Mortgage rates are fuelling the generational wealth imbalance

17 January 2017 12:37

At some point a few years ago, after the financial crisis had passed but the economic stats still showed the…

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Buying a second property: what you need to know for 2017

3 January 2017 12:45

If you’re planning on buying a second property this year, then help is at hand thanks to Spectator Money. Stamp…

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Garden villages are a good idea. Let’s get the bulldozers rolling

2 January 2017 12:25

There are few terms in the English language as irritating as ‘eco-village’ – which is really just ‘housing estate’ dressed…


A view of St Paul’s is the least of London’s housing problems

5 December 2016 16:14

Richmond Park has been in the news a bit lately. It is portrayed as a bastion of wealth and privilege,…

Property Prices Continue To Increase

Don’t be too quick to applaud the Chancellor’s ban on letting fees

23 November 2016 12:01

If there’s one thing sure to get estate agents’ knickers in a twist, it’s a threat to their income. And…


Decent broadband now a ‘must-have’ for house buyers

22 November 2016 11:58

Location, location, location is the estate agent’s mantra when asked to define what makes a property hot – or not.…

Britain’s troubled housing market is fuelling social immobility and resentment

7 November 2016 12:00

‘Prefabs to solve housing crisis,’ screamed the front page of the Sunday Telegraph last weekend. Can the shortage of homes…

Second Day Of The Annual Conservative Party Conference

What does Philip Hammond have planned for the autumn statement?

29 October 2016 10:05

The City and Westminster are waiting to see what Philip Hammond does in the autumn statement next month. I write…

Government Housing Plans Threaten Greenfield Sites

How to talk to your builder

26 October 2016 11:11

Television has a lot to answer for. The terrible reputation of the building trade for one. But not all builders…

League Table Shows Kensington Park Gardens As The Most Expensive Street In UK

House sellers must be realistic if they want to do a deal

8 September 2016 11:12

After a long summer of uncertainty following the Brexit vote, data is finally dribbling in. While some of it strikes…

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Parents willing to pay tens of thousands more to live near a top school

5 September 2016 12:59

I have no recollection of my first day at school. I was four-years-old so it’s not surprising that I can’t dredge…


Is the sharing economy over already? Yes, if letting companies get their way

16 August 2016 11:04

Sitting on the lanai (balcony) sipping a beer, the wind gently rustling through the palm trees and my Hawaiian hosts’…

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Don’t fall victim to dodgy estate agents

30 June 2016 10:25

How do you spot a good estate agent? No, I’m not about to tell a joke. It’s a serious question.…

Housing hyperbole: what’s next for house prices

27 June 2016 12:17

Without wishing to add to the hyperbole over Brexit (from both sides), it’s fair to say that Britain is all over…


Shared ownership could be the alternative to the bank of mum and dad

15 June 2016 10:09

Stepping onto the property ladder has become an enormous stretch for first-time buyers. But for those with no access to…

Report Warns Average Deposit For First Time Buyers In London To Rise To Over 100,000 GBP By 2020

Why a win for landlords is a win for everyone

14 June 2016 10:20

There was victory for a group of mortgage borrowers last week when Court of Appeal judges ruled West Bromwich Building…

Eurozone Debt Crisis - General Imagery

How Vote Leave plan to persuade the electorate that there are real risks to staying in the EU

28 May 2016 10:31

The IN campaign’s plan for victory in this EU referendum is relatively simple.  ‘Do you want the status quo or…


Can we really trust the economists on EU immigration?

13 May 2016 10:49

A recent Coffee House blog quite rightly noted that many British people are concerned that high levels of immigration have hurt…

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Generation doomerang: moving back in with mum and dad

11 May 2016 10:57

Am I a ‘doomeranger’? If a new survey is to be believed then, yes, that’s exactly what I am. In…

Shopping for a home

Marathon mortgages you’ll be paying off for life

3 May 2016 9:59

When the baby-boomer generation bought their first homes they were typically in their twenties, took out a 25-year loan, and fully…


What you are telling us about the housing market

27 April 2016 10:35

Every month, some 1,500 households across the country tell us what they think has happened to the value of their…

League Table Shows Kensington Park Gardens As The Most Expensive Street In UK

Your home insurance holds the key to property disputes

8 April 2016 9:20

Rising house prices and a lack of properties has prompted many homeowners to improve rather than move. And who can blame them?…


Counting the cost of becoming a nation of renters

6 April 2016 10:16

Proof, if proof was needed, earlier this week that property prices in the capital are out of control. Research by Savills…


More misery for landlords

30 March 2016 10:08

The news for landlords seems to keep getting worse. Following a clampdown on tax relief and a huge hike in…

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PMQs sketch: Cameron’s new tactic to steal Corbyn’s mascot

10 February 2016 16:59

Housing is Jeremy Corbyn’s second favourite subject (after drainage lids). Back in the 1970s the grateful proletariat hailed his long…