Greg Barker

The husky is dead. Long live green conservatism (Photo: Bruno Vincent/Getty)

David Cameron must now lead a green Conservative government

1 June 2015 13:36

Those on the left tend to think that British Conservatism is a derivative of US Republicanism. But environmental policy shows…

Tony Benn Joins Remebrance Ceremony For 204 Dead Soldiers

Barker’s Benn boob

14 March 2014 11:03

Confusion has arisen in the wake of the death of Tony Benn. Benn was the first peer ever to renounce…


Greg Barker interview: ‘Green crap’ was a curmudgeonly thing to say

18 December 2013 10:28

You might be forgiven for thinking that the Conservative party has spent the past month or so taking all the…

Panic over! My cover piece in last week's Spectator drew a few reactions.

A response to my critics on global warming

25 October 2013 9:30

My Spectator cover story on the net benefits of climate change sparked a lot of interest. There was an explosion…


Greg Barker: BBC gives too much coverage to climate change sceptics

9 October 2013 19:16

If you asked most people about the BBC, few people would describe it as a hotbed of scepticism about global…

Television presenter Kevin McCloud campaigning for energy efficiency improvements outside Parliament in 2009. He got his way: but will the Green Deal work? Picture: Getty

Grey launch day for Green Deal

28 January 2013 14:44

The Tories in opposition were very keen on their ‘Green Deal’ for making existing housing stock energy efficient. It formed…

Conservative MP Greg Barker has said that wind farms are ‘wonderful’ and ‘majestic’, and that they have become a ‘tourist attraction.’ Image: Getty

Why are Conservative MPs so intent on wrecking our countryside?

4 December 2012 12:37

Last week we had Nick Boles extolling the virtues of concreting over what green space we still have in order…