How Brexit Britain can save Greece

29 September 2016 14:45

The cheerful, nattily dressed Englishman checking out at my hotel in Mykonos as I was checking in with my daughter…


Two countries now exist: Tourist Greece and Real Greece

9 June 2016 12:27

‘The isles of Greece! The isles of Greece! Where burning Sappho loved and sung, Where grew the arts of war…

EU summit: Tired European leaders left waiting for their ‘English lunch’

19 February 2016 14:35

EU leaders have a funny way of going about their negotiations. The best way, it seems, is to conduct most…

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If Deutsche Bank collapses, it’s taking the euro with it

11 February 2016 13:06

The queues haven’t started forming outside branches in Frankfurt or Cologne yet. Even so, it is hard not to suspect…

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There’s one major lesson Labour should learn from Syriza’s anniversary

26 January 2016 15:09

If a week is a long time in politics what’s a year? A century? A millennium? An Ice Age? If…

Spanish government employees demonstrating against cuts in 2012. Image: Getty

Spain has rejected austerity. How does it embrace growth?

23 December 2015 13:34

Spain is a long way from being Greece or Portugal, but in Sunday’s historic general election, Spaniards sent out the…

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Forget Syria: a weak Greece endangers us all

3 December 2015 17:32

There is nothing waiting for people who leave school in Greece today. It does not matter how much young Greeks…


Tsipras triggers second election

20 August 2015 23:27

Greece has already had one election and a referendum this year. Now it’s going back to the polls again with Alexis…


Watch: Nigel Farage on why Ukip is still relevant

30 July 2015 16:38

Nigel Farage emerged from his summer break today to kickstart his party’s No campaign. The Ukip leader hit out at…

The Speaker's number one admirer (Getty Images).

PMQs Sketch: Cameron’s lurches to the left

15 July 2015 16:08

‘Put that on your leaflets,’ snarled Cameron at PMQs. Inwardly he was gloating. Labour voted against Tory welfare reforms last…

Argyll And Southern Highlanders Home Coming Parade

An independent Scotland could easily have been the next Greece

14 July 2015 10:54

I wonder how many Scots who voted ‘Yes’ in last year’s referendum are watching events unfold in Greece and having…


The Germans have just changed the whole dynamic of the Euro

13 July 2015 13:51

The ancient Greeks used to drop iron bars into the sea to demonstrate the permanence of the agreement they were…


Sorry, but Greece isn’t victim of a ‘coup’. It’s a victim of the Euro

13 July 2015 7:35

After 17 hours of negotiations Greece and its creditors have just agreed a third bailout deal – and already there’s a new…


The Greek result shows that ‘Yes, we can!’ is over

12 July 2015 18:05

Conventional wisdom has it that David Cameron’s decision to make the ‘In’ cause in the European referendum the one that…

Euclid Tsakalotos addresses the Sinn Fein annual conference in Londonderry in 2015 (Photo: Paul Faith/Getty)

Euclid’s theorem of the Irish

10 July 2015 9:00

The excellently named Euclid Tsakalotos has become the Greek finance minister after the sacking (tsaking?) of Varoufakis. He was educated…


Have the Greeks just blinked?

9 July 2015 23:36

The Syriza-led Greek government has just submitted a new set of proposals to their creditors. It appears to shift Greece…


Left-wing Eurosceptics are finally starting to reveal themselves

9 July 2015 16:19

Even if everything goes wronger still, the Greek No vote is a great victory for the left. Until now, the…

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Holds His Monthly Press Conference

‘Banging on about Europe’ doesn’t seem so dumb now, does it?

9 July 2015 11:51

As we watch the Eurozone catastrophe enter its latest ‘final phase’ one phrase keeps recurring to me.  That phrase is…


Paul Mason calls Syriza critic a ‘Nazi collaborator’

8 July 2015 9:25

Covering the Greece crisis appears to be beginning to take its toll on Paul Mason. Channel 4’s economics editor became embroiled in…

Greece Facing Uncertain Future After Rejecting EU Proposals

You’ll never understand Greece from a God’s eye view

7 July 2015 17:48

We were breakfasting outside on the morning of the Greek referendum. The result could only be guessed at and all…


Crowdfunding campaign to bail out Greece fails to meet its target

7 July 2015 16:10

After the people of Greece voted against the bailout terms on offer in Sunday’s referendum, the likelihood of the country…

Newly appointed Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos (Photo: John Thys/Getty)

The Greeks haven’t exactly got negotiations off to a good start

7 July 2015 15:31

Eurozone leaders are holding a summit later today to discuss the Greeks’ proposal for dealing with their debt that was…

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Merkel strikes an uncompromising tone as the ECB tightens the squeeze on the Greek banks

6 July 2015 19:15

François Hollande and Angela Merkel have both given brief statements to the media ahead of their dinner this evening. Hollande…

People queue outside a Greek bank. (Image: Getty).

Time running out for a Greek deal warns Osborne

6 July 2015 17:56

Right now, Britain is sitting on the side-lines waiting to see if there is, to use George Osborne’s phrase, an…

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Cheer up! The Greek crisis shows you were right all along

6 July 2015 10:58

I don’t know whether the joy on the right was worse than the preening on the left last night but…