Gordon Brown

These two men blew a golden opportunity to tackle welfare dependency.  (Photo by Steve Eason/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

New Labour’s greatest failure

16 April 2014 18:58

My friend and critic Jonathan Portes obviously took exception to my remarks about Keynesianism having been disproven. His entertaining rebuttal claims to have exposed my misreading of data. That’s not… Continue reading

Gordon Brown's Speech Proposing Further Devolution To Scotland

The British constitution has never made sense or been fair. Why expect it to do so now?

11 March 2014 9:49

Well, yes, Hamish Macdonell is correct. A coherent devo-max option could win the referendum for Unionists. Some of us, ahem, have been arguing that for years. There were, of course,… Continue reading

Gordon Brown – risking the union? Image: Getty

A ‘no’ to Scottish independence won’t save the Union

10 March 2014 14:40

The longer the Scottish referendum campaign goes on, the more I fear for the long-term future of the Union. I suspect that the pro-Union campaign will win this September, but… Continue reading

Global Business Coalition for Education, the charity founded by Sarah Brown, is registered in 'the Cayman Islands of North America'. (LEON NEAL/AFP/GettyImages)

Sarah Brown’s unpatriotic office

28 January 2014 14:24

‘[T]he old tax havens have no place in this new world. We now call on all countries to apply international standards,’ said Gordon Brown back in 2009 when he was… Continue reading

Balls. Image: Getty

Why Ed Balls is deceiving us about his plans, and the 50p tax

25 January 2014 11:41

Now and again, you have to ask: why did Gordon Brown get away with that massive government overspending that bequeathed such a calamitous deficit? The answer is that he dressed… Continue reading

Preceding each sustained fall in GDP (red line) since 1971 there has been a sharp increase in money and credit (blue line).

A credit boom before each bust

14 January 2014 13:24

Here is a graph that shows the four economic downturns Britain has been through (red lines) over the past forty years. What I find strking is that each downturn was preceded… Continue reading

Gordon Brown Holds Talks With The Finnish Prime Minster

Gordon Brown’s Chang Song-Thaek-style plot

12 January 2014 19:08

Before Chang Song-Thaek was executed in North Korea last month for being a ‘wicked political careerist, trickster and traitor for all ages’, he allegedly confessed to his crimes. ‘I didn’t… Continue reading

Gordon Brown on the House of Commons this afternoon.

Gordon Brown leads tributes to Nelson Mandela in the Commons

9 December 2013 16:09

All three party leaders paid eloquent tribute to Nelson Mandela in the Commons. But by far the most powerful speech came from Gordon Brown. His speech, which combined wit with… Continue reading

Blair & Brown Attend Palestinian Investment Conference - London

How the warring ghosts of Blair and Brown still haunt their successors

22 November 2013 17:23

Six and a half years after Gordon Brown finally badgered Tony Blair out of Downing Street, the relationship between these two men still dominates British politics. Why? Because David Cameron… Continue reading

Our brilliant cover illustration by Peter Brookes.

Ken Livingstone slams Labour’s ‘moral cowardice’

15 November 2013 13:47

Ken Livingstone has risen once again from his political grave to criticise Labour’s ‘moral cowardice’ for borrowing through the boom rather than take difficult decisions with the public finances. listen to… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 12.15.30

Dave doesn’t care to be reminded of ‘the Buller’

5 November 2013 12:05

TV pranksters Don’t Panic accosted the prime minister, and presented him with a ‘Bullingdon Year Book’. Watch how he reacts… a flash of gauche temper reminiscent of his predecessor.

How Pickles sees Labour. Image: Getty

Eric Pickles pictures the horrors of a Labour government

1 October 2013 16:11

Eric Pickles has a vivid imagination. He set out to remind the Conservative faithful today the dangers of letting Labour back into office, and why they, not the Tories, are… Continue reading


Making it Happen: the staggering story of the RBS downfall

28 September 2013 21:33

For political junkies, autumn is bringing a fix of three big books. Damian McBride’s expose of Gordon Brown has come out, Matthew d’Ancona’s inside story of the Cameron government will… Continue reading

XOXO, Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown’s gossip girls

26 September 2013 13:47

Brown’s boot boys had a reputation for political assassination, karaoke, and curry and lager. But if Damian McBride is to be believed, they’re really just a gaggle of gossiping girls.… Continue reading

Damian McBride has been omnipresent at Labour's conference in Brighton. Photo: Getty Images.

The confessions of Damian McBride

24 September 2013 20:19

The first copies of Damian McBride’s book dropped in Brighton today, and the former spinner has been explaining not just his actions in government but why on earth he decided… Continue reading

Ed Miliband Speech At The TUC Annual Conference

The ghost of Gordon Brown stalks Ed Miliband’s dangerous business tax plans

24 September 2013 11:10

Gordon Brown was notorious for complicating our already over-complicated tax system, and it seems that his former aide, Ed Miliband, wants to emulate the master. The danger is that Ed… Continue reading


Damian McBride shatters the Labour peace

22 September 2013 12:40

If you want to know just how much anger Damian McBride’s book has created in the Labour party—and particularly its Blairite wing, just watch Alastair Campbell’s interview with Andrew Neil… Continue reading


Finally – Damian McBride provides the Labour confession we’ve been waiting for

20 September 2013 10:34

‘Drug use; spousal abuse; secret alcoholism; extra-marital affairs. I estimate I did nothing with 95 per cent of the stories I was told. But, yes, some of them ended up on… Continue reading

Gordon Brown Holds Talks With The Finnish Prime Minster

Damian McBride’s confessions part I

20 September 2013 9:05

Ever since the publication date of Damian McBride’s book was set for the week of the Labour autumn conference, it was clear that the party would find itself lugging a… Continue reading

Despite what Gordon Brown wants us to think, more spending does not equal better results. Picture: Ben Stansall/PA Wire

The report the Department for Education does NOT want you to read

26 April 2013 11:03

One of the better policies of this government is its offering massive databases up for public scrutiny. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, argues David Cameron, and outsiders can scrutinise what… Continue reading

We need more people like Bob. Image: Tim Whitby/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Skills are the problem. But does anyone have a solution?

22 April 2013 18:27

For years, words ‘skills’ and ‘crisis’ have been joined in British political discourse. It’s a problem that no one seems able to crack and on May 2nd, The Spectator is… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Margaret Thatcher’s funeral unites the political class

17 April 2013 15:05

Where there has been discord, Mrs Thatcher’s funeral brought harmony. From my seat in the gods at St. Paul’s, I watched as Westminster’s lesser mortals gathered in front of the… Continue reading

David Miliband walking with Gordon Brown in the shadow of Tony Blair in March 2007. Miliband's resignation as an MP means that the Blairites are getting very thin on the ground in the Parliamentary Labour Party. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

David Miliband resignation: political and press reaction

27 March 2013 8:39

Here is a selection of what various Labour big wigs, political commentators and media figures have made of Miliband’s decision and his parliamentary career. And we’re interested to hear your… Continue reading

Former Foreign Secretary David Miliband Resigns As An MP

David Miliband quitting UK politics

26 March 2013 23:08

David Miliband is quitting the House of Commons to go and work for the International Rescue Committee in the United States, the Daily Mirror has revealed this evening. Friends of… Continue reading

Oona King on the campaign trail during the 2005 election. She lost her seat to George Galloway. Image: Getty.

Oona King’s return to the spotlight

26 February 2013 12:44

The Lords’ terrace was transformed into a theatre yesterday evening to stage an adaptation of Blair Babe Oona King’s House Music diaries, which recount her career as MP for Bethnal Green… Continue reading