Podcast: Europe, counties and hipsters

23 October 2014 10:16

This week’s issue of the Spectator takes a close look at Europe. Nicholas Farrell focuses on the terminal decline of Italy, and asks whether anything can be done to stop… Continue reading

Chris Froome in action. (Photo by Kristof Van Accom/Getty Images)

The Guardianista mind-set

14 June 2014 18:49

A moron has written a letter to The Guardian. I realise that this is not ground-breaking news. In the journalistic canon it is very much “dog bites man”, sure. But… Continue reading

Gears of War 3

What makes art art? And why gaming may not make the grade

19 May 2014 18:37

Every now and then, you’ll come across an article which puts a case for something or other being taken seriously as an ‘art form’.  Designing computer games, cake-making, upholstery, you… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 13.34.50

Ladies of the Guardian: please stop writing about sex

6 April 2014 13:38

I’m generally a fan of the Guardian’s website, and sometimes write for it, but I’m sick of how much space it gives to ladettes banging on about sex. It’s a… Continue reading

David Miranda questioned

ONS rebuke Guardian for zero hour reporting

13 March 2014 14:06

‘Facts are sacred’ claim the Guardian, but some facts are evidently more sacred than others. Mr S was amused earlier this week when the Office of National Statistics rebuked the… Continue reading

Mutilating young girls is not something Britain should tolerate (Photo: AFP/ Nichole Sobecki)

The campaign against FGM must ignore intersectionality

25 February 2014 17:58

Two terms have been bouncing around a lot recently: FGM and intersectionality. Julie Burchill dealt with the latter in the Spectator last week, and triggered an angry reaction, proving that… Continue reading

Labour's poll ratings fall as the economy continues to improve. Photo: Getty Images.

Labour’s poll woes as economy grows

14 January 2014 22:09

Is the improving economy harming Labour’s standing? According to a new Guardian/ICM survey out today, Labour is still ahead of the Conservatives by three points — but the gap is… Continue reading

It's not the just NSA spying on us online, it's the big IT firms too. Illustration: Morten Morland

Hypocrisy alert: big tech firms complain of data intrusion

9 December 2013 18:28

It’s time to reform government surveillance, so say the internet’s tech giants. Following the stream of NSA spying revelations from The Guardian; AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter and… Continue reading

Women are banned from driving in Saudi Arabia. Ed West suggests that, given the appalling road safety standards in Saudi, men ought to be banned too. (FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images)

Should Saudi men be allowed to drive?

5 November 2013 15:47

It’s important that newspapers make themselves sounding boards for unpopular opinions, especially in an age when identity is sacred and people are judged by having the right views rather than… Continue reading

Polly Toynbee — great-granddaughter of Arnold Toynbee and Gilbert Murray — should appreciate that intelligence as just another privilege you inherit from mummy and daddy.

Intelligence is just another privilege you inherited from mummy and daddy

16 October 2013 14:32

I’m starting to get the impression that the Guardian isn’t very keen on Michael Gove, and may not give him the benefit of the doubt in their reporting. The latest… Continue reading

Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the Guardian (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Hacked Off’s double standards on press freedom

29 August 2013 14:41

Professor turned campaigner Brian Cathcart, executive director of Hacked Off, wrote a comment piece for the Guardian this week where he asked: ‘Does it show double standards to condemn David… Continue reading

The Brazilian David Miranda, boyfriend of the journalist Glenn Greenwald landed at Tom Jobim International Airport, Rio de Janeiro.

The political divide over David Miranda’s detention

21 August 2013 9:51

The political fallout from the detention of David Miranda is as interesting as the rights and wrongs of the case itself, as it exposes a fault line in the Conservative… Continue reading

UK Terrorism Threat Level Raised To Critical

David Miranda’s detention shows that the state is not only malevolent but stupid too

19 August 2013 10:56

The problem is less that the state is malevolent but that it is stupid. And that stupidity means that a lack of malevolence may be a matter of luck, not… Continue reading

NOTW Journalists Appear At The Leveson Inquiry

George the Poet on illegal immigration, courtesy of the Guardian

2 August 2013 8:54

I watched this thinking it would be hilariously bad, but ended up quite liking it; especially the line, near the end, ‘it’s not British, it’s brutish’. Ok it ain’t T S… Continue reading

Philip Blond: the intellectual curio.

Philip Blond for Mayor of London?

18 July 2013 17:42

While David Cameron, assisted by a trio of pyjama-clad children and the Chancellor, was entertaining the ladies and gentleman of Her Majesty’s Loyal Press Corps in No. 10, right-wing elements of the… Continue reading

Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian. (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

The Washington Post brings the Guardian back down to Earth

2 July 2013 14:24

The Washington Post has had a crack at Mr Steerpike’s favourite game: trashing the Guardian. Full marks to them for a knock out job. The Post describes Britain’s most sanctimonious rag as ‘a newspaper that’s… Continue reading

Party Faithful Attend The Annual Conservative Party Conference

Michael Gove: wind-up artist

9 May 2013 17:52

Michael Gove likes to make mischief. Every so often he stokes London’s liberal elite into fits of righteous indignation. If he does this out of pure joy, then his latest… Continue reading

Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian. (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Stolen books returned to Lambeth Palace. You read it first in the Spectator

30 April 2013 10:07

Congratulations to the Guardian for being one fortnight behind the news. The paper’s website reports that a deceased thief returned 1,400 stolen books to Lambeth Palace’s library. The citizens of King’s… Continue reading

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez greets Tariq Ali as they arrive for the screening of Oliver Stone's (also pictured) 'South of the border' at the 2009 Venice film festival. (DAMIEN MEYER/AFP/Getty Images)

Hugo Chavez dies. Pillocks mourn

7 March 2013 9:56

According to The Grauniad, the world has lost a colossus, a political giant, an inspiring politician dedicated to rooting out corruption and standing up for the poor, etc etc. It… Continue reading

Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian. (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Could Malcolm Tucker take on Alan Rusbridger?

28 February 2013 12:21

Sad news has broken. If the online speculation is true, it appears that casting agents for the upcoming Guardian movie have overlooked Daniel Radcliffe for the part of Alan Rusbridger.… Continue reading

Alan Rusbridger has fallen in love with an over-priced piano. Image: Getty

Alan Rusbridger’s new playmate

24 January 2013 10:59

Steerpike is back in this week’s magazine. As ever, here is your preview: ‘While losses mount at the Guardian, the editor, Alan Rusbridger, has fallen in love. He keeps ordering… Continue reading

Is Alan Rusbridger heading towards the Royal Opera House? Image: Getty

Alan Rusbridger’s swan song

6 December 2012 12:04

Look out for Steerpike in this week’s Spectator — here is a taster of what Alan Rusbridger has been up to: Rending of raiment and gnashing of teeth at the Guardian.… Continue reading