Hugh Grant


Hacked Off Hugh’s magical birthday

13 September 2016 8:15

When Hacked Off first launched in 2011, Hugh Grant was its lead spokesman — regularly appearing on shows such as Newsnight and…


Ed Miliband is reunited with his Hacked Off pals

13 April 2016 13:22

Last night John Whittingdale’s 2014 relationship with a dominatrix was made public by Newsnight in an interview with Hacked Off…

Paul Dacre at the bash

Paul Dacre: The free press is the last genuinely free aspect of modern Britain

24 April 2015 13:15

Northcliffe House was host to a Fleet Street reunion last night, for the launch of Mail executive Robin Esser’s memoir…

British journalist and editor of Private

Paul Foot Award 2014: Private Eye wades in on HSBC scandal

25 February 2015 10:34

Mr S was a guest at last night’s Paul Foot Award, the investigative journalism prize co-hosted by the Guardian and Private…


Let me introduce you to ‘sick chick lit’

17 September 2014 18:27

Chick lit has its place. On long-haul flights, for example, when you’re a bit pissed and bored with the films on…

Bridget and Daniel must tie the knot.

Go on Bridget, now that Mark Darcy’s dead — marry Daniel Cleaver! #taxbreak

30 September 2013 17:49

Our world has been rocked by revelations that Bridget Jones — described as ‘the world’s most famous literary singleton‘ —…

Michael Ashcroft, Getty Images

Lord, actually

19 September 2013 17:58

Lord Ashcroft’s Lunch Offensive continues, mercilessly. When he’s not entertaining Tom Watson and other animals, the former Tory donor can…

Might the battle between Hugh Grant and the press be rejoined? David Cameron fears it will.

Lord Justice Leveson and the baby killers

12 December 2012 11:13

I have worried about Hugh Grant’s understanding of power ever since he started bringing up baby. I first saw him…

Image: Getty

We ask the questions

22 November 2012 14:56

The enemies of a free press, also known as the mysteriously funded Hacked Off campaign, are positively salivating at the…

Hugh Grant. Photo: Getty Images.

Hugh Grant threatens Tory MP

18 September 2012 11:23

Hugh Grant graced Parliament with his presence last night for the ever tedious Brian Cathcart’s book launch. Cashing in on…