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Hacked Off Hugh’s magical birthday

13 September 2016 8:15

When Hacked Off first launched in 2011, Hugh Grant was its lead spokesman — regularly appearing on shows such as Newsnight and…


The Whittingdale ‘scandal’ shows why Britain’s free press is more responsible than its critics

13 April 2016 14:08

For weeks, Westminster has been full of rumours about the private life of a certain cabinet member. It was said…


Ed Miliband is reunited with his Hacked Off pals

13 April 2016 13:22

Last night John Whittingdale’s 2014 relationship with a dominatrix was made public by Newsnight in an interview with Hacked Off…

Paul Dacre at the bash

Paul Dacre: The free press is the last genuinely free aspect of modern Britain

24 April 2015 13:15

Northcliffe House was host to a Fleet Street reunion last night, for the launch of Mail executive Robin Esser’s memoir…

Spot the difference (Photo: Getty)

If it’s not ok to hound Sienna Miller and Steve Coogan, why is it ok to hound Nigel Farage?

24 March 2015 9:56

Faragephobia reached dizzy new heights on Sunday afternoon, when a bunch of thespians and circus freaks invaded Nigel Farage’s local…

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Paul Dacre: Watch out, BBC. The political class may come for you next

29 October 2014 12:46

The below is an edited version of a speech given yesterday by Paul Dacre to the NewstrAid Benevolent Fund, a charity…

A blessing from Joan Smith and Hacked Off (Photo: AFP/Andrew Cowie)

Hacked Off deliver ludicrous blessing of the Rotherham investigation

28 August 2014 13:36

Andrew Norfolk, the Times journalist that blew open the Rotherham child abuse scandal, can sleep well in his bed tonight,…

Verdicts In Phone Hacking Trial

Convict the guilty. Keep the press free

25 June 2014 16:46

We have not heard much from Hugh Grant this week. Nor from Max Mosley, Steve Coogan or any of the…

Thanks to groups like ISIS, can we expect instability in Iraq for years to come? Photo: Getty Images.

Podcast: Terror’s comeback kids and Steve Coogan, foe of press censorship?

19 June 2014 9:10

Why do Iraq’s jihadists keep on coming back? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Freddy Gray (1…


Pizzas banned as politicians get set for crunch press talks

8 October 2013 21:46

It’s funny that the pizzas that ministers, advisers and lobbyists munched as they thrashed out a deal on press regulation…

Newsnight's Allegra Stratton breaks the news

Sorry, Privy Council – press freedom was never yours to reject

7 October 2013 23:28

The Queen need not bother attending Wednesday’s meeting of the Privy Council: the decision over press regulation has already been…

Michael Ashcroft, Getty Images

Lord, actually

19 September 2013 17:58

Lord Ashcroft’s Lunch Offensive continues, mercilessly. When he’s not entertaining Tom Watson and other animals, the former Tory donor can…


Trevor Kavanagh vs Hacked Off’s Brian Cathcart on press freedom

9 July 2013 16:09

Hacked Off are feeling pretty hacked off. John Prescott has resigned as a Privy Councillor, depriving the Queen of his…

Hacked Off have tabled an amendment today in the Lords to exempt some bloggers. Photo: Getty Images.

It’s down to the House of Lords to save the bloggers

22 March 2013 18:24

On Monday, Parliament will decide the future of blogging in this country. As the government’s press regulation proposals stand, blogs…


Hacked Off says press damages plan is a mistake

21 March 2013 18:30

So the latest twist in the surreal saga of statutory regulation of the press is that the campaign group which…

Conservatives, Labour And Lib Dems Agree A Deal On Press Reform

Number 10: Cameron was awake and available throughout the negotiations

18 March 2013 13:24

A senior Number 10 source tells me that David Cameron was awake and available throughout the Leveson negotiations. They also…


Which Tories will be Hacked Off’s useful idiots?

17 March 2013 12:55

Reading the Hacked Off memo on how to lobby Tory MPs is to be inducted into a wholly cynical world…


Hacked Off produces its own ‘clean’ Leveson legislation

7 January 2013 12:08

It is no great surprise that Hacked Off director Brian Cathcart believes the government can’t be trusted to implement Leveson:…

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We ask the questions

22 November 2012 14:56

The enemies of a free press, also known as the mysteriously funded Hacked Off campaign, are positively salivating at the…

Hugh Grant. Photo: Getty Images.

Hugh Grant threatens Tory MP

18 September 2012 11:23

Hugh Grant graced Parliament with his presence last night for the ever tedious Brian Cathcart’s book launch. Cashing in on…