Harriet Harman


The Labour party’s struggle with the F-word

29 September 2016 22:05

This year, Labour’s Women Conference saw Harriet Harman take to the stand to describe Theresa May as ‘no sister‘. Hoping…

Harriet Harman is wrong to say Kardashian’s naked selfies are any different from Page Three

26 May 2016 12:30

It’s official, Kim Kardashian’s naked selfies have been given the Labour party seal of approval by Harriet Harman. On ITV’s…

Alex Salmond presents David Cameron with the award for 'Parliamentarian of the Year'

In pictures: Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year 2015

5 November 2015 15:53

After a year of surprises across the board from the Tory majority to Labour’s new leader, Westminster’s rebels and insurgents…


Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year 2015: the winners

5 November 2015 15:15

The Spectator’s 32nd Parliamentarian of the Year awards, sponsored by Benenden, took place at the Savoy Hotel this afternoon. Here…

The Spectator Magazine Summer Party

Watch out Ed, Harriet Harman’s writing her memoirs

30 October 2015 19:06

After Harriet Harman stepped down from the frontbench earlier this year after 28 years, she was asked by Andrew Neil…


Is Jeremy Corbyn really more posh than Harriet Harman?

9 September 2015 20:57

Harriet Harman ended her final appearance at PMQs as the interim Labour leader with a parting shot in the direction…


All hail Lord Livermore, king of Labour campaigning

28 August 2015 12:54

It’s fair to say that the appointment of Ed Miliband’s ex-campaign director Spencer Livermore to the House of Lords hasn’t…

Harriet Harman Sits Down With Labour Leadership Candidates

Harriet Harman: we are not purging Corbyn supporters

25 August 2015 15:05

The summit on the integrity of the Labour leadership contest is over and interim leader Harriet Harman described it as a ‘routine’…

(Photo: Ian Forsyth/Getty)

Harriet Harman: how I protected my baby from Margaret Thatcher, ‘the witch’

10 August 2015 15:25

According to some of the more far-left members of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman is a Tory. The somewhat surprising…

Andy Burnham and Harriet Harman at the Labour Party conference on September 25, 2013 in Brighton, England

Andy Burnham opens fire at Labour’s ‘current leadership’ over the Welfare Bill

21 July 2015 16:12

Relations between Andy Burnham and Harriet Harman must be disintegrating quickly. After the leadership favourite abstained during last night’s vote on…

Berlin UKB Hospital Is Among Germany's Most Modern

The benefit cut that isn’t quite as it seems

20 July 2015 16:30

MPs are voting on the Welfare Reform and Work Bill this afternoon, with the big story being about Labour turmoil…

David Cameron Arrives In London As Conservatives Are Projected To Win The General Election

George Osborne crashes Number 10 for Treasury party

17 July 2015 13:32

When George Osborne stepped in for David Cameron at PMQs, it was seen as the Chancellor’s chance to show that he…

(Photo: Ian Forsyth/Getty)

Labour MPs push for an amendment to the welfare bill

16 July 2015 11:21

The Labour welfare rebellion advances further, with Helen Goodman tabling a ‘reasoned amendment’ to the Welfare Reform and Work Bill.…

UK Labour Party Leadership Hustings

Labour in chaos: what are the party’s options?

15 July 2015 17:45

Labour is in an almighty mess at the moment. Those involved in the leadership campaigns are surprised by how the…


PMQs: the Tories are set for a happy summer holiday

15 July 2015 13:33

This was the last PMQs before the recess, and the Tory side of the House was in an end of…

An anti-US mural painted on the wall of the former US embassy (Photo: Atta Kenare/Getty)

The Iranian regime is anti-Western and anti-Semitic. Can we really trust its nuclear deal?

14 July 2015 21:10

It is often said that British ambition and influence in the world are on the wane. But there can be…


What should be done about welfare? Don’t ask the Shadow Cabinet

14 July 2015 17:17

The Shadow Cabinet has split all ways on what to do about welfare. Andy Burnham says he wants a reasoned…

Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman urges Labour: We can’t campaign against the public

13 July 2015 19:42

Harriet Harman has just finished addressing the PLP about the party’s official position on welfare cuts. There was a reasonable…

Final Day Of The Labour Party Conference

Labour fights over Harman’s leadership

13 July 2015 10:09

Judging by the uproar that greeted Harriet Harman’s decision to support limiting future tax credit claims to just two children,…

Harriet Harman Speaks On The Labour Party Future

Harriet Harman: Labour will not do ‘blanket opposition’

12 July 2015 14:43

Ever since Labour started having to respond to Tory policy announcements, there have been little fissures in the party over…


Harriet Harman struggles to get her point across

9 July 2015 12:25

On all counts, yesterday’s Budget was not a great day for Labour. The party found themselves in an awkward position as they…

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Summer Budget: George Osborne pulls the rug out from Harriet Harman’s feet

8 July 2015 15:04

When George Osborne lays a political elephant trap for Labour, he normally does so by cutting welfare and daring the…

(Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty)

George Osborne fails to make the right impression

8 July 2015 15:02

After George Osborne delivered today’s budget, Harriet Harman responded by telling the Chancellor of the Exchequer that he should focus…

The State Opening Of Parliament

How can Labour avoid being a useless Opposition in this week’s Budget?

6 July 2015 16:21

One of the toughest jobs in politics is responding to a Budget. It’s the job of the leader of the…

Harriet Harman at The Spectator summer party

Harriet Harman blasts George Osborne for distasteful PMQs joke

2 July 2015 17:50

When George Osborne covered for David Cameron at PMQs last month, it was seen as his chance to prove to his critics that he…