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Gove, Cameron and the myth of ‘state vs private’ schools

10 March 2014 12:51

Will David Cameron send his kids to a state secondary school, as Michael Gove is doing? Today’s papers are following up James Forsyth’s suggestion that Cameron will slum it as… Continue reading

Houses in Milton Keynes, which Ed Miliband today cited as an example of a successful new town.

Where would Ed Miliband’s first New Town go?

17 February 2014 18:33

Ed Miliband has been singing the praises of New Towns in tonight’s Standard, saying a Labour government would use these developments to help solve London’s housing crisis. He writes: ‘A… Continue reading

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George Osborne: Housing crisis will still be here in 10 years’ time

4 February 2014 18:19

George Osborne’s evidence to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee was dispiriting for a number of reasons. The first was that he told the peers that the chances are… Continue reading

Former Miners Leader Arthur Scargill In Barbican Flat Court Battle

When Arthur Scargill tried to buy his council flat, he bought Thatcherism

15 January 2014 20:55

There’s a case for saying that the Thatcher government’s sale of council houses was the biggest redistribution of wealth this country has ever seen. I’m not so sure. I am… Continue reading

Why build in the countryside when you can build in dead urban space or in some of London's commons?

One solution to the housing shortage – build on Hampstead Heath

15 January 2014 11:03

If I was going to measure possible reasons to desert the Tories at the next election, and I can think of a couple, plans to concrete over the countryside would… Continue reading


Labour are planning to fail future generations on housing – and they know it

19 December 2013 17:30

Ed Milliband appears to have woken up this week – too late – to a housing crisis. He echoes his predecessors, who promised too little, too late and failed to… Continue reading

Miliband plan to boost housing

The Labour split on planning and housebuilding

16 December 2013 16:27

Ed Miliband’s housebuilding announcement today is rather a re-heated announcement of his conference pledges on housing. Eric Pickles has already set out on Coffee House his belief that these new… Continue reading

Help To Buy Scheme Launched To Help First Time Buyers

Eric Pickles: Labour’s approach to housing shows how out of touch they are

16 December 2013 16:03

Under the last Labour Government, house building fell to its lowest peacetime level since the 1920s. Labour’s top-down Regional Strategies and eco-towns built nothing but resentment. Advised by Ed Balls… Continue reading

There is not enough housing and insufficient properties are being built. Social landlords have had to adapt.

Housing associations have had to change in order to fulfil their social responsibilities

22 November 2013 14:30

Regardless of your views on social housing, you’d have to admit there are far more obvious, and natural, targets for people to choose to protest against rising rent levels in… Continue reading

Involvement in schemes like Build to Rent have damaged the reputations of social landlords. (PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/GettyImages)

Social landlords have prostituted themselves over ‘Build to Rent’

21 November 2013 11:03

Last weekend a group of young professionals, forced by a spiralling housing market to rent rooms in shared houses at exorbitant prices, moved into a new development in London’s Stratford… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Osborne’s stairway to heaven?

20 November 2013 15:00

From this week’s Spectator, our cartoon editor Michael Heath offers his take on George Osborne’s Help to Buy scheme. Subscribe from just £1 a week here.

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How ‘Help to Buy’ helps the Tories

10 November 2013 16:55

Few images are more seared in the Tory consciousness than that of Margaret Thatcher handing over the keys to people who had brought their council house under ‘right to buy’.… Continue reading


Why Mike Penning can afford to be so aggressive about the benefit cap

23 October 2013 14:45

What a combative interviewee Mike Penning made on the Today programme. The new work and pensions minister clearly felt that given the benefit cap is the most popular policy pollsters… Continue reading


Boris’s immigration issue

21 October 2013 16:17

When you discuss Boris Johnson’s leadership prospects with Tory MPs, one subject nearly always comes up: immigration. The Mayor is a liberal on the subject while most of the party… Continue reading

What did Londoners gain from the sale of this property in Cromwell Terrace for £80 million earlier in the year?

What have Londoners gained from the London housing bubble?

14 October 2013 13:40

Now that the middle class squeeze has become my sujet du bore at the fancy north London dinner parties I attend, I was interested in Saturday’s New York Times piece… Continue reading

Margaret Thatcher

Jack Dromey: Labour let Thatcher become the champion of aspiration

24 September 2013 20:46

When Margaret Thatcher passed away and the broadcasters, newspapers, and casual drinkers in pubs picked over what her legacy really was, one of the key policies mentioned – and praised… Continue reading

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Labour’s claim of being the party of council housing is in tatters

23 September 2013 17:47

As part of the Labour conference focus on the cost of living, the party will be going to great efforts this week to reclaim its presumed title as the party… Continue reading

An Alternative View Of The Liberal Democrats Annual Party Conference

Lib Dem conference: Vince Cable says Tory Cabinet colleagues are worried about housing bubble

16 September 2013 19:26

‘People think that I’m quite blunt,’ joked Vince Cable to Steve Richards at a fringe event this evening. The Business Secretary was being interviewed on his job, his relationship with… Continue reading

That was the middle class that was. Illustration: Christian Adams.

For the middle classes, things can only get worse

23 August 2013 13:15

In this week’s magazine Fraser Nelson and I look at the breaking of the English middle class, a subject so scary you’ll want to hold someone’s hand when reading it. The… Continue reading

Stamp Duty is affecting ordinary house sales in the Midlands and the North, not just the plusher regions of London and the South East.

Stamp Duty is stomping all over Middle England

6 August 2013 13:40

65 per cent of the people buying a home in London in 2012-13 paid the 3 per cent rate of Stamp Duty or more. You can pay that rate on… Continue reading


The View from 22 — baby boomers vs. the jilted generation, an indecent housing proposal and the royal baby

25 July 2013 9:03

Are the baby boomers propping up the lazy ‘jilted generation’ while driving Britain’s economic recovery? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Daily Mail columnist Melanie Philips debates The Guardian’s… Continue reading


Labour’s localism epiphany

7 June 2013 8:35

Just because Labour has been taking a big dose of reality this week doesn’t mean the party is now refusing to make the most of any botch job by the… Continue reading

Chancellor Of The Exchequer George Osborne Makes A Post Budget Visit In London

The friendless Help-to-Buy scheme

23 May 2013 15:56

Is there anyone left who thinks the Government’s Help to Buy scheme is a good idea? This week’s Spectator splashes on the risks of this property bubble wheeze. Merryn Somerset… Continue reading

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No more radical reforms, please, we’ve pushed our MPs too far

1 May 2013 12:55

Nick Clegg is frustrated. He told callers on LBC this morning that ‘one of the most frustrating dilemmas that we have face in government is that we have thrown a… Continue reading

Eric pickles

Was today’s conservatory revolt really necessary?

16 April 2013 19:26

Eric Pickles did manage to avert a defeat in the Commons on plans to let homeowners build extensions and conservatories without planning permission, but it’s worth asking how on earth… Continue reading