Global Warming

The Greenpeace message at the Nazca Lines World Heritage site

How green and peaceful really is Greenpeace?

5 February 2015 10:28

For the best part of half a century Greenpeace’s constant campaigning on environmental issues has been an almost unmitigated success. Its effectiveness has brought it both astonishing wealth and almost… Continue reading

Frozen Fools

Why don't we hear about the beneficial side of climate change?

28 November 2014 15:54

Two headlines on successive days speak volumes about the scaremongering which is endemic in the way in which learned bodies disseminate information on climate science. Yesterday, the Royal Society published… Continue reading

Flooding Continues To Affect The Somerset Levels

Maria Eagle is talking nonsense about floods and climate change

11 August 2014 15:06

The Shadow Environment Secretary Maria Eagle headed off to Woking today, where she addressed an audience of environmentalists at WWF’s swanky new headquarters. Her speech, which was widely trailed, was… Continue reading


In defence of Nigel Lawson, and his fellow climate sceptics

8 July 2014 14:45

Some people find climate change ‘deniers’ the most irritating people on God’s green earth. On her Telegraph blog Martha Gill equates them with flat-earthers, which says a lot for the… Continue reading

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Why the Met Office has hung its chief scientist out to dry

18 February 2014 10:57

Last week the Met Office and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology issued an admirable joint report on the floods and their possible connection to climate change, concluding that it… Continue reading

A Transmission Tower Collapses In Sichuan

There’s no point in just outsourcing our CO2 emissions

16 November 2013 18:59

The global warming question is back on the political agenda with David Cameron likening cutting greenhouse gas emissions to house insurance. His argument is that if there’s a risk that… Continue reading

(Photo: TED ALJIBE/AFP/Getty Images)

Global warming isn’t to blame for the disaster in the Philippines

12 November 2013 17:15

According to news reports, Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the Philippines a few days ago, is now overshadowing the UN climate summit in Warsaw. Some delegates and climate campaigners have been quick… Continue reading

Panic over! My cover piece in last week's Spectator drew a few reactions.

A response to my critics on global warming

25 October 2013 9:30

My Spectator cover story on the net benefits of climate change sparked a lot of interest. There was an explosion of fury from all the predictable places. Yet not one… Continue reading

Ed Davey on Marr, making it up as he goes along

Ed Davey’s energy fantasies

19 October 2013 13:13

As energy prices continue to — with British Gas imposing a 9.2 per cent rise — the government is under growing pressure. The tragedy is that any genuine solution to the… Continue reading


The View from 22 podcast: is climate change good, Tommy Robinson and another Tory/Lib Dem pact

17 October 2013 8:39

Are there any upsides to climate change? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, author and columnist Matt Ridley discusses the economic impact of global warming with Fraser Nelson, and whether… Continue reading


Greg Barker: BBC gives too much coverage to climate change sceptics

9 October 2013 19:16

If you asked most people about the BBC, few people would describe it as a hotbed of scepticism about global warming. But the coverage that the BBC gives to those… Continue reading

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Climatology’s great dilemma

23 September 2013 9:59

Climate science is, once again, on the horns of a very uncomfortable dilemma. Whatever the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) chooses to do in the next few weeks its… Continue reading

Are polar bears really at threat from global warming?  Image: Getty

At long last the mainstream media are paying attention to global warming sceptics

12 April 2013 12:49

The failure of the Earth to warm since the start of the century has been a talking point for global warming sceptics for many years, but it is only in… Continue reading

Gritters in Wales this weekend. Image: Getty

What’s strange about this weather? Nothing at all

23 March 2013 12:59

How can we stop weather hyperbole? I am so staggeringly bored of waking up each morning to headlines which insist we’re all going to be killed – on the roads,… Continue reading

The COP18 climate change conference in Doha. Photo: Getty Images.

In Doha, a big green rent-seeking machine

9 December 2012 18:34

A couple of weeks ago the great global warming bandwagon coughed and spluttered to a halt in Doha, the latest stop on its never-ending world tour. The annual UN climate… Continue reading


An important intervention on energy policies, but will the Lib Dems pay attention?

6 February 2012 12:48

The economist Dieter Helm is one of the few policy thinkers respected on both sides of the coalition. Oliver Letwin is a long-standing friend of his and Clegg’s office views… Continue reading


Whatever Chris Huhne says, Durban hasn’t changed anything

12 December 2011 18:34

This morning the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) told us that the climate summit in Durban, which concluded over the weekend, has been ‘heralded a success’. As they… Continue reading


Good news! Sea levels aren’t rising dangerously

1 December 2011 16:37

This week’s Spectator cover star Nils-Axel Mörner brings some good news to a world otherwise mired in misery: sea levels are not rising dangerously – and haven’t been for at… Continue reading


Monbiot’s mission

5 April 2011 16:30

George Monbiot is undergoing an astounding and very public transformation. Last week he overcame the habit of a lifetime and fully endorsed nuclear power as a safe energy source. He… Continue reading


When it comes to global warming, rational debate is what we need

31 March 2011 15:37

We had a sell-out debate on global warming at The Spectator on Tuesday and, as I found out this morning, the debate is still going on. The teams were led… Continue reading


A flooded world

17 January 2011 16:41

It looks like the opening of a Hollywood disaster film. The South African government has declared parts of the country disaster areas, after 40 people died in floods in a… Continue reading


Carbon omissions

22 November 2010 15:24

With the latest round of international climate change negotiations at Cancun less than a week away, Policy Exchange has published research showing that the UK’s and EU’s performance in reducing… Continue reading


King Coal Will Reign For Years Yet

10 November 2010 4:16

Like Andrew says, James Fallows’ Atlantic article on clean coal – and China’s advances in developing the stuff – deserves to be read in full. But it’s also a useful… Continue reading


Hunt the heretic

7 October 2010 14:08

Eureka, the science magazine from The Times, is in many ways a brilliant accomplishment. Advertising is following readers in an online migration – but James Harding, the editor, personally persuaded… Continue reading


Global Warming Fail

1 October 2010 23:48

Long-time and recent readers alike will have noticed that I almost never write about climate-change or global warming or whatever you want to call it. That’s because I think it… Continue reading