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Esther McVey, Zac Goldsmith, Nicola Blackwood, Matthew Offord, Mark Field and Grant Shapps.

Briefing: Maria Miller’s marginal critics

8 April 2014 17:35

Day five into the Maria Miller debacle and the calls for her resignation keep on coming. As Isabel reported earlier, more MPs are starting to break cover. Many of the… Continue reading


Tory Wars: Backbenchers threaten backlash against Shapps backlash

22 March 2014 12:42

There is a rather furious backlash underway against the backlash that Grant Shapps finds himself in the middle of after his bingo gaffe. Supporters of the Tory Chairman suspect he… Continue reading

Some of the spoofs of Grant Shapps' Tory Bingo poster.

#ToryBingo: why politicians can’t ignore twitterstorms

21 March 2014 14:33

The row over Grant Shapps’ bingo poster is an example of what happens when politicians assume that what goes in the Westminster bubble stays there. David Cameron and Paul Dacre… Continue reading


Tories: There never was a bingo poster

20 March 2014 8:38

George Osborne got the front pages he wanted this morning. ‘A budget for Sun readers’ proclaims his target newspaper. But Labour, which doesn’t have very much to say about the… Continue reading

Sir John Major has been doing a lot of talking recently.

Tories talking to themselves

25 February 2014 11:31

If Grant Shapps and John Major gave a speech but no journalists were there to cover it, did it really happen? That’s what happened today. The Tories invited one pooled… Continue reading

OK!/Con schmoozers Richard Desmond and Grant Shapps

Shapps and Desmond bond at Conservative Friends of Israel lunch

25 November 2013 18:13

It’s hard enough to get Tory MPs through the same division lobby, let alone  to get them to sit around the same table. So when government ministers William Hague, Iain… Continue reading

Grant Shapps today announced that the Conservatives would select candidates for 2015 using the existing constituency boundaries. Picture: Getty.

Can the Tories become a mass membership party again?

11 November 2013 17:56

In the average Tory seat, only around 0.5% of Tory voters are Tory members. Grants Shapps, the Tory chairman, wants to change this. He’s written to every Tory MP asking… Continue reading


Police drop investigation into Grant Shapps’ former business

1 November 2013 17:01

One of the stranger rows since the Coalition formed has been over Tory chairman Grant Shapps/Michael Green, and whether or not businesses he ran before entering politics were engaged in… Continue reading

Jack Straw Is Recalled To Give Evidence At the Iraq Inquiry

Didn’t the BBC know that Will Straw is a PPC before his dad told them?

29 October 2013 14:42

Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw was on today’s Daily Politics, gushing with pride that his son Will is Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for the seat of Rossendale and Darwen in… Continue reading

Grant Shapps and his Tory colleagues are thrilled that Labour will abstain on the EU referendum bill. Picture: Getty

Grant Shapps: Britain can do better than a Labour government

29 September 2013 14:57

Manchester Central is a beautiful, cavernous conference venue. But it also seems to be acting as a bit of an atmosphere sink today. When Grant Shapps bounded onto the conference… Continue reading

Amnesty protestors in Vilnius, Lithuania. Image: Getty

The worrying ‘hyper-inflation’ of human rights

11 September 2013 14:34

There is a term which ought to be in better use – ‘human rights inflation’. This is the means by which the currency of ‘human rights’ – which used to… Continue reading

Andy Burnham says Labour has until the spring to sort itself out.

Ed Miliband is caught in Andy Burnham’s crossfire

10 August 2013 10:41

Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, has given an interview to the Guardian which has excited the Tories. Tory chairman Grant Shapps has said: ‘This shows that even senior members of… Continue reading

Grant Shapps and his Tory colleagues are thrilled that Labour will abstain on the EU referendum bill. Picture: Getty

Shapps’s trinity of Labour weaknesses

31 July 2013 7:00

Grant Shapps’ latest broadside against Labour shows how keen the Tories are to frame the next election not as a referendum on their performance in government but as a choice… Continue reading


Grant Shapps’ peacemaking letter to Tory grassroots

29 May 2013 12:40

Largely because of events, the febrile atmosphere in the Tory party has gone as damp as the weather after weeks of bickering. A combination of the Woolwich killing and recess… Continue reading

Counting continues in many local authority areas, but already the Tories are starting to change their tune on UKIP. Picture: PA

Tories now see ‘fruitcakes’ and ‘clowns’ as serious voters impatient for change

3 May 2013 9:14

We’ve only had a few results through in the local elections, but already the parties are giving their verdict on the way last night worked for them. One thing to… Continue reading

Ken Livingstone, speaking at 7/7 bombings in London. Photo: PA.

Ed Miliband faces calls to remove Ken Livingstone from Labour NEC after ‘disgusting’ remarks

30 April 2013 16:15

Ken Livingstone’s remarks about the motives of the Boston bombing suspects have been widely condemned for suggesting that American foreign policy ‘fuels the anger’ that drove such young men into acts of terrorism. Tory chairman… Continue reading


Grant Shapps on the Tories and Thatcher

14 April 2013 13:09

It is one of the paradoxes of modern British politics that in the post-war era the power and hold of political parties have declined and our system has become more… Continue reading

It was either the mini fish and chips or the tub-thumping speech which pulled in the crowds last night Image: Getty

The Fox pulls in a crowd

10 January 2013 13:10

An impressive turnout in the Churchill Room of the Carlton Club last night for Liam Fox’s New Year drinks. My eyes in the room reports that a smiling Liam claimed… Continue reading

Labour's opposition to today's welfare bill doesn't sit well with their support of public sector pay cuts. Picture: Getty Images

Ed Balls reverses over his own progress on fiscal responsibility

8 January 2013 13:56

The battle-lines over the Welfare Benefits Up-rating Bill — which faces its second reading in the Commons this afternoon — have been drawn. Labour has tied its opposition to the… Continue reading

Iain Duncan Smith attacked Labour's stance on the Welfare Uprating Bill this morning. Picture: Getty

Tories make hay with Labour’s welfare stance

8 January 2013 8:55

The Welfare Uprating Bill won’t fall into difficulty when it has its second reading in the Commons today, but with around five Lib Dem MPs expected to vote against or… Continue reading


Grant Shapps launches Tory target seats campaign

20 December 2012 12:58

If the Tories are to win a working majority at the next election, they are going to have to take seats off Labour. Even if the Tories won every single… Continue reading

The Tories' 'Time to end Labour's something for nothing culture' poster

Shapps’ campaign skirmish

16 December 2012 12:15

There’s long been a sense on the Tory side that the party’s campaigning isn’t as sharp as it should be, that CCHQ isn’t up to the job. The Ashcroft target… Continue reading

Picture: Getty.

Grant Shapps tells Coffee House: there’ll never be a Tory/UKIP pact

26 November 2012 13:15

I’ve just spoken to Grant Shapps, who was pretty unequivocal about the chances of the Tories and UKIP teaming up in 2015. ‘No,’ he told me. ‘There will be no… Continue reading

Grant Shapps today announced that the Conservatives would select candidates for 2015 using the existing constituency boundaries. Picture: Getty.

Grant Shapps: No talks with the Lib Dems on a party funding for boundary changes deal

14 October 2012 12:10

Grant Shapps, the perky new Tory chairman, has just been grilled on The Sunday Politics by Andrew Neil about the Tories’ majority strategy. In a sign of how tight the… Continue reading

Grant Shapps has revealed that he is an expert gate-crasher. Image: Getty.

Steerpike at the Tories’: Grant Shapps’ ‘how to guide’ on gate-crashing

8 October 2012 13:31

If warm white wine and dodgy canapés are your thing, then party conferences will be your heaven and I urge you to gate-crash them before the parties become extinct. Gate-crashing is… Continue reading

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