House of Lords


Cameron tries to return to the big picture

23 April 2012 9:05

David Cameron is out doing the media rounds today. He wants to, in his words, get back to the ‘big…


Clegg stands firm against Lords referendum

22 April 2012 16:16

In his interview with Andrew Neil on the Sunday Politics, Nick Clegg argued against a referendum on Lords reform on…


How would the House of Lords be elected?

21 April 2012 12:18

In the debate over House of Lords reform, the Lib Dems are trying to say that they favour an elected…


From the archives: Lords reform could kill the coalition

20 April 2012 18:53

Why is Lords reform such an explosive issue? The subject should induce narcolepsy, but even loyal Tories are threatening to launch a rebellion against…


Cameron remains adamant on Lords reform

20 April 2012 13:38

Despite last night’s threats, David Cameron remains personally committed to the cause of reforming the House of Lords. The coalition…


The depth of Tory feeling over Lords reform

19 April 2012 18:12

What should worry David Cameron about tonight’s meeting of the 1922 Committee on Lords reform was that it was not…


Let’s move the Lords to Manchester

18 April 2012 14:03

Andrew Adonis, one of the policy brains of the Blair government and now seated in the House of Lords, has…


The Lib Dems vote ambiguously on the Health Bill

11 March 2012 10:50

The motion passed by Liberal Democrat conference this morning means that the party is neither supporting nor opposing the Health…


What’s going on over the Lords — and where to read about it

27 February 2012 9:30

Finally, Lords reform becomes interesting: it could be the issue that splits the coalition. Lord Oakeshott’sadmission of this yesterday has…


The ruckus over Lords reform

25 February 2012 13:38

Both the Tory and Lib Dem manifestoes promised to reform the House of Lords, as did the Coalition Agreement, but…


The government will have to fight for Lords reform

5 February 2012 16:16

House of Lords reform is one of those subjects that make most people’s eyes glaze over. But it is going…


Some numbers to encourage both halves of the coalition

30 January 2012 12:25

Yesterday’s YouGov poll for the Sunday Times had a few interesting nuggets buried beneath the top line (Lab 40, Con…


A defeat that delights the Tories

23 January 2012 22:11

Rarely can a government have been so pleased to have been defeated. The Tories are, privately, delighted that the Lords…


Where will the Welfare Reform Bill go from here?

12 January 2012 9:40

Yep, it’s that battle over ‘fairness’ again. Labour peers, along with a decent scattering of Lib Dems and independents, believe…


The scale of Clegg’s Lords challenge

6 January 2012 16:38

Tucked away on page 15 of today’s Times, there’s an insightful story about Lords reform (£) by Roland Watson. And…

Clegg tries to reassure his troops

28 December 2011 12:12

Only a few weeks ago, a statement from Nick Clegg in firm support of the coalition wouldn’t have been noteworthy…

We can’t ignore the persecution of Christians in the Middle East

23 December 2011 11:14

William Hague has transformed the Foreign Office in his 18 months in charge. He inherited a system hardwired with the…

Clegg sets out his stall for 2012

19 December 2011 16:23

Under cover of discussing the Open Society and its enemies, Nick Clegg today set out his personal agenda for the…

Lords at loggerheads

15 November 2011 16:57

It’s not every day a video of House of Lords business goes viral, but over the last couple of days…

How Lansley won over the Lords

13 October 2011 19:29

As Ben Brogan wrote this week, the House of Lords is threatening to become one of the biggest obstacles to…

Lansley’s real fight

13 October 2011 9:21

Yesterday was a rare good day for Andrew Lansley: the Health Bill survived its trial in the House of Lords.…

Three Cheers for the House of Lords

12 October 2011 0:01

As a general rule complaints that the opposition are too beastly for words should not be taken too seriously. They…

Which amendments to the NHS bill would the government accept?

11 October 2011 15:22

The Lords has been debating the Owen/Hennessy amendment to the NHS bill, which threatens to upset the coalition. Owen and…

Downing Street’s boundary review problem

14 September 2011 18:04

I understand that Number 10 will lean on Cabinet ministers not to object to what the boundary review does to…

Managing the boundary changes

12 September 2011 13:13

MPs are queuing down the corridor on the first floor of Portcullis House as they try to get hold of…