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Jeremy Browne: Some bosses are a bit ‘control freakish’

10 March 2014 13:33

What makes a good Secretary of State? Today Jeremy Browne was interviewed on the Daily Politics about what it’s like to be a junior minister, from his experience of working… Continue reading

National Security Council Meeting In Response To The Situation In Ukraine

Number 10 tries to defend Brokenshire speech

10 March 2014 12:27

What fortunate timing it is that Home Office questions falls this afternoon, during the aftermath of one of the worst debut speeches a minister has managed in this Parliament. Doubtless… Continue reading

Protesters at a pro-immigration rally in London.Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Five things you need to know about the ‘suppressed’ immigration report

6 March 2014 21:48

With a mere whimper, the government has released its controversial report (pdf) on the effects of immigration on ‘native UK employment’. Following Newsnight’s revelations that the report was being ‘held back’,… Continue reading

Norman Baker is tough on ket and the causes of ket. How very liberal. (Image: Getty)

Norman Baker’s liberal input

12 February 2014 14:47

Norman Baker was dispatched to the Home Office at the last reshuffle in order to have a strong liberal voice in the department; it was felt that the Tories’ favourite… Continue reading

Theresa May

May’s Brussels-blocking gesture to Tory right

10 December 2013 15:04

Why is Theresa May stalling on the publication of the Balance of Competences review? The Times is reporting that the Home Secretary feels the review underestimates the extent of benefit… Continue reading

David Cameron talking to border officials. Image: Getty

Border Force ‘neglecting duties’ and ‘weakening’ security – MPs

10 December 2013 8:15

Is the Border Force fit for purpose? At one point it became a model for reform with ministers arguing that its performance had improved significantly since it was split from… Continue reading

Trenton Oldfield is feeling the full force of the British state. Why? His transgressions were so minor.

The spite and vindictiveness of the British state

9 December 2013 12:06

Good luck to Trenton Oldfield, his wife Deepa Naik and their newborn baby today: it’s Oldfield’s day of judgement. He will find out if he is to be kicked out… Continue reading

Theresa May in the Commons today

May sails through TPIMs statement with disapproving attack on Yvette Cooper

4 November 2013 16:45

Aside from having to explain her government’s policy on clothing that might be used as a disguise, Theresa May did pull it out of the bag, again, in that statement… Continue reading


Sir Gerald Howarth asks Theresa May to ban the burka so it can’t be used as a disguise

4 November 2013 16:20

When the Prime Minister’s spokesman said this morning that ‘we will look at whether there are lessons that we can learn from’ the disappearance of Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed, what he… Continue reading

Home Secretary Theresa May Speaks At The College of Policing Conference

Theresa May has taken the heat out of Home Office rows

4 November 2013 13:46

Theresa May will give a statement to the House of Commons this afternoon on the disappearance of terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed. The Home Secretary has earned a formidable reputation… Continue reading

The Labour Party Annual Conference

In areas of weakness, Labour can only complain that the government isn’t tough enough

22 October 2013 16:49

Much of the coverage of today’s Immigration Bill has centred around those controversial ‘go home’ vans, now ditched because they only sent one person home. Theresa May told the Commons… Continue reading


Was Jeremy Browne shut out of the tight Home Office ship?

18 October 2013 8:50

There’s a lot of interest in Jeremy Browne’s revelation in the Times this morning that senior Tories have already been trying to persuade the sacked Lib Dem Home Office minister… Continue reading

Those vans

The Home Office immigration vans – successful and popular with the nation?

13 August 2013 15:46

Are those Home Office vans targeting illegal immigrants universally disliked? The outcry from when the vans first took to the streets — notably #racistvan on Twitter — would suggest so… Continue reading


The immigration van – success or failure?

27 July 2013 13:48

Everyone in SW1, it seems, has an opinion on this controversial scheme. Most people hate it. The general assumption is that this is a Tory stunt clothed as a government… Continue reading

Cameron And Theresa May Visit Hertfordshire After Results Show A Reduction In Crime In The UK

Theresa May’s stop and search review hits target

26 July 2013 16:45

One of the more significant – but still rather underreported – shifts in Conservative policy in the past few months has been Theresa May’s review of stop and search powers.… Continue reading

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Even a limited snooping bill is causing the Home Office trouble

3 June 2013 14:30

David Cameron is giving a statement in the Commons this afternoon on, among other things, the Woolwich killing. He may well find himself answering questions afterwards about whether the government… Continue reading


Govt keeps Snooping Bill campaigners in the dark

19 April 2013 9:13

It’s not looking good for the Snooping Bill. The legislation is currently being re-written after serious concerns were raised with the first draft, but I’ve got hold of a letter… Continue reading

Tory MPs will press Home Secretary Theresa May on the government's response to the end of transitional controls for Bulgarian and Romanian migrants. Picture: Getty

Tory MPs to press Theresa May on Bulgarian and Romanian migrants

21 January 2013 17:34

Tory backbenchers will raise concerns about the government’s preparations for the lifting of controls on Bulgarian and Romanian migrants at a meeting with the Home Secretary in the next few… Continue reading

Eric Pickles on the Sunday Politics yesterday.

Home Office won’t produce estimate of number of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants

14 January 2013 12:43

Eric Pickles says he’s waiting for figures on how many Romanians and Bulgarians are expected to come to the UK when transitional controls on their freedom of movement expire on… Continue reading

Theresa May will face questions when Parliament returns on the efficacy of TPIMs. Picture: Getty

New terrorism control measures under the spotlight

2 January 2013 15:26

It has not been a very happy start to the new year for Theresa May, who will have to answer difficult questions in the Commons about the disappearance of a… Continue reading

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‘One Pound Fish’ singer deported

26 December 2012 16:07

Everything you need to know about the fallen state of our political and cultural capital is captured by the story of Muhammad Nazir. A Pakistani immigrant who came here to… Continue reading

Home Office Minister James Brokenshire today said the government would make changes to the Data Communications Bill. Picture: Getty

Home Office minister: We can change snooping bill quickly

11 December 2012 9:07

After Nick Clegg and Labour rejected the draft Communications Data Bill, Home Office minister James Brokenshire appeared on the Today programme to explain that while the Home Office accepts the… Continue reading

A marijuana shop in Los Angeles. MPs today recommended that the government should consider decriminalising some drugs. Picture: Getty

Drugs report looks destined to languish on ministers’ shelves

10 December 2012 8:56

The Home Affairs Select Committee spent a year on its drugs inquiry, and its hefty report is finally published today. During the inquiry, MPs heard from charities, ministers, and Russell… Continue reading


Tory MP in battle with ministers over ‘snooping bill’ safeguards

9 December 2012 10:34

Coffee House has learned that a Tory MP is engaged in a fight with the Home Office on safeguards for its proposed ‘snooping bill’. The fate of the Draft Communications… Continue reading

Theresa May attacked critics of the Communications Data Bill yesterday. Picture: Getty

Theresa May makes a weak argument on the Communications Data Bill

4 December 2012 19:54

Despite a committee of both Houses of Parliament having yet to report after several months of inquiry, the Home Secretary took to the pages of the Sun yesterday to blast… Continue reading