 March 2016 8:37

In this week’s issue, Freddy Gray discusses Donald Trump’s success on Super Tuesday. America has been the world’s most benevolent…

A General Practitioner's Surgery In North London

What is the point of the government’s dodgy EU dossier?

2 March 2016 10:23

Ministers are today publishing a document that is already being rubbished as a ‘dodgy dossier’ about the options for Brexit.…

Sir Jeremy Heywood strikes a delicate balance over Brexit papers ban

1 March 2016 18:09

It was perhaps rather optimistic to hope that the row over Eurosceptic ministers being banned from seeing official papers in…

British Secretary of State for Work and

How Tory MPs could cause more trouble in EU document ban row

1 March 2016 16:56

Sir Jeremy Heywood is currently insisting to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs select committee that there is absolutely nothing…

David Cameron Chairs The Weekly Cabinet Meeting

Iain Duncan Smith: Brexit would be a ‘stride into the light’

28 February 2016 12:36

The papers report today that many Conservatives are furious with the way David Cameron is conducting the referendum campaign. MPs…

Cameron works the room (Credit: Charlie Mullins)

The Tories’ ‘black-and-white’ ball, in pictures

9 February 2016 12:20

Last night politicians and celebrities dined with the super-rich at the annual Tory Black and White ball. While press are banned from the…

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 14.32.04

Squeeze are wrong: the Tories are hellbent on fixing welfare, not destroying it

10 January 2016 14:33

Squeeze were at their best in the 1970s, and this morning demonstrated that their political ideas haven’t much evolved from…

Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions arrives at Downing Street on June 30, 2015 in London, England.

If Iain Duncan Smith resigns over Osborne’s strivers tax, he’ll endanger his own legacy

7 November 2015 14:57

Yesterday, the Daily Telegraph disclosed that George Osborne was planning to open a second front in his rather bizarre confrontation…