Ed Miliband. Getty Images.

Labour’s two biggest problems—and neither of them is Ed Miliband

13 November 2014 11:00

The knives are out again for Ed Miliband this morning. But the Labour leader is the least of his party’s problems. Labour has still not come up with answers to… Continue reading


Britain’s immigration debate must address three key issues

14 July 2014 16:20

Politicians tend to get all the blame for immigration policies not working. But politicians are often doomed to fail on migration questions because there are deep-rooted problems with the way… Continue reading

A plaque honouring the first Indian rest

Edible food: a triumph of immigration and globalisation

3 June 2014 12:43

As usual I enjoyed Hugo Rifkind’s column in the Times today. His central point that fights, whether on Europe or Scotland or whatever, can’t be ducked forever and that complacency is fatal… Continue reading

Investigation In Jimmy Savile Allegations Continues

The BBC isn’t Left-wing as such, it’s elitist

8 January 2014 14:07

The BBC made a ‘terrible mistake’ in not reflecting public concern about immigration, Nick Robinson has said. This is the latest case of BBC self-flagellation. (Now I think about it,… Continue reading

Sir David Attenborough Attends The Press View Of The Ashmolean Museum's new Edward Lear Exhibition

Being a ‘National Treasure’ appears to be a license to talk rot

26 September 2013 11:36

Take, for instance, the curious case of Sir David Attenborough. The poor booby is another neo-Malthusian. Which is another reminder that expertise in one area is no guarantee of good… Continue reading

Mexico Obama Canada

The Miracle of Globalisation: Most of the World has Never Had It So Good

30 April 2013 12:03

Could life in Bangladesh be better? Of course it could. Is life in Bangladesh getting better? Of course it is. The horrific death toll after a factory building collapsed in… Continue reading


British jobs, British workers and this government

18 April 2012 17:22

Chris Grayling gave a speech today that mirrored his response to the recent work experience brouhaha: punchy, practical and broadly persuasive. Except there were some parts that might cause a… Continue reading


Ed Miliband just doesn’t get globalisation

6 March 2012 17:03

If you think things couldn’t get worse than Ed Miliband’s Five Live interview, read his speech on patriotism. It seeks to build on his ‘predators’ speech, which suggested a Manichean… Continue reading


The Father of Globalisation

16 September 2011 0:24

I hadn’t noticed that Keith Tantlinger, who may fairly be considered on of the fathers of globalisation, had died. Actually, until I read his obituary in yesterday’s Telegraph I’d never… Continue reading


Brown takes the opportunity to peddle his "global growth plan"

25 January 2011 16:24

As Iain Martin and Guido have noted, Ed Balls – and, for that matter, Ed Miliband – could probably have done without Gordon Brown hovering from the political graveyard to… Continue reading


How far our schools have fallen

7 December 2010 18:35

Comparing GCSE or A-Level results to previous years is a meaningless exercise. Leaving aside all the arguments about whether or not these exams are getting easier, it doesn’t much matter… Continue reading


A degree of truth

28 November 2010 12:39

Tuition fees work. By the standards that any progressive is supposed to hold dear – higher overall participation rates in universities and higher participation rates among low income groups –… Continue reading


Entente très cordiale

2 November 2010 12:18

When it comes to pomp, Britain and France are still superpowers. The entente très cordiale has brought out all the plumage of 400 years of professional soldiering – bearskins, ostrich… Continue reading


A hard-headed case of déjà vu

6 October 2010 11:20

It was as if we’d been transported back a week – here was William Hague talking about ‘hard-headed foreign policy’, the very phrase that David Miliband had used before he… Continue reading


Brown’s plan for the future

2 September 2010 17:08

Mr Blair’s former breathless lover will form the fully staffed Gordon and Sarah Brown Foundation, paid for by lucrative speaking engagements, which the Spectator revealed some weeks ago. He has… Continue reading


Tony Blair, freelance statesman

1 September 2010 18:02

Say what you like about Blair, but he is something of a political entrepreneur. He detects a gap in the market and fills it: he did with New Labour in… Continue reading


Hague is an administrative revolutionary, not the second Canning

2 July 2010 15:36

For a man of such rhetorical talents, William Hague’s foreign policy speech was strikingly bland. His eloquence escaped him and he sounded like David Miliband – earnest, conscientious and often… Continue reading