House of Lords

Three Cheers for the House of Lords

12 November 2009 0:09

Everyone, and not without reason, holds the House of Commons in some degree of contempt. This has provoked any number of proposals for reforming the lower house. One simple, if… Continue reading

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Welcome reforms, but they do not provide the complete answer

29 October 2009 13:00

Baroness Royall has confirmed the Eames inquiry’s recommendation that the House of Lords has its own standards watchdog, following allegations that four Labour peers offered to amend laws for specific… Continue reading


Ironically, Cameron can only deconstruct the state by manipulating central patronage

15 October 2009 9:04

If it remains a mystery that, 12 years after describing the House of Lords as an “affront to democracy”, Labour have not attempted wholesale reform, then look no further than… Continue reading


David Cameron, his Goats & his Pocket Boroughs

15 October 2009 2:05

The other day Pete mentioned David Cameron’s desire to bring in outsiders to staff his government ministries, making it a Tory version of Gordon’s so-called Government Of All the Talents.… Continue reading


Bercow wants Lords Mandelson and Adonis to be questioned by MPs

24 September 2009 18:02

Speaker Bercow has suggested that prominent cabinet ministers who sit in the House of Lords should be brought before the backbenchers for scrutiny. The Telegraph’s James Kirkup has the details:… Continue reading


The benefit of the Lords

8 July 2009 16:31

I disagree with Helena Kennedy on a whole host of issues, but her speech last night in the Lords debate on assisted suicide was fantastic. Here’s the opening section of… Continue reading


A welcome rejection of assisted suicide

7 July 2009 22:10

I’m delighted that Lord Falconer has just failed in his attempt to legalise assisted suicide for people sending friends and relatives to Swiss death clinics. This is a topic which… Continue reading