House of Commons

David Cameron At His Constituency Declaration

Coffee House shots: David Cameron quits backbenches and Witney

12 September 2016 17:49

David Cameron chose a rather blustery Oxfordshire afternoon to announce that he was stepping down as MP for Witney with…


Watch: John Bercow takes Bernard Jenkin to task in the Commons

23 May 2016 15:40

Although Bernard Jenkin tabled an urgent question today, the Conservative politician didn’t seem to feel any sense of urgency when it came…

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How MPs waste time in the House of Commons

9 May 2016 17:27

There are strict rules governing the language that MPs can use in the House of Commons. Words like ‘guttersnipe’, ‘stoolpigeon’…


Watch: Norman Smith’s live BBC broadcast interrupted by Parliament security

23 March 2016 15:02

While PMQs took place in the Commons this lunchtime, outside in the Central Lobby a protest could be heard. Disability campaigners…

Wine (though not wine of Chateau Cheval Blanc quality) is thought to have been taken from Moncreiff's

Parliament mystery: late night break-in at journalists’ bar

22 February 2016 12:34

This weekend saw a host of EU drama unfold, as a number of Cabinet Ministers rebelled against David Cameron on…

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Is a three-hour debate on Donald Trump the best use of MPs’ time?

18 January 2016 15:17

Should Donald Trump be banned from visiting the UK? The candidate for the Republican presidential nomination hasn’t actually booked a…

Shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Podcast special: Syria airstrikes and Hilary Benn’s extraordinary speech

2 December 2015 23:57

The House of Commons has voted to carry out airstrikes in Syria this evening by a majority of 174, but…

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Full text of Hilary Benn’s extraordinary speech in favour of Syria airstrikes

2 December 2015 22:57

Thank you very much Mr Speaker. Before I respond to the debate, I would like to say this directly to…


The best speeches from the Syria airstrikes debate

2 December 2015 14:00

Welcome to Coffee House’s coverage of the Syria debate in the House of Commons yesterday. Here are the best speeches…

Shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn watches a debate on the final day of the Labour Party annual conference at the Brighton Centre in Brighton, Sussex.

Hilary Benn on Labour’s Syria split: ‘People of principle can reach different decisions’

1 December 2015 9:00

Tomorrow, Labour will try out something curious during the Commons debate on airstrikes in Syria. The opposition side of the…

Chancellor George Osborne departs Downing Street on October 28, 2015 in London, England.

What can George Osborne do to fix the tax credits mess?

29 October 2015 18:50

The government needs to get thinking quickly about a new tax credits proposal that is acceptable to the Commons and…

Andrea Jenkyns with Lady and Godiva. Image: PA

A coalition victory at Westminster Dog of the Year

29 October 2015 18:19

As stormclouds gathered over London, the most politically connected pooches in the country assembled by the House of Lords for the…

Chris Grayling at the Conservative party conference on September 28, 2014 in Birmingham, England.

Chris Grayling: we’ll figure out how to take a measured approach with the Lords ‘in the next few hours’

27 October 2015 9:26

After the government’s humiliating defeats in the House of Lords yesterday over tax credits, how will it seek revenge on…

A demonstrator from 38 Degrees stands outside the Houses of Parliament holding a box with the slogan "270,000 say House of Lords: Protect tax credits" on October 26, 2015 in London, England.

Going to war with the Lords over tax credits would retoxify the Conservatives

26 October 2015 21:09

With a gossamer Tory majority in the Commons and no majority at all in the Lords, confrontation between the two chambers…

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Heidi Allen’s criticism of the Commons upsets fellow MPs

21 October 2015 14:45

There has been an interesting response in the Tory party to Heidi Allen’s speech in which she criticised the tax…

John Chilcot, the Chairman of the Iraq Inquiry, outlines the terms of reference for the inquiry and explains the panel's approach to its work during a news conference in London, on July 30, 2009.

Chilcot resists pressure from MPs to speed up the Iraq Inquiry

26 August 2015 16:06

Sir John Chilcot doesn’t seem all that bothered by the threats of censure from politicians over his lengthy Iraq Inquiry.…

Lord Sewel in the House of Lords. From BBC Parliament recording.

Lembit Öpik comes to Lord Sewel’s defence: ‘He can help to clean up Parliament’

29 July 2015 14:09

Yesterday Lord Sewel stepped down from the Lords after the Sun on Sunday published photos of the former deputy speaker snorting…

Lionel Ritchie attended a Jewish Care dinner with Lord Levy and Prince William

Lionel Richie is an unusual ‘Face in the Crowd’ on Parliament visit

15 June 2015 17:16

You might expect to see Lionel Richie pass outside your door, if you were in the Ivy last night, or…


Revealed: the lords who haven’t paid their bar tabs

11 June 2015 14:49

Members of the House of Commons were reprimanded in the media for splashing out £11,000 in just one week in…

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RIP Charles Kennedy, but did we really need 27 tributes in the House of Commons?

4 June 2015 14:45

Is it too cynical to say that the tributes paid to Charles Kennedy in the House of Commons yesterday were…


Ed Miliband returns to the Commons as Osborne announces £3bn of more cuts

4 June 2015 13:53

Ed Miliband has wasted little time in returning to speaking duties in the House of Commons. George Osborne came to…

SNP MP's Pose In Front Of Parliament Following Election Success

The SNP packs the House of Commons Chamber to send a powerful message

1 June 2015 15:18

As the new SNP MPs settle in to their new life in the House of Commons, a picture is doing…

Ian Fleming

If I were prime minister, by Ian Fleming

14 May 2015 19:35

This article was first published in The Spectator on 9 October, 1959. I am a totally non-political animal. I prefer the…


Revealed: Julian Lewis’ email on the ‘unworthy manoeuvre’ against John Bercow

26 March 2015 9:02

William Hague has given today’s vote that will set up a secret ballot on the re-election of the Speaker as…

First day of new Parliament

Twitter causes problems for Tory whips ahead of the dissolution of Parliament

25 March 2015 12:34

Next week will see the dissolution of Parliament and the official start of the election campaign. With some MPs destined…