Housing benefit

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Government loses ‘bedroom tax’ vote

5 September 2014 14:02

The government has just lost a vote in the House of Commons on the ‘bedroom tax’/removal of the spare-room subsidy/underoccupancy penalty/Size Criteria for People Renting in the Social Rented Sector… Continue reading


Rachel Reeves’s ‘staggering’ and ‘astonishing’ future of welfare speech

7 August 2014 11:26

Rachel Reeves, the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, gave a speech earlier this week on the future of the welfare system. The choice that she presented was one between ‘…failing… Continue reading

David Laws will be working out the key themes and messages for the Lib Dem manifesto over the next few days. Picture: GETTY

Lib Dem manifesto horsetrading begins

2 April 2014 18:09

After Tim Farron set out a new position for the Lib Dems on the ‘bedroom tax’ this morning, Labour wants to try to humiliate the party by staging a vote… Continue reading


Removing housing benefit for under-25s will help glue families together

10 October 2013 12:23

People who support removing housing benefit for young people always focus on two arguments: finance and fairness. The former concerns the amount of money the government could save by not… Continue reading

Tory MPs complained to the Prime Minister about the bedroom tax at a lunch. Picture: Getty

Tory MPs lobby David Cameron on the ‘bedroom tax’

4 March 2013 17:25

Liam Byrne launched Labour’s campaign on the ‘bedroom tax’ today, while Helen Goodman, who was the Labour minister responsible for the party’s own attempt at cutting the housing benefit bill… Continue reading

Damian McBride giving evidence to MPs this morning.

The ‘bedroom tax’ shows Downing Street does need a Damian McBride character

27 February 2013 13:14

MPs are debating that Cut With the Awkward Name, the Under-occupation of Social Housing: Housing Benefit Entitlement, also known by its opponents as the ‘bedroom tax’, this afternoon. I’ve already… Continue reading

David Cameron at PMQs

PMQs sketch: Ed Miliband vs David Cameron on the ‘bedroom tax’

6 February 2013 16:06

It was cynical. It was shameless. It was low-down politics in every way. But Miliband’s stunt at PMQs very nearly worked. His theme was the reform of housing benefit that… Continue reading

Ed Miliband at PMQs today

PMQs: Ed Miliband’s ‘bedroom tax’ attacks ignore the facts

6 February 2013 12:58

At a particularly unedifying PMQs today, one Labour MP even suggested that ministers need cognitive behavioural therapy. The cause of all this rancour: the so-called ‘bedroom tax’. Now, the ‘bedroom… Continue reading

The Tories have been consulting their members on what their welfare policy should be for 2015. Picture: Getty

Cut housing benefit for under-25s? Yes, but be careful, say Tory members

4 December 2012 10:00

George Osborne might have failed to get his housing benefit cut for the under-25s past the Lib Dems in time for the Autumn Statement, but, as James reported in his… Continue reading

Tim Loughton on a visit as Children's Minister. Picture: Getty

Sacked ministers make trouble at Treasury questions

6 November 2012 15:08

Treasury Questions was a little quieter than usual today: George Osborne is away and so Ed Balls left the questions to his colleague Chris Leslie. The Shadow Chancellor didn’t say… Continue reading

Low-paid workers are often recipients of housing benefit. Picture: Getty

David Cameron must beware of hitting his dream ‘striver’ voters

9 October 2012 16:33

Now that the Tories have at least agreed within their own party that they can find £10 billion of further cuts to the welfare budget, they are starting to ramp… Continue reading


Waiting for welfare reform

6 November 2010 10:31

After a summer of sporadic announcements, IDS’ welfare reforms will be published in a white paper next week. As in 1997, when Tony Blair urged Frank Field to think the… Continue reading


EXCLUSIVE: What about those who aren’t pulling a housing benefit scam?

3 November 2010 18:16

Most sensible taxpayers think Britain’s current housing benefit costs to be a terrific scam. In the last five years the bill has risen by 25 percent. We now pay £21billion… Continue reading


It is when Boris comes from the right that he is a threat to Cameron

30 October 2010 18:21

The ease with which Number 10 dealt with Boris Johnson’s sally on housing benefit has revealed something important. A challenge from Boris is a threat to Cameron when Boris is… Continue reading