Goodness gracious, what’s that I spy? Not a hairnet? Image: PA

Don’t listen to the haters, Zara – a hairnet is the height of elegance

6 October 2015 18:37

Zara Phillips has been spotted wearing a hairnet, and people do not approve. ‘Zara swaps tiara for Corrie hairnet’ runs…

Image: PA

Equine squatters: the topic that united the Countryside Alliance and the RSPCA

27 May 2015 10:26

In September last year I wrote about horses being illegally grazed and abandoned, and the inability of landowners to do…

Image: Getty

Shooting Dartmoor ponies? Fabulous idea

2 February 2015 12:37

A gunman is shooting ponies on Dartmoor. Yes, it’s true; a trained sniper is wandering the moor, singling out ponies…

Wigmore Hall at Newmarket in 2010. Image: Getty

Why shooting Wigmore Hall was the kindest thing to do

23 September 2014 12:01

On Saturday, the Daily Mirror published a front-page photograph of the racehorse Wigmore Hall with a gun to his head,…

Image: Getty

The equine squatters that landowners have no power to evict

3 September 2014 14:10

Fly-grazing will be discussed for two hours in Parliament this afternoon. But what is it – and why should the government care?…

Image: Getty

Why Charles Moore could be wrong about the changes at Horse and Hound

25 May 2014 10:24

As Charles Moore has reported in his Spectator’s Notes this week, changes are afoot at equestrians’ favourite publication, Horse and…

Pippa Funnell riding Redesigned at the Badminton Horse Trials on May 9, 2014. Image: Getty

If you’re after equality, don’t show women’s football. Show Badminton.

10 May 2014 10:40

Over the next two days, one of the most important events in the British sporting calendar takes place. No, not…

Zara Phillips competing in Buckinghamshire this weekend, 12 weeks after giving birth. Image: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Zara Phillips and The Queen are a well-needed breath of fresh air

22 April 2014 18:32

‘Look at how fantastic Kate looks on her tour of Australia and New Zealand’, everyone exclaims. ‘And she only gave…

Britain's first cloned puppy. Image: Channel 4

The cloning industry may be closer than you think

15 April 2014 14:55

A cute puppy is natural front-page fodder, as the birth of Britain’s first cloned puppy last week proved. When it…

Tony McCoy celebrates his win on Sychronised in 2012. Image: Getty

Cheltenham Gold Cup predictions: Peter Oborne, Robin Oakley, and more

14 March 2014 12:00

The jewel in the crown of the Cheltenham Festival – the Gold Cup – starts this afternoon at 3.20. And,…

Frankel and Danedream - a match made in heaven? Images: PA

A racing tip for the future

29 January 2014 10:04

Here’s a tip for the gamblers among you, albeit one that you’ll have to sit on for a while. Danedream,…

HRH Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, riding Stevie B, falls at the water jump during the cross country equestrian event at the Badminton Horse Trials on 1st May 1982.

Let us eat horse

15 November 2013 19:09

Could creating a UK market for horsemeat be the solution to the increasing number of equine welfare cases? This was…

Is it horse? Or is it beef? And whose is it, anyway? Image: Getty

Never accept meat from strangers

16 May 2013 10:00

Never accept meat from strangers. That seems to be the lesson of the horsemeat scandal – at least for the ex-commercial…

A horse on display at a horse market in Poland. Image: Getty

After the bute revelation, what’s the government doing to prevent another horsemeat scandal?

11 April 2013 16:47

When shadow Defra minister, Mary Creagh, first raised the possibility four months ago that the veterinary drug phenylbutazone – aka…

Horsemeat for sale in a French butchers last week. Image: Getty

Horsemeat scandal: four key questions

17 February 2013 10:35

The ongoing horsemeat scandal has opened up a hugely complicated web stretching across the EU, highlighting the difficulty of tracing…

Nutrition At Football Stadiums

Irish food safety chief now appointed Irish horse chief - Spectator Blogs

1 February 2013 13:07

Some jokes just write themselves. Hurrah for Ireland: The former head of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland has been…

Drugs which are safe for him aren't necessarily safe for you Image: Getty

How could carcinogenic drugs have got into the food chain? Ask Defra

24 January 2013 17:28

Shadow Defra minister Mary Creagh told MPs today about her fears that a carcinogenic drug commonly used as an anti-inflammatory…

These ponies might look healthy, but they're not necessarily edible. Image: Getty

Horse meat in burgers might not be as harmless as you think

22 January 2013 12:30

This week’s discovery that some burgers sold in UK supermarkets contain up to 29 per cent horse meat was met…

Department of Equine Hyperbole

14 October 2009 16:54

Sea the Stars winning the Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp. Photo: Michael Steele/Getty Images. So long, then, Sea the Stars.…

Picture of the Day

14 May 2008 20:31

Skipper Neil Darling and his Selkirk team-mates celebrate after Monday night’s Border League final victory over Jed-Forest, bringing the title…

Picture of the Day

6 May 2008 11:37

Back from Ireland and, whaddyaknow, it’s like summer has finally arrived here. By which I mean that temperatures have soared…

Picture of the Day

6 October 2007 16:19

I trust that Steve Clemons, pride and joy of the New America Foundation, won’t object if I thieve this adorable…