Harriet Harman

Ed Miliband's Minister for Women is likely to be one of Harriet Harman's spiritual daughters; but that's not the only - or even the best - reason to be suspicious of the post. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Why must we have a Minister for Women?

15 April 2014 17:41

Does it make you feel better about yourself, girls, ladies, to know that if Labour’s elected, Ed Miliband will have a Secretary of State for Women, and Equalities, with Cabinet… Continue reading

Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman: Labour is making steady progress

25 March 2014 8:28

‘I don’t think things are going wrong,’ Harriet Harman insisted on the Today programme. ‘I think we’re making steady progress. And if you look at when people actually vote, for… Continue reading

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg And Business Secretary Vince Cable Visit Ricardo Engine Assembly Facility

PMQs sketch: what Tony Blair knew about being a toff, and what Nick Clegg doesn’t

12 March 2014 17:37

Hattie Harman tried to crack Clegg today. The deputy prime minister, standing in for David Cameron, explained carefully that his boss was visiting, ‘Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territories.’ Not… Continue reading

Nick Clegg Gives A Speech On Britain In Europe

PMQs: Labour still loathe – and feel contempt for – Nick Clegg

12 March 2014 13:29

With David Cameron in Israel today, it was the deputies’ turn at PMQs. These Clegg/Harman sessions are, by now, thoroughly predictable. Harman attacks the Lib Dems as the Tories’ accomplices… Continue reading

Beckett And Harman

Paedophiles are just one of the Left’s unacceptable bedfellows

26 February 2014 14:42

It’s curious that the story about the National Council for Civil Liberties and its links with the Paedophile Information Exchange is big news now, since it’s been common knowledge for… Continue reading


Harriet Harman’s messy war with the Mail

25 February 2014 20:10

Go to war with the Daily Mail at your peril: Ed Miliband did it over its ‘the man who hated Britain’ column and now perhaps the Labour party is seeing… Continue reading

Beckett And Harman

When is a scandal not a scandal?

24 February 2014 11:27

When it involves metropolitan left-wingers, says the Daily Mail. For a week, it has been exposing how Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt – or “Hat and Pat” as the London… Continue reading

Ann Clwyd has announced that she will not be standing for re-election in 2015. The seventh female Labour MP to do so. (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Tories and Labour both losing 8% of their female MPs

3 February 2014 12:51

Another day, another female MP decides to quit politics. Ann Clwyd has announced that, after 30 years in the Commons, she will not be standing in 2015. Female MPs have… Continue reading

Image: Getty

PMQs sketch: Clegg has fun on the train set, but he’s killed chances of a Lib-Lab pact

4 December 2013 17:10

Crash-bang-wallop. The chances of a Lib-Lab pact in 2015 have just gone hurtling through the floor. David Cameron is away in Beijing looking for Chinese venture capitalists who can turn… Continue reading

Harriet Harman at PMQs today. Photo: BBC.

PMQs: Labour’s constant attacks make a Lib-Lab coalition unlikely

4 December 2013 13:15

Today’s PMQs showed that Labour still have no plan for Nick Clegg other than to attack him. With Clegg standing in for Cameron, Harriet Harman didn’t try and tease out… Continue reading

Photographer Katherine Rose: Why didn't Ed Miliband make her a cup of tea?

Ed Miliband is no ladies-man

23 September 2013 17:49

Labour is the only party for women; that was the message of its conference launch last weekend. Every step towards equality had been made by the red team, it was… Continue reading

Jane Austen on £10 notes. Photo: Bank of England.

We can do better than Jane Austen

29 July 2013 8:11

Was Jane Austen really the best idea the women could come up with? Furious campaigning from feminists has resulted in the rather mimsy authoress being chosen to adorn the back… Continue reading

Final Day Of The Labour Party Conference

Dear Harriet, what about Labour’s employment practices?

25 July 2013 9:27

Harriet Harperson has written to the editors of seventeen national newspapers with a vast list of questions intended to discover how many women they employ, and how many are women… Continue reading

Lord Mayor's Dinner For The Bankers And Merchants Of The City of London

George Osborne meets his Waterloo

26 June 2013 15:21

The Chancellor of the Exchequer had the Tory backwoodsmen shaking their order papers and cheering during the spending review when he announced the following: ‘We’ll make sure the site of… Continue reading

Harriet Harman at Prime Minister's Questions today.

PMQs sketch: ‘What a penetrating insight into the affairs of state’

15 May 2013 16:15

A mood of giggles and mischief descended on PMQs today. David Cameron is in America – attempting to cure insomniacs by explaining Tory Euro-scepticism to them – and his role… Continue reading

Harriet Harman, Getty Images

Nick Clegg and Harriet Harman play a cautious game at PMQs

15 May 2013 13:24

There was a rare moment of unity between the Tory awkward squad and the Whips at PMQs today. The awkward squad relished brandishing copies of a Liberal Democrat leaflet promising… Continue reading

Ed Miliband is trying to work out whether he can really sell the distinction between good and bad borrowing to voters. Picture: Getty

Labour is being forced to talk about ‘good borrowing’ before it is ready

1 May 2013 9:02

It’s not a case of will they, won’t they when it comes to whether Labour would borrow more, but will they admit it and try to sell this plan to… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

The glass houses of parliament

30 April 2013 19:01

The Labour Party is most exercised by the news, broken by the Spectator, that Economist journalist Christopher Lockwood has been appointed to the Downing Street Policy Unit. Poor old Lockwood… Continue reading

Harriet Harman said there would be a 'bit of statute' for press regulation. Maria Miller disagreed. Picture: Getty

Harriet Harman and Maria Miller both claim victory in Leveson talks

18 March 2013 8:49

Who has won in the late-night Leveson talks? Both Harriet Harman and Maria Miller seem to think their own party’s Royal Charter has come out tops. And one says they’ve… Continue reading

Protesters marching against cuts in Newcastle. Photo: PA.

Newcastle Labour leader founds a big society

18 February 2013 15:27

Labour’s Nick Forbes is a great pioneer of austerity. As leader of Newcastle City Council he bravely decided to shut half the city’s libraries, close two respite centres for disabled… Continue reading

Harriet Harman shows Labour are unable to face up to their record on debt. Photo: Getty Images.

Harriet Harman confirms Labour are in outright denial over their economic record

13 January 2013 14:18

An interesting if depressing edition of Any Questions on Friday. Interesting because of Sir Malcolm Rifkind and occasionally because of Simon Hughes. Depressing because of one person: Harriet Harman. There… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Any suggestions for ‘Any Questions’?

11 January 2013 11:54

I’m doing Radio 4′s ‘Any Questions?’ tonight with Harriet Harman and Simon Hughes. It’s a strange news week, in which almost anything could come up.  But I wondered if Spectator… Continue reading

Labour's opposition to today's welfare bill doesn't sit well with their support of public sector pay cuts. Picture: Getty Images

Ed Balls reverses over his own progress on fiscal responsibility

8 January 2013 13:56

The battle-lines over the Welfare Benefits Up-rating Bill — which faces its second reading in the Commons this afternoon — have been drawn. Labour has tied its opposition to the… Continue reading

Could Tom Watson have predicted what came from his statement at PMQs? Photo: Getty Images.

Harman: I cannot vouch for the strength of Tom Watson’s evidence

11 November 2012 15:09

Tom Watson’s Twitter feed has gone a bit quiet recently. Strange, as he is normally quite vocal about media ethics and their failings. But his silence is well-judged: when he… Continue reading

Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman was not ‘bullied’ at PMQs today

7 November 2012 18:41

Barack Obama’s re-election has naturally perked up the Labour party, on the optimistic basis that the Obama formula for success, sans Obama, could work perfectly well here. But there’s a… Continue reading