Good luck having a proper holiday if you own a smartphone

3 August 2014 14:00

This time last year, the Spectator’s Clarissa Tan discussed how you can never really have a proper holiday if you own a smartphone. A year on, and Clarissa is no longer… Continue reading


The View from 22 – learning to switch off, is London the new Venice and Britain’s shale ambitions vs. the EU

8 August 2013 14:10

Will holidays ever be truly relaxing again? In this week’s View from 22 podcast, Mary Wakefield and Freddy Gray discuss Clarissa Tan’s magazine cover piece on how technology has ruined… Continue reading

Dead Sea

Kindling by the pool – the changing face of holiday reading

23 May 2013 7:57

I’m writing this by the pool in Greece. It’s not a pool I own, you understand (though give it a couple of years and we might all be able to… Continue reading

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Rod Liddle's Italian idyll has been disturbed by news that Owen Jones appeared on Question Time last night. Image: Getty.

I hear Owen Jones was on Question Time last night, was he awful?

23 November 2012 13:36

My friend woke me up this morning. I am in a tiny apartment in Italy, finishing a book. I mean writing one, not reading one. Anyway, he rang as I… Continue reading

Old books, Getty Images

Wanted, books to read

21 July 2012 12:30

I’m off for my annual digital detox: no ConservativeHome, no PoliticsHome, just my wife’s family home in Stockholm and swapping my Blackberry for a primitive mobile with a battery that… Continue reading

Isle of Jura, Getty Images

Gone holidaying

21 July 2012 12:05

Sorry folks, but you’ll not have me to kick around these next two weeks. I’m away to the Isle of Jura this week for Midge Fest 2012 (and the 62nd… Continue reading

English countryside, Getty Images

Staycation reading

19 July 2012 11:00

When it comes to choosing good books to read on holiday, I am a great believer in selecting reading matter to match the destination. What better to read in Sicily… Continue reading