Gun crime

The Labour Party Hold Their Annual Party Conference - Day 4

Diane Abbott’s idiocy reaches new levels

10 January 2014 12:43

On the evening of the Mark Duggan verdict, Diane Abbott MP tweeted the following: If the #duggan jury believe that…

People gather outside the White House for a vigil after yesterday's shootings. Image: Getty

Shootings in US suburbia, what would J.G. Ballard make of them?

15 December 2012 11:54

These shootings. I think we need J G Ballard back. Looking back through previous such apparently random events, we might…

Police monitor a flat in Hoboken, New Jersey, believed be connected to the Connecticut school shooting. The gunman, Adam Lanza, was found dead at the scene. (Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty Images

The Connecticut shooting

14 December 2012 19:40

The news coming out of Connecticut is just awful. 18 children have been gunned down at their school and, reports…

Insane culture

10 July 2010 18:08

I’ve just flicked on the television in search of fresh disasters. The news that Raoul Moat shot himself when cornered…

The gun control question

3 June 2010 14:13

Inevitably, the horrendous tragedy in Cumbria has led to calls for gun control to be reviewed.  An already sensitive issue…

Welcome to London

18 October 2009 16:58

Visitors to London are now given an extra special welcome when they arrive at our stations, thanks to the Metropolitan…