House of Lords

Baroness Verma saved the day in the Moses Room on Tuesday night when she offered Baroness Worthington a fruit pastille. (SHAUN CURRY/AFP/Getty Images)

Rumpus on the red corridor

26 July 2013 11:29

The House of Lords’ committee rooms are not ordinarily the setting for a ruckus; but there was rumpus in the Moses Room on Tuesday night, when the greybeards were musing… Continue reading

Peers pay tribute to Margaret Thatcher.

‘If only people could see the real Margaret Thatcher’: Lords pay tribute

10 April 2013 18:52

Today’s debates in Parliament about Baroness Thatcher were supposed to be a tribute to the first female Prime Minister. If you were looking for the most faithful rendition of this,… Continue reading

Will bloggers escape from the shackles of press regulation?

‘Small-scale’ bloggers hear the chimes of freedom

25 March 2013 16:57

Bloggers of the United Kingdom rejoice – an exemption from the all-new press controls looks to be on the way. We are waiting today to see if any of the… Continue reading

Oona King on the campaign trail during the 2005 election. She lost her seat to George Galloway. Image: Getty.

Oona King’s return to the spotlight

26 February 2013 12:44

The Lords’ terrace was transformed into a theatre yesterday evening to stage an adaptation of Blair Babe Oona King’s House Music diaries, which recount her career as MP for Bethnal Green… Continue reading

Those involved in the cross-party talks have praised Oliver Letwin for the way he is managing them. Picture: Getty

Leveson Royal Charter plan remains uncharted territory

11 January 2013 17:50

Strong words in the Lords today about the media and the government’s stance on Leveson, but what are the discussions like between the three parties behind the scenes? Though they… Continue reading

Lord Fowler speaking on press regulation in the House of Lords this morning.

Lessons from the Lords on Leveson

11 January 2013 11:35

Peers are spending today debating the Leveson report. They’ve been at it for an hour and a half, and will continue debating until 5pm, but the first few speeches have… Continue reading


Exclusive: John Nash is the new schools minister

10 January 2013 15:00

The new schools minister is John Nash. He succeeds Lord Hill who has gone off to replace Tom Strathclyde as leader of the House of Lords. Nash, a venture capitalist,… Continue reading

Lord Strathclyde: a skilful leader who will be missed. Photo: Getty Images

Lord Strathclyde resigns over frustration with Lib Dem peers

7 January 2013 12:31

Lord Strathclyde was a skilful leader of the House of Lords. An immensely charming man, he was — generally — able to coax legislation through a chamber where the government… Continue reading

The Queen attends a Motability event in Westminster Hall. Peers may revolt over changes in eligibility rules for Motability cars. Picture: Getty

Government could face another welfare rebellion in the Lords

27 December 2012 13:01

Remember those rebellions in the Lords on welfare earlier this year? Well, the fight hasn’t disappeared entirely from the Upper Chamber. Secondary legislation filling in the detail of the Welfare… Continue reading

House of Lords

Will the Lords really slay the gay marriage bill?

17 December 2012 18:19

Think the Commons is in uproar at the moment over gay marriage? Just wait until the legislation makes its way into the House of Lords. The received wisdom is that… Continue reading

Oxford students call on Lord Patten to devote sufficient time to being Chancellor of Oxford University during the BBC crisis. Image: Getty.

Oxford students: Chris Patten needs to devote time to being our Chancellor

14 November 2012 15:54

As students at Oxford University, we are told repeatedly by tutors, proctors, and the Chancellor himself that we’re not allowed to do much outside our degree. We cannot do more… Continue reading

Nick Clegg and David Cameron are locked in a stalemate over the boundary reforms. Picture: Getty

Cameron and Clegg locked in staring contest on boundary reforms

5 November 2012 22:31

Nick Clegg and David Cameron still can’t agree over the future of the boundary review, and their continuing stalemate led to legislation on individual voter registration being shelved indefinitely in… Continue reading

Peers have defeated the government on an amendment to the Local Government Finance Bill. Picture: Getty

Government defeated on ‘poll tax mark two’

22 October 2012 18:45

The government suffered an awkward defeat in the House of Lords this afternoon on its changes to council tax benefit. Rebels on an amendment to the Local Government Finance Bill… Continue reading

Harriet Harman

Harman tries to play ball with Clegg on boundaries

3 September 2012 16:53

Nick Clegg didn’t mention the boundary reforms once in the statement he gave to the House of Commons on the death of the House of Lords Reform Bill. The Deputy… Continue reading

The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference

How the Lib Dems could be truly mature in government

7 August 2012 9:29

Nick Clegg’s decision to scupper boundary reviews in retaliation for the failure of his Lords reform programme is the very opposite of ‘mature’ government. It is the politics of the… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron And Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Visit The Olympic Park

Boundaries and Lords reform: what the two parties said

7 August 2012 9:12

The Liberal Democrats have spent the past few months building up to yesterday’s announcement that they would trash the boundary reforms following the failure of the House of Lords Reform… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron And Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Visit Essex

Cameron continues to stick to boundary reforms

6 August 2012 17:00

Perhaps the most intriguing part of Nick Clegg’s decision not to support the 2015 boundary changes as a ‘penalty’  for Lords reform not happening is that Downing Street is insisting… Continue reading

Peers file out of the Chamber of the Hou

The Lib Dem penalty for a ‘breach of contract’ on the Lords

6 August 2012 15:58

In his statement to the press this afternoon in which he confirmed that the Liberal Democrats were throwing the towel in over reform of the House of Lords, Nick Clegg… Continue reading

Cameron and Clegg and the rest of the Quad discussed options for the mid-term review

Killing the boundaries but not the coalition

6 August 2012 13:06

Nick Clegg will give a statement this afternoon on the House of Lords Reform Bill, and what will happen next. Number 10 was understandably cagey at this morning’s lobby briefing… Continue reading

House of Lords, Getty Images

The fictional House of Lords

6 August 2012 12:38

The House of Lords has yet again survived reform. ‘We have been discussing this issue for 100 years and it really is time to make progress,’ the Prime Minister said… Continue reading

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Members of both houses of parliament fil

Pushing the boundaries

4 August 2012 12:00

The conventional wisdom about the consequences of the failure of Lords reform is that the Liberal Democrats will wreak their revenge for the Conservatives’ ‘breach of contract’ by scuppering the… Continue reading


No sweeteners for Clegg on Lords reform

3 August 2012 18:24

In recent weeks, Downing Street has been repeatedly told by Tory MPs that if proposals for an elected element in the House of Lords were brought back to the Commons,… Continue reading

British Prime Minister David Cameron (R)

Tory backbench beats Lib Dems in battle of PM’s priorities

3 August 2012 14:04

Let’s forget for a minute about the Lib Dems and their dire threats of ‘consequences’ for the failure of the Lords Reform Bill and focus on the Conservative party. David… Continue reading

Peers file out of the Chamber of the Hou

Cameron to shelve Lords reform

3 August 2012 8:42

When the coalition returns from the summer recess, don’t expect a relaxed, post-holiday spirit. David Cameron has failed to convince his backbenchers to support the House of Lords Reform Bill… Continue reading


The post-’Cuban missile crisis’ coalition compromise

15 July 2012 17:00

At the top of the coalition there’s a concerted effort to calm tensions, to de-escalate after its ‘Cuban missile crisis’. As part of that, I understand that David Cameron has… Continue reading