Herman van Rompuy

David Cameron at his press conference following Juncker's ascension to EU president Photo: Getty Images.

Leaked: what David Cameron really told Van Rompuy and the EU leaders last week

29 June 2014 13:25

It’s well known that David Cameron voted against Jean-Claude Juncker and tried to persuade his EU colleagues to do the same. Thanks to today’s Mail on Sunday, we know exactly… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Cameron gives Van Rompuy the full and frank treatment

23 June 2014 17:34

David Cameron has this afternoon had a ‘full and frank’ discussion with European Council president Herman Van Rompuy about the candidacy of Jean-Claude Juncker for president of the European Commission.… Continue reading


David Cameron is determined to fight Jean-Claude Juncker to the end

23 June 2014 17:04

The family photo at this week’s EU summit will be a particularly awkward affair. EU leaders will have just come from listening to the last post at the Menin Gate,… Continue reading


You know you’re a European when…

22 May 2014 13:14

Today’s European election is not just a matter of deciding who gets to represent my made-up region in Brussels’ toy town parliament. It is a celebration of our common heritage… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Meets President Of The European Council Herman Van Rompuy

EU budget talks end

23 November 2012 15:59

The EU Budget discussions have ended with no agreement, as seemed inevitable after yesterday’s struggles and rows. David Cameron has been copping a lot of flak for his intransigence, particularly from… Continue reading

David Cameron speaking to the press yesterday. Image: Getty.

Europe’s new iron curtain

23 November 2012 10:39

The last 24 hours have yielded no agreement in Europe, and they have seen David Cameron’s ambitions decline (he appears resigned to the fact that EU spending will not be… Continue reading

David Cameron astonishes Herman van Rompuy by setting out an already well-reported position on the EU budget. Picture: Getty

Herman van Rompuy’s revelatory Downing Street lunch

25 October 2012 17:05

David Cameron had lunch with Herman van Rompuy in Downing Street today to discuss the UK’s position on the EU budget. Despite the Prime Minister’s tough talking in public about… Continue reading


Who speaks for the euro?

12 November 2011 17:04

That’s a more relevant question that you might think. Despite European leaders talking for ages about the nonsensical notion of the EU ‘speaking with one voice’ after the Lisbon Treaty,… Continue reading


Cameron can make common cause to solve Europe’s immigration concerns

14 April 2011 15:37

Vince, it seems, is Vince. But Britain is not alone in struggling to arrest immigration. A mass of displaced North Africans is descending on Malta and Italy. The United Nations… Continue reading


The death knell for the Euro?

21 November 2010 13:50

Are we witnessing the start of a very long death scene for the Euro? Asked if the Euro will survive, William Hague replied simply: “who knows?”. The new president, Herman… Continue reading


Ashton’s latest ruse

18 September 2010 15:24

I’ve obtained this list of Baroness Ashton’s proposed recommendations for the next wave of EU diplomatic appointments. CoffeeHousers’ will notice there are no Brits on it. DELEGATION Nomination proposed Nationality… Continue reading


Europe rises from its slumber

15 July 2010 13:56

Emblazoned across the Times is the headline: ‘Europe warns Obama: this relationship isn’t working.’ The piece is teeming with quotations from diplomats and representatives of major European governments, voicing their… Continue reading


Terrific, Baroness Ashton has made a dreadful start

28 January 2010 17:15

Gordon Brown is a master of connivance. I never understood that he is contriving the EU’s destruction until hearing of Baroness Ashton’s glorious exploits. Agnes Poirier reveals all in the… Continue reading


Rompuy wants the EU to slither onto the world stage

19 January 2010 13:05

Well hello there, Rompuy. We haven’t heard much from the new EU president so far – he was upstaged by Barroso at the Copenhagen conference, showing that the EU stage… Continue reading


Mandelson downplays Van Rompuy and Ashton – and bigs up the EU’s financial influence

24 November 2009 12:14

To my eyes, there’s more than a little dose of mischief in Peter Mandelson’s article for the FT today.  Discussing the recent EU jobs grab, he seems to suggest that… Continue reading


EU job picks are undemocratic – good

22 November 2009 15:20

One of the main charges against the choice of Herman van Rompuy as the first permanent European Council President and Catherine Ashton as the EU’s foreign affairs supremo is the… Continue reading