House of Lords

Clegg sets out his stall for 2012

19 December 2011 16:23

Under cover of discussing the Open Society and its enemies, Nick Clegg today set out his personal agenda for the next year of this government. Indeed, Clegg’s speech to Demos… Continue reading


Lords at loggerheads

15 November 2011 16:57

It’s not every day a video of House of Lords business goes viral, but over the last couple of days that’s exactly what we’ve seen. Here it is, for any… Continue reading


How Lansley won over the Lords

13 October 2011 19:29

As Ben Brogan wrote this week, the House of Lords is threatening to become one of the biggest obstacles to the coalition’s reform agenda. But the way in which the… Continue reading


Lansley’s real fight

13 October 2011 9:21

Yesterday was a rare good day for Andrew Lansley: the Health Bill survived its trial in the House of Lords. But there are no fanfares in this morning’s press for the… Continue reading


Three Cheers for the House of Lords

12 October 2011 0:01

As a general rule complaints that the opposition are too beastly for words should not be taken too seriously. They reflect a sense of entitlement on the part of the… Continue reading


Which amendments to the NHS bill would the government accept?

11 October 2011 15:22

The Lords has been debating the Owen/Hennessy amendment to the NHS bill, which threatens to upset the coalition. Owen and Hennessy have called for the bill to be referred to… Continue reading


Downing Street’s boundary review problem

14 September 2011 18:04

I understand that Number 10 will lean on Cabinet ministers not to object to what the boundary review does to their seats. This is an intriguing development because at least… Continue reading


Managing the boundary changes

12 September 2011 13:13

MPs are queuing down the corridor on the first floor of Portcullis House as they try to get hold of a copy of the proposed boundary changes which have just… Continue reading


More ermine troubles for Nick Clegg

1 June 2011 10:54

Tory backbenchers have been whispering to the Times (£), and their words will not hearten Nick Clegg. If the coalition pushes for Lords reform, one says, then about 50 of… Continue reading


Clegg’s ermine troubles

31 May 2011 9:09

Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas, that much we know. But thanks to the wonders of modern science, we can now poll them on it. Today’s Times carries a survey of… Continue reading


Clegg’s great rejuvenator falls a little flat

17 May 2011 16:32

‘Constitutional reform is a waste of time, pure and simple. It never actually achieves its avowed end of reconnecting the voters with democratic institutions,’ wrote John McTernan, the former advisor… Continue reading


The Lords punish Cameron over policing

12 May 2011 10:10

In Number 10, they are already concerned that they are losing public support on crime and punishment. David Cameron is planning to give a speech on the subject that will,… Continue reading


The Dame departs

10 May 2011 10:57

Pauline Neville-Jones was a first. She was one of the first women in the Foreign Office to climb the department’s male-dominated ladder, serving as Lord Tugendhat’s chef de cabinet at… Continue reading


An election before 2015 could soon be illegal

7 May 2011 15:02

Amazingly, the forces of conservatism derided by Tony Blair, are in the ascendant, their enemies scattering and in retreat. Bin Laden is dead, the oil price tumbling, the Royal Wedding… Continue reading


Weapons-grade Cable

7 May 2011 10:31

Which Lib Dem can be rudest about the Tories? Chris Huhne, you must admit, gave it a decent shot yesterday, describing his parties’ "extraordinary anger" with their coalition stablemates. Even… Continue reading


How the recriminations over AV’s defeat will change the debate over Lords reform

30 April 2011 11:35

It is odd to think that only the second national referendum in our history is only five days away. The combination of the Royal Wedding and the failure of the… Continue reading


The coalition’s self-repair effort will meet backbench resistance

26 April 2011 11:19

This week, breakage. Next week, super glue. Given the noises emanating from Downing Street, there’s little doubt that the Tory and Lib Dem leaderships are going to do a repair… Continue reading


Lansley and Cameron in the firing line

13 April 2011 12:05

The coalition’s decision to ‘pause’ its NHS reforms has left an open goal for its opponents, and they’ve been busy tapping the ball into this empty net this morning. At… Continue reading


Lords: government not championing European single market "strongly"

5 April 2011 10:43

Tucked away in an old building, where few people knows of its existence, lives one of the most important parliamentary creatures – the House of Lords European Union Committee. Often… Continue reading


IDS vows to tackle Britain’s welfare addiction

17 February 2011 18:01

IDS and David Cameron have been evangelising. An insistent newspaper article and pugnacious speeches herald the latest welfare reform drive. There has been one significant u-turn: the threat to decimate… Continue reading


Amending the AV bill

15 February 2011 12:57

Yesterday, the coalition said it would try and overturn all four of the Lords’ amendments to the AV bill. But today it announced that it would accept the one saying… Continue reading


The AV referendum hasn’t captured the public’s imagination

14 February 2011 15:48

It is odd to think that in just a few months we’ll be having only the second nationwide referendum in our history and no one is particularly excited about it.… Continue reading


The dignified and undiginified parts of the constitution

26 January 2011 18:55

There’s a febrile atmosphere in Westminster tonight. The coalition is poised for a frontal assault on the privileges of the House of Lords and there is an expectation that today’s dramatic developments in… Continue reading


The Lib Dems reject Ed Miliband’s overtures (again)

26 January 2011 16:29

What a joy it is to watch Ed Miliband contort and twist so that he can offer a hand of friendship to the Lib Dems. It has been a three-act… Continue reading


We await their lordships

13 January 2011 19:02

The May 5th date for the AV referendum is under threat because the bill paving the way for it might not get through the House of Lords in time. The… Continue reading