House of Lords reform

Lord Rennard (Photo: PA)

Lord Rennard’s call for House of Lords reform backfires

8 September 2015 10:12

In this year’s dissolution honours, the Liberal Democrats were awarded 11 peerages, three more than their total number of MPs. Since this brought…

The House of Lords  (ALASTAIR GRANT/AFP/GettyImages)

When is corruption not corrupt? When the establishment says it isn’t

5 August 2013 17:54

Mr Justice Tugendhat delivered a ferocious verdict last week. Undercover reporters from the Sunday Times claimed they had found Peter…

Lord Strathclyde: a skilful leader who will be missed. Photo: Getty Images

Lord Strathclyde resigns over frustration with Lib Dem peers

7 January 2013 12:31

Lord Strathclyde was a skilful leader of the House of Lords. An immensely charming man, he was — generally —…

Nick Clegg has thrown the coalition rulebook out of the window by declaring that the Lib Dems will vote against the government on boundary reform. Image: Getty

Conor Burns slams Clegg’s boundary review ‘hissy fit’

16 October 2012 15:01

Conor Burns, the Conservative MP who resigned from the government over Lords reform, is livid with Nick Clegg’s smug declaration that…

House of Lords reform has been buried, at least for the rest of this parliament. Photo: Getty Images

New term, same old tensions

3 September 2012 19:20

Nick Clegg came to the Commons today to both praise and bury House of Lords reform, for this parliament at…