Yup. The left’s problem is that it never ‘calls out’ bigotry

9 January 2017 13:29

What has the left been doing wrong? This is a question which has taxed many minds. But at last we…

Tributes left to George Michael

George Michael’s death shouldn’t mean that we gloss over his flaws

5 January 2017 15:31

One should not speak ill of the dead, but if their flaws or vices are glossed over that is also…

Christmas lunch ideas

Guardian fails to get in the Christmas spirit

13 December 2016 12:13

In the past year, the Guardian has declared tea-drinkers to possess ‘the worst possible English trait, up there with colonialism‘, HP…

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Welcome to the world of right-wing gateway drugs. Are you ready for the ride?

29 November 2016 12:33

Even in its twilight years the Guardian remains the gift that keeps on giving.  As the tin-shaking below the pieces…

Crying woman, pain and grief concept

The new nostalgia for a pre-Brexit world

1 November 2016 12:44

Among its many treasures, Brexit has spawned a new genre of think piece, the nostalgic ‘what has happened to the…

Is the Guardian’s leaked tape of Theresa May really so shocking?

26 October 2016 11:12

The Guardian’s splash today looks like bad news for the PM. ‘Leaked recording shows Theresa May is ‘ignoring her own…

Lionel Shriver (Photo: Getty)

The ‘cultural appropriation’ brigade can’t even cope with fiction

15 September 2016 14:22

Here is one of those stories that matters even though it preoccupies the Guardian.  Last week the celebrated novelist Lionel Shriver gave…


Clean-eating emergency: the Guardian turns on avocados

13 August 2016 10:00

Oh dear. First the Guardian declared tea drinkers to possess ‘the worst possible English trait, up there with colonialism‘ and…

Grassroots Out Campaigners Hold London Rally

The Guardian fails to practise what it preaches in the EU debate

31 May 2016 9:03

Oh dear. Over the weekend, the Guardian ran an editorial on the EU referendum entitled ‘this campaign must show more respect for both…


Food advice from the Guardian: don’t eat octopus… they have more genes than you

27 May 2016 9:10

Last year the Guardian‘s food police deemed HP sauce to be the condiment of ‘the establishment’, barbecues to be borderline racist…


Alan Rusbridger suffers the ultimate indignity at the hands of the Guardian

13 May 2016 13:05

Today Alan Rusbridger has announced that he will not return as chairman of the Scott Trust. The decision comes after…


The Guardian gives Emma Watson’s offshore company a miss

11 May 2016 11:09

Steerpike’s revelation yesterday that Emma Watson has been named in the latest Panama Papers leak has been followed up across…


All at Sea: Decca Aitkenhead’s piercing account of her partner’s death

17 April 2016 11:28

‘This happens to other people.’ The Guardian journalist Decca Aitkenhead says she had heard the phrase countless times, interviewing the…

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Will the Guardian now investigate its own tax arrangements?

6 April 2016 14:59

Something odd happened at the Guardian on Monday as the paper’s editorial staff were basking in the glow of their…


Watch: Zoe Williams says ‘rugby is just a weird thing that posh people play’

4 March 2016 9:22

Last night’s Question Time panel saw David Dimbleby joined by John McDonnell, Dominic Raab, Ukip’s Louise Bours, Jermaine Jenas and…


Guardian’s Nick Watt lined up for Newsnight role

19 January 2016 12:20

The Guardian set tongues wagging across Westminster in December when its editor Katharine Viner appointed two women to share the…

David Miranda questioned

The Guardian puts ‘shed’ project on ice

12 January 2016 10:40

When Alan Rusbridger stepped down as Guardian editor-in-chief last year, he boasted of the ‘good shape’ he was leaving the…

Cologne station (Photo: Getty)

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but something fishy is going on in Europe

12 January 2016 10:39

Having taken the piss out of Guardian columnists for their laughably painful paroxysms over the appalling attacks upon women at…

'One doesn't beat women - not even with flowers'. A message in front of Cologne cathedral, near where the attacks took place (Photo: Getty)

Why are feminists refusing to discuss the Cologne sex attacks?

7 January 2016 15:44

Regardless of the background of the men who carried out the attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, it is…


Seumas Milne causes problems for the Guardian

30 November 2015 19:09

Covering the upcoming Syria vote is proving to be a challenge for hacks at the Guardian. Steerpike understands that the paper…


How FHM readers lost their safe space

20 November 2015 13:32

‘A victory for feminism,’ came the cries this week, as news broke that FHM was to close after 20 years.…


Guardian columnist Seumas Milne joins Team Corbyn

20 October 2015 19:34

Oh dear. Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is about to get a whole lot stranger. The Labour leader has appointed none other than Guardian…


Jacob Rees-Mogg finds an unlikely fan in Mhairi Black

9 October 2015 17:32

In Mhairi Black’s maiden speech in the House of Commons, the young SNP MP voiced her opposition to the Tories…


Guardian columnist on spitting protesters: ‘I really don’t have a problem with it’

9 October 2015 13:34

This week’s Tory conference made the headlines after journalists and Tory supporters attending the event were spat at and egged.…


Do as I say (not as I do): a Guardian Corbynista lectures Blairites

30 September 2015 11:09

The Fabian Society’s question time event at Labour party conference made for a lively debate. Tony Blair’s former staffer John McTernan…