David Cameron's speech on immigration in Ipswich has failed to caspture the media's attention. (Chris Radburn/AFP/Getty Images)

David Cameron’s immigration speech fails to capture the imagination

26 March 2013 10:41

This morning’s papers have followed the lead of yesterday’s TV news bulletins: the prime minister’s immigration speech was not the success it might have been. The Times is lukewarm (£).… Continue reading

Eric Pickles has argued that the barrier to housebuilding is availability of credit, not the planning system. Picture: Getty

Budget 2013: New ‘Help to Buy’ plan is a boost for Eric Pickles

20 March 2013 16:10

One of the big measures in today’s Budget was the Help to Buy scheme. It answers two demands: the first for the Tories to continue to support home ownership as… Continue reading

Little Green Street Included In Worldwide Travel Book

Why no conservative should support a mansion tax

18 February 2013 13:47

The Government is expected to raise around £550 billion in tax revenue this financial year. The Centre for Policy Studies estimates that a mansion tax (of £20,000 on properties of… Continue reading

George Osborne on the campaign trail with Maria Hutchings in Eastleigh. Picture: Getty

Eastleigh by-election parties fight over policy they both support

13 February 2013 11:56

Alarming news reaches this blog from the Eastleigh by-election, where the battle has descended into a catfight about a policy the two main parties support at national level. How unusual… Continue reading

MPs will debate the private rented sector in Parliament today. Picture: Getty

The private rented sector is blocking aspiration and isolating families

23 January 2013 15:15

The private rented sector is no longer fit for the people it now serves. Almost half of those renting are over 35, and the proportion of privately rented homes has… Continue reading

Labour's former housing minister John Healey has tabled an amendment to the welfare uprating bill. Picture: Getty

Former housing minister calls for review of benefit rises bill

21 January 2013 12:14

The Welfare Benefits Uprating Bill returns to the Commons this afternoon for committee and remaining stages. As I reported last week, rebel backbench Lib Dems, the Labour front bench team… Continue reading

Housing Minister Mark Prisk. Picture: PA

Grill the Housing Minister: Mark Prisk answers Coffee House readers’ questions

17 January 2013 17:10

Housing Minister Mark Prisk’s brave request for a grilling from Coffee House readers generated a very enthusiastic response. Here are the minister’s answers to your questions. House Prices Q: What will… Continue reading

Homebuilders Barratt Homes Record Year On Year Profits Of 159%

Housing: the south's difficulty is the north's opportunity - Spectator Blogs

10 January 2013 18:44

Three cheers for Isabel’s post on the difficulties Nick Boles faces in pushing through his plans to make is slightly easier to build houses in Britain. I would add only… Continue reading

If Nick Boles wants to succeed in his mission for more homes, he's going to have to overcome some major obstacles. Picture: Getty

Nick Boles is ballsy, but his planning push faces some big blockages

10 January 2013 18:18

Nick Boles is to be applauded and rewarded for being so ballsy on housing need. It is heartening to read the minister describing current housing shortage as ‘immoral’ and a… Continue reading

Cameron and Osborne, architects of the coalition of the complacent. Image: Getty

A coalition of the complacent

7 January 2013 14:21

I don’t like to think that I am rich. In theory, I know that in comparison to the vast majority of the world’s population, I am. But perhaps because of… Continue reading

Nick Boles gave evidence to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee yesterday. Picture: Getty

Nick Boles attempts to soothe planning critics

13 December 2012 12:00

Planning Minister Nick Boles admitted yesterday that he did not believe his controversial suggestion for Britain to build homes on two million acres of countryside should be put into practice.… Continue reading

Mark Prisk

Grill the minister: Mark Prisk

12 November 2012 10:00

Mark Prisk took over as housing minister in September’s reshuffle, and has quite a task on his hands to get housebuilding figures looking healthy again. The Conservative MP was previously… Continue reading

Cameron and Clegg and the rest of the Quad discussed options for the mid-term review

What will the coalition do next?

11 November 2012 17:53

We are now closer to the 2015 election than the 2010 one. We also expected by now to have the coalition’s mid-term review, the document that will set out its… Continue reading

There are 250,000 units with planning permission which have not yet been developed in the UK. Picture: Getty

Exclusive: No 10 advised to punish land hoarders

19 October 2012 13:22

Though the government’s planning reforms will make it easier for developments supported by local communities to gain planning permission, one of the big blockages in the system is made up… Continue reading

David Cameron and Nick Clegg will unveil new measures to get the housebuilding industry going. Picture: Getty.

Tensions over housebuilding plans

6 September 2012 8:56

This morning’s big housebuilding announcement was aimed at unblocking obstacles in the planning system to get development of new homes and extensions going. But it hasn’t unblocked tensions within the… Continue reading


David Cameron is right to challenge NIMBYism

5 September 2012 14:03

The planning debate has reared its head again, and this time it’s personal. David Cameron is now calling on people to stop their ‘familiar cry’ of opposition to new housing… Continue reading

The Montague Review of the private rented sector published this morning. Picture: Getty.

Working families risk being shut out by Montague row

23 August 2012 11:50

Today’s publication of the Montague Review into institutional investment in build-to-let addresses an important gap in our housing market. Large numbers of people, and a growing number of families, who… Continue reading

Policy Exchange recommended selling expensive council homes to build new homes. In Southwark, the council is already doing this to raise money for refurbishment. Picture: Getty.

Why a Labour council is selling expensive housing stock

22 August 2012 13:00

The Policy Exchange report Ending Expensive Social Tenancies has predictably provoked a renewed debate about council housing and the value of genuinely mixed communities. It was welcomed by the right… Continue reading

London Luxury Homes As Property Becomes Haven

There’s no right to live in Chelsea

20 August 2012 19:08

Your local council owns prime real estate and could sell it to build new social houses. Housing Minister Grant Shapps says the appeal of this idea promoted by Policy Exchange… Continue reading


Cameron’s sub-prime thinking

12 March 2012 15:06

You’d think the American sub-prime crisis would have taught politicians the world over not to try to rig the housing market. But no, David Cameron is back on it today… Continue reading


Property Roulette: The Government’s Pursues a Losing Strategy

12 March 2012 13:19

If you ever needed reminding that government is a series of swings and roundabouts ensuring that what you gain on one you lose on the other, consider the coalition’s plans… Continue reading


The government’s housing policies don’t match its strong rhetoric

22 November 2011 15:55

Yesterday’s housing strategy offered a mortgage guarantee for first-time buyers of new properties, one of the few new announcements in a document largely consisting of re-hashed policy. At best, the… Continue reading


There’s merit in the Coalition’s housing proposals

21 November 2011 18:55

The government’s announcement on housing today is an attempt to square the circle. On the one hand, a return to excessive lending and sub-prime mortgages is clearly not a good… Continue reading


Trust in bricks and mortar

17 October 2011 14:11

If George Osborne is serious about growth, a relatively easy decision awaits him: to stimulate the economy by spending more on housebuilding. David Cameron knows there’s a problem, and during… Continue reading


Shapps sharpens the Right to Buy

2 October 2011 14:01

It’s a day for growth initiatives. In addition to those described earlier, George Osborne has announced that Whitehall’s annual underspend will be reinvested into capital spending projects. The emphasis on… Continue reading