House of Lords

Commuter Trains Are Carrying 40 Per Cent Above Their Passeneger Capacity

Strikes shouldn’t be able to shut down key railway lines

17 December 2016 10:31

300,000 people were hit by Aslef and the RMT’s strike on Southern Rail yesterday. The bad news for commuters is…

What the papers say: ‘Bone headed’ Labour and why it’s right to reform the Lords

18 November 2016 8:44

Labour’s confused stance on immigration riles the tabloids in today’s papers – with the party’s position described as ‘bone headed’ in…


Shami Chakrabarti makes her Lords debut

13 September 2016 18:01

Although David Cameron’s resignation honours were widely criticised for cronyism, it’s fair to say that Jeremy Corbyn’s one appointment to…

The Final Day Of The EU Referendum Campaign

Are the boundary reforms really good for democracy?

7 September 2016 16:05

One of the big political rows of the autumn will be over the proposed changes to constituency boundaries. Labour is…

If the Lords try to end the Brexit nightmare, it will only end badly

6 August 2016 9:15

We could be heading for a colossal constitutional showdown. Earlier this week, Baroness Wheatcroft told the Times that she and other…


Why Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely right not to resign as Labour leader

30 June 2016 14:11

Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely right not to resign as Leader of the Labour Party. Those calling for his resignation –…

The House of Lords  (ALASTAIR GRANT/AFP/GettyImages)

The Strathclyde review won’t make Parliament work better

17 December 2015 9:28

The Strathclyde Review into the power of peers to block legislation sent up by the Commons reports today, and it…

Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty

The Lords back down on votes at 16 for the EU referendum

14 December 2015 17:30

The House of Lords has tonight rejected a Labour amendment that would have given 16 and 17 year olds the…


The real problem is George Osborne’s attitude to budgets

30 October 2015 17:18

The government’s reaction to Monday night’s vote on tax credits was to institute a review of the Lords’ powers. The…

Lords At State Opening of Parliament, UK

How will the government respond to this peer pressure?

30 October 2015 12:38

Monday’s night defeats for the government over tax credits in the House of Lords put into lights a problem that…

Andrea Jenkyns with Lady and Godiva. Image: PA

A coalition victory at Westminster Dog of the Year

29 October 2015 18:19

As stormclouds gathered over London, the most politically connected pooches in the country assembled by the House of Lords for the…

British Foreign Secretary William Hague arrives in Downing Street on July 14, 2014 in London, England

William Hague prepares to go to war in the Lords

28 October 2015 11:42

On Monday night the Tories were narrowly defeated in the Lords by 289 to 272 on their plans to cut…


Osborne prepares to face 1922 Committee as Tory anger at peers builds

27 October 2015 16:35

It is difficult to exaggerate the fury in the Tory party at the House of Lords after last night’s double…

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Ministers must now work out how to avoid a similar showdown with the Lords

27 October 2015 13:25

Unsurprisingly, the double defeat in the Lords on tax credits came up at Cabinet today. Baroness Stowell, Leader of the…

Chris Grayling at the Conservative party conference on September 28, 2014 in Birmingham, England.

Chris Grayling: we’ll figure out how to take a measured approach with the Lords ‘in the next few hours’

27 October 2015 9:26

After the government’s humiliating defeats in the House of Lords yesterday over tax credits, how will it seek revenge on…

A demonstrator from 38 Degrees stands outside the Houses of Parliament holding a box with the slogan "270,000 say House of Lords: Protect tax credits" on October 26, 2015 in London, England.

Going to war with the Lords over tax credits would retoxify the Conservatives

26 October 2015 21:09

With a gossamer Tory majority in the Commons and no majority at all in the Lords, confrontation between the two chambers…

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 20.56.53

Osborne pledges help for tax credit claimants after Lords humiliation

26 October 2015 21:03

Tonight has not been a good one for George Osborne, with peers refusing to take his word that he was…

The Door To Number 10 Downing Street

Number 10 lashes out at Lords on tax credits vote

26 October 2015 20:50

Number 10’s response to the government being defeated twice in the Lords on tax credits is, unsurprisingly, to say that…

How useful a function is George Osborne's 'listening mode'? Picture by Carla Millar

Peers offered tax credit deal: behave and Osborne will listen to you

26 October 2015 15:57

The House of Lords is unusually packed this afternoon for the debate on tax credit cuts. As I explained earlier,…

The House of Lords  (ALASTAIR GRANT/AFP/GettyImages)

What to expect from today’s Lords showdown on tax credits

26 October 2015 11:39

There could be four troublesome votes on tax credits in the Lords this afternoon, each challenging not just the measures…

The State Opening Of Parliament.

Matthew Hancock on tax credits: ‘George is very much in listening mode’

26 October 2015 7:53

The House of Lords is set to vote on several measures relating to the tax credits reforms today and Westminster is on tenterhooks…

Lord Rennard (Photo: PA)

Lord Rennard’s call for House of Lords reform backfires

8 September 2015 10:12

In this year’s dissolution honours, the Liberal Democrats were awarded 11 peerages, three more than their total number of MPs. Since this brought…

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 12.52.55

Why a politician-free House of Lords is the only democratic solution

30 August 2015 12:55

In my business, there’s a lot of fretting about the idea of representativeness. Pollsters put questions to, say, a thousand people –…

Shas Sheehan, "possibly the least capable or deserving person to ever be made a peer in the history of the Lib Dems"

Is Shas Sheehan the “least deserving person to ever be made a Lib Dem peer?”

27 August 2015 17:29

As well as it being rather amusing that a party officially committed to the abolition of the House of Lords…

Members of House of Lords in robes at State Opening of Parliament, House of Lords, England, United Kingdom.

Long-serving frontbenchers and the Spadocracy dominate the 2015 dissolution peers

27 August 2015 13:42

The 2015 Dissolution Peerages have been announced, with many of the names floated in the press over the last few weeks…