Grant Shapps

Conservative Party co-chairman Grant Shapps arrives at Tory Party headquarters near Westminster on May 8, 2015 in London

Revealed: Wikipedia’s panic over Shapps fiasco

28 August 2015 14:59

During the election campaign a cloud hung over Grant Shapps, the then chairman of the Conservative party. In April, he was accused of editing his own Wikipedia profile and those of other politicians by Richard… Continue reading

Grant Shapps and his Tory colleagues are thrilled that Labour will abstain on the EU referendum bill. Picture: Getty

Grant Shapps gets second ministerial job as his rehabilitation begins

15 July 2015 17:00

Grant Shapps has been given a second ministerial post at the Foreign Office this afternoon in which I understand is part of a rather apologetic rehabilitation process for the minister,… Continue reading

Grant Shapps and his Tory colleagues are thrilled that Labour will abstain on the EU referendum bill. Picture: Getty

Wikipedia reprimands editor who accused Grant Shapps of ‘sock puppet’ edits

8 June 2015 21:04

It is probably reasonably cold comfort to him, given he’s already lost his Cabinet job, but Grant Shapps has today seen a Wikipedia administrator who accused him of editing his… Continue reading

George Galloway stands outside The Houses of Parliament on September 26, 2014 in London, England.

George Galloway could be London’s Nicola Sturgeon

28 May 2015 21:36

When you tell people you work in or around politics, and if you can break through the initial contempt or boredom, one type of question tends ‎to surface first: ‘what… Continue reading

(Photo: Scott Barbour/Getty)

The right-to-buy scheme is already causing problems for the government

26 May 2015 12:43

New communities secretary Greg Clark has the least enviable job in the cabinet: justifying the policy of extending the right-to-buy to housing association tenants. The policy, hastily put together in… Continue reading

Seats staying warm (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty)

Are Cabinet seats being kept warm for rising stars?

13 May 2015 11:36

The reshuffle seems to have gone down reasonably well with Tory MPs – though there is as yet still no position for Nadhim Zahawi or Jesse Norman, which some think… Continue reading

Grant Shapps and his Tory colleagues are thrilled that Labour will abstain on the EU referendum bill. Picture: Getty

No Cabinet job for Grant Shapps

11 May 2015 20:30

The party chairman in a general election winning campaign can normally expect a plum job as a reward, especially when that victory was against the odds. Tonight, though, Grant Shapps… Continue reading

Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps arrives to meet Conservative party activists as he helps with their canvassing in a residential area of Street on April 2, 2015 in Somerset, England.

Campaign kick-off: 15 days to go

22 April 2015 9:05

The general election campaign is beginning to feel a little staid. Maybe there was too much excitement over the attacks and TV debates, or maybe the parties are running out… Continue reading


Paddy Ashdown: Grant Shapps is ‘fine man’ who’s ‘never done anything dodgy’

21 April 2015 19:52

You have to hand it to the Liberal Democrats: they know how to put out a press release. Following accusations in the Guardian that Grant Shapps or someone ‘under his… Continue reading


Tory knives dangle over Grant Shapps

17 March 2015 15:01

Though his Conservative colleagues have largely been very supportive of Grant Shapps during the latest row about his alter ego Michael Green, there is a contingent in the party who… Continue reading

Grant Shapps and his Tory colleagues are thrilled that Labour will abstain on the EU referendum bill. Picture: Getty

Labour aims fire at Grant Shapps over second job allegations

16 March 2015 8:52

How damaging for the Tories is the row about Grant Shapps’ second job? While it is quite easy to write up the Conservative chairman’s business past in a way that… Continue reading

CCHQ's campaign invites have been sent to members of the opposition

Tories ‘have fixed’ beleaguered campaign database

2 March 2015 14:46

The Conservatives believe they have fixed their beleaguered campaign database, VoteSource, after increasing complaints from MPs. Coffee House understands that a number of MPs in marginal seats complained to party… Continue reading

Referendum Debate Continues As Campaigns Enter Final Week

Alex Salmond: Time for American citizens to enjoy haggis

16 February 2015 15:29

Former First Minister Alex Salmond has backed Steerpike’s campaign to overturn the US haggis import ban, gleefully admitting it ‘looks like we might be getting somewhere.’ Welcoming last week’s developments,… Continue reading


Grant Shapps: Haggis is not terrorism

12 February 2015 14:22

Haggis was on the menu at the Tories’ Black and White Ball on Monday, and now it’s on the political agenda too. In an otherwise dry speech on the Transatlantic… Continue reading


Ukip: We won’t do pacts with other parties

30 January 2015 16:15

Who wants to work with who after the General Election? It’s a question that pundits like to chew over, partly because few politicians can afford to rule anything out with… Continue reading

Grant Shapps giving a press conference in Westminster this morning.

Grant Shapps defends ‘successful’ defection of Ukip MEP Amjad Bashir

30 January 2015 12:16

January has been 30 days of chaos for Labour, according to Grant Shapps — but what about the Tories’ bad headlines? In a press conference this morning, Shapps outlined all… Continue reading

Grant Shapps and Team 2015 at the Conservative Party Conference. Photo: Getty Images.

Grant Shapps faces planted questions on LBC – before coming up against a real voter

6 January 2015 19:37

Anyone listening to Grant Shapps on LBC this afternoon will have noticed he was given a fairly easy ride from a number of the callers phoning-in. Rather than the typical… Continue reading

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Why must Grant Shapps spoil a good story with a porkie?

29 December 2014 19:09

An email arrives from Grant Shapps, chairman of the Tory Party, listing the things the Coalition has achieved in four years.  Here they are:- Our economy has grown faster than… Continue reading

Grant Shapps addressing the Conservative conference. Image: Getty

The Tories think that Mark Reckless is beatable — and they have the anger to fight

28 September 2014 15:54

The Tory Party is angry. Making my way into the conference centre, every Tory Minister and MP I bumped into wanted to vent about Mark Reckless. Unlike with Douglas Carswell,… Continue reading

Nigel Farage in Newark yesterday. Why was he missing from the by-election? Photo: Getty Images.

Six things we’ve learnt from the Newark by-election

6 June 2014 11:42

So, the Tories have managed to hold onto Newark with a surprising 7,000 majority. For Ukip, it was a disappointing evening as they failed to come close to taking the… Continue reading


The Tories have triumphed in Newark. Can they do the same in a national campaign?

6 June 2014 10:56

The Tories now have a great deal of confidence after Newark. It’s not just, as George Osborne said on the Today programme this morning, that ‘this all shows that if… Continue reading

David Cameron and Boris Johnson visit to Newark

Newark campaigning strategy cheers up Tory activists

2 June 2014 17:49

One of the spin-offs of Grant Shapps’ cheesy-sounding yet quite impressive ‘Team 2015′ strategy for campaigning in the local elections and now in Newark is that the energetic campaigning atmosphere… Continue reading


Grant Shapps has built an activists’ team to fight for the Tories in Newark – and in 2015

2 June 2014 16:36

The CCHQ strategy is to never to talk about strategy, but Tory chairman Grant Shapps cannot hide his excitement on this Saturday afternoon. Just a week after the Conservative Party came… Continue reading

Prime Minster British Prime Minister David Cameron Attends A Rally Before European And Local Elections

Candidate fury at CCHQ campaign demands

23 May 2014 17:04

Conservative MPs and candidates are, it’s fair to say, pretty exhausted this afternoon after last-minute campaigning for the local and European elections and all-nighters watching the results come in. But… Continue reading


Shapps slaps down fresh calls for Ukip pact

23 May 2014 7:27

Inevitably, given Ukip has made strong gains overnight, some Conservative MPs have been renewing their calls for a Tory-Ukip pact. Conservative ministers have been quick to brush this off, with… Continue reading