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Labour’s latest plan: tackling the deficit through gun licence fees

13 January 2015 18:13

listen to ‘Chris Leslie says Labour will cut the deficit through gun licences’ on audioBoom Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Chris Leslie was on the Daily Politics earlier today,… Continue reading

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The US’s second ‘Rodney King moment’

15 July 2013 14:03

Was it right for the middle aged part-Hispanic male George Zimmerman to shoot the young black male Trayvon Martin, regardless of whether or not he had just had his head… Continue reading

A makeshift memorial for the victims of the Boston marathon bombing. Picture: Getty

God, guns and America

17 May 2013 15:27

While training as a playwright, I was taught that any gun brought onstage must go off. Anton Chekhov said, ‘One must not put a loaded rifle on the stage if no… Continue reading

Obama's Issues 23 Executive Orders, His First Step In  Broad Gun Control Plan

Barack Obama's Gun Control Measures: Harmless but Ineffective - Spectator Blogs

17 January 2013 14:39

Barack Obama’s response to the horror of Sandy Hook was entirely predictable, largely unobjectionable and most unlikely to make much of a difference to very much at all. Politics as… Continue reading

National Rifle Association Holds News Conference In Wake Of Newtown School Shooting

The National Rifle Association Disgraces Itself. Again. - Spectator Blogs

21 December 2012 18:12

Earlier this week I suggested that America’s gun owners have often been let down by the leadership of the gun-rights movement. I don’t know if that has ever been more… Continue reading

Connecticut Community Copes With Aftermath Of Elementary School Mass Shooting

Newtown, Connecticut: A Very American Tragedy - Spectator Blogs

18 December 2012 19:09

I’ve not written anything for a few days because, well, I’ve been trying to organise what I think about the awfulness of the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. Trying, also, to… Continue reading

Police monitor a flat in Hoboken, New Jersey, believed be connected to the Connecticut school shooting. The gunman, Adam Lanza, was found dead at the scene. (Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty Images

The Connecticut shooting

14 December 2012 19:40

The news coming out of Connecticut is just awful. 18 children have been gunned down at their school and, reports suggest, that another nine people—including the gunman—are also dead. The… Continue reading


Has any country got gun laws right?

25 August 2012 20:22

Every time there is a shooting in the US there is an eruption of sanctimony from Europe about how crazy the US gun-laws are.  But there are some good reasons for… Continue reading


The war on Britain’s streets

20 August 2011 14:40

Police in Birmingham have released this extraordinary footage of people firing shots at lines of police officers during the riots. As Iain Duncan Smith says in this week’s magazine, the… Continue reading


America’s Top Gun

13 January 2011 18:02

Bloomberg Businessweek has a fascinating article on how, starting from nothing, Glock has come to dominate the American handgun market. You may not be surprised to discover that ill-conceived gun… Continue reading


Showdown at the Blame Game Corral

10 January 2011 13:07

Alastair Campbell, of all people, shows how the ghastly Tucson shootings are to be exploited for political purposes: What the right are now doing is trying to portray the killer… Continue reading


An Assassination in Tucson

9 January 2011 1:37

Washington is such a small place that it’s little surprise to discover that I know people who were friends with at least one of the people murdered in Tucson yesterday.… Continue reading


Astonishing Development: Common Sense and Decency Win the Day

18 November 2010 15:11

More legal matters: remember the case of Gail Cochrane? She’s the 53-year old Dundonian who was jailed for five years for the crime of possessing her father’s service revolver. The… Continue reading

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Another Disgraceful Prosecution

22 June 2010 0:53

Like the Devil’s Kitchen, I’m late getting to this story travesty. The most enraging aspect of it is, of course, that one can no longer be surprised by this kind… Continue reading


Paul Clarke Sentenced Today

18 December 2009 19:51

Remember the Paul Clarke affair*? He’s the chap who found a shotgun in his garden, took it to the local police station, was arrested for possession of a firearm, tried,… Continue reading


Paul Clarke Update II

20 November 2009 12:31

The national newspapers may not be terribly interested in the Paul Clarke case but, happily, legal blogger Jack of Kent is. He’s produced a detailed account of the case, and… Continue reading


Paul Clarke Update

17 November 2009 13:26

Remember the outcry after the discovery that Paul Clarke could face five years in prison for the "crime" of finding a sawn-off shotgun in his garden and handing it in… Continue reading


Is This the Most Enraging Story of the Year? Perhaps!

14 November 2009 20:15

You might think that this story can’t be true or that’s been made-up to provoke everyone’s inner Littlejohn. But no, not so. It is true and, alas, an enraging, dispiriting… Continue reading


The Future of Policing

24 October 2009 9:31

PC Heckler and PC Koch prepare for life on the beat. Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images. Let us concede that there may be problems in Brixton, Haringey and Tottenham that demand… Continue reading


Why do Americans love guns?

8 July 2008 0:58

I am puzzled. Puzzled that is, by the British attitude towards America’s gun culture. In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s (in my view) common sense ruling that the 2nd… Continue reading


Department of Firearms

26 June 2008 15:22

Good news from Washington: a common-sense interpretation of the Second Amendment prevails at the Supreme Court: WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court says Americans have a right to own guns… Continue reading


Who says the culture wars are over?

11 April 2008 23:53

This is probably the dumbest thing Barack Obama has said all year. "You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest,… Continue reading

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Guns in Britain and America

19 March 2008 17:24

Good news, for once, from Washington as the US Supreme Court looks likely to uphold a ruling that the District of Columbia’s blanket prohibition on owning handguns is unconstitutional. Frankly,… Continue reading


The Foreign Journalist’s Path to Enlightenment

13 March 2008 18:25

As we all know, Americans’ love affairs with God and guns baffle foreigners. In that respect this Reuters story is obviously not aimed at the wires’ US clients. It’s meant… Continue reading

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