Gita Sahgal

Gita Sahgal was upset at Amnesty’s relationship with Moazzam Begg. Picture: Getty

A long overdue counterblast to the Left’s thinking on Islamists

11 February 2013 13:42

A three year open sore within the human rights community will be closed this evening when Gita Sahgal officially launches her new organisation, the Centre for Secular Space, at Toynbee… Continue reading


Devastating Attack on Amnesty International

26 May 2010 11:04

Gita Sahgal has launched a very powerful attack on Amnesty International on the Open Democracy website on the occasion of the publication of AI’s Annual Report.  Here is the nub… Continue reading


The Gita Saghal Saga Continued

13 April 2010 0:52

I have no doubt that history will vindicate Gita Sahgal in her decision to challenge Amnesty International over its relationship with former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg and his organisation Cage… Continue reading


The Real Martin Bright

12 February 2010 22:49

I first became aware of another Martin Bright with an interest in radical Islam a couple of years ago when a neighbour commented on remarks I had supposedly made on… Continue reading


Gita Sahgal: A Statement

7 February 2010 23:29

Gita Sahgal has now published a statement following her suspension from Amnesty International. I have seen it at Stroppyblog, but please circulate it as widely as possible. Gita has been… Continue reading