Imagine the uproar if a Tory minister proposed a “do-it-yourself” NHS?

3 February 2014 9:25

Consider these two stories. In the first the government approves new proposals to overhaul hospital outpatient care. For once there isn’t even much of a pretence that this will improve… Continue reading

Antiwar Demonstration In London

The Iraq War's Real Victims? Laurie Penny and the Narcissistic Left

14 February 2013 16:18

Don’t take my word for it. Ask the redoubtable Ms Penny herself. Contemplating the “lesson” of the anti-war protests a decade ago, she writes: Tony Blair’s decision to take Britain… Continue reading

Britain Basks In Sunshine As The Easter Holidays Get Underway

Correction of the Year - Spectator Blogs

21 January 2013 10:34

Courtesy of Time magazine: This article has been changed. An earlier version stated that Oxford University accepted “only one black Caribbean student” in 2009, when in fact the university accepted… Continue reading


Lance Armstrong, the Greatest Cheat in the History of Sport, Prepares to Admit His Sins - Spectator Blogs

5 January 2013 20:21

The news, reported by the New York Times, that Lance Armstrong is preparing to confess his sins reminds me of this passage from the Book of Daniel: Thou, O king,… Continue reading


Is Sir Simon Jenkins the Worst Columnist in Britain?

27 April 2012 11:53

I know that this must seem a large claim while so many other rotters still breathe but at least, as questions go, it makes more sense than the one bold… Continue reading


Today in Stupidity: Salmond is Hitler & the Economist is Racist

19 April 2012 10:39

David Starkey’s declne from competent historian to reactionary nitwit has been a sad business. I’m afraid it shows no sign of abating either. The Huffington Post has this: Historian Dr… Continue reading


Today in Stupidity: Who Lost Syria?

15 March 2012 19:38

Perhaps I should apologise to Leon Wieseltier? His recent column is not a patch on Jennifer Rubin’s latest screed which may be the most stupid and contemptible thing I’ve yet… Continue reading


War Games: Syria & Iran Edition

15 March 2012 16:06

The past is always a different, better place and never more so than when commentators dip into American history to salvage some justification for their favoured approach to any contemporary… Continue reading


Shocker! Cameron Snubs Republicans!

12 March 2012 18:30

Nile Gardiner is always good for a laugh and his latest contribution to the Telegraph is no exception. Apparently David Cameron, visiting the US this week, will rue the day… Continue reading


The John Wilkes Society is Reborn

18 January 2012 5:53

John Wilkes was radical and wrong; his latter-day equivalents are merely stupid and wrong. To buttress this notion, I submit the cases* of Simon Heffer and Melanie Phillips. We are… Continue reading


Say what you will about North Korea, at least they’re authentically Korean

22 December 2011 15:32

Drivel, of course, and the kind of thing you’d expect to find in the Guardian. One expects rather more from the Times but, nay, here is a piece of Simon… Continue reading


How To Lose An Argument: Jim Murphy Edition

6 December 2011 18:18

Meanwhile, in more examples of sloppy Labour arguments here’s a tweet Jim Murphy sent this afternoon: Oh dear. Murphy is usually better than this. I know and everyone else who… Continue reading


When FIFA Meets the Bilderbergs*

30 November 2011 13:30

Via Norm, Verso are publishing a very silly book by Marc Perelman titled Barbaric Sport: A Global Plague. Norm reports what the publishers promise: Marc Perelman pulls no punches in… Continue reading


No, Barack Obama is not the Second Coming of George McGovern

26 October 2011 0:01

On the other hand, Rich Lowry – editor of National Review and therefore a man who should know better – offers this pithy analysis of American under Obama: [N]one of… Continue reading


Three Cheers for the House of Lords

12 October 2011 0:01

As a general rule complaints that the opposition are too beastly for words should not be taken too seriously. They reflect a sense of entitlement on the part of the… Continue reading


An Irish Recovery?

27 September 2011 11:35

I think it’s tiresome the way countries in desperate economic trouble are treated as lab rats by pundits far away whose sole interest in their travails lies in their providing… Continue reading


Annals of Self-Awareness: Cristina Odone Edition

20 September 2011 21:53

I don’t think "squeezed middle" means what the lovely Mrs Odone thinks it means: For the past decade, our parental angst, which had my husband tossing and turning at night… Continue reading


Foreign Policy Hogwash

17 September 2011 3:16

As a general rule any time you read an article asking that foreign policy be recalibrated to take greater account of the "national interest" you can be sure that you’re… Continue reading


Adam Curtis Is At It Again

16 September 2011 18:26

  The great story-teller’s latest piece is a rum business indeed. Apparently: The guiding idea at the heart of today’s political system is freedom of choice. The belief that if… Continue reading


President Tin Cup

25 August 2011 13:59

It’s August so you could be forgiven for thinking Thomas Friedman’s latest column offering pony-in-the-sky advice to Barack Obama is a parody or, perhaps, written by some Friedman-bot while the… Continue reading


Abusing Winston

23 June 2011 17:00

Whenever an American conservative uses Winston Churchill to make a cheap political point you can be sure there’s nincompoopery on the way. Hats off to Peter Kirsanow for this contribution… Continue reading


Exciting New Adam Curtis* Project!

21 June 2011 12:30

Better still, it’s only three minutes long! Sadly the video can’t be embedded so you’ll have to hop over here to watch and enjoy it. Norm, mind you, was ahead… Continue reading


Osama bin Laden Was Not America’s Useful Enemy

5 May 2011 14:41

The Guardian is a great newspaper but, lord, does it ever print some claptrap. Via Messrs Geras and Worstall comes this dreadful piece by Adam Curtis. The headline, for which… Continue reading


The AV Referendum Discredits Referendums

18 April 2011 16:42

The only thing that has been proved by this referendum on changing the electoral system used for Westminster elections is that referendums are a hopeless way of deciding these matters.… Continue reading


This internet thing is never going to catch on.

12 April 2011 2:34

A classic, via Norm, from Sir Simon Jenkins. Apparently, "The Internet will strut an hour upon the stage, and then take its place in the ranks of lesser media". Also:… Continue reading