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The minimum wage is broken – here’s how to fix it

2 April 2014 14:34

While welcoming George Osborne’s emphasis this week on raising employment, I have some caveats about his target – to have the highest employment rate in the G7. This isn’t hugely… Continue reading

Chancellor Bethmann-Hollweg, Kaiser Wilhelm II and General Moltke depicted in 37 Days (Picture: BBC)

The BBC’s march to war

18 March 2014 9:23

Perhaps we are growing war-weary – weary, that is, of the gathering storm of World War One documentaries on the BBC. There have been so many, not just Max Hastings… Continue reading

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Merkel makes it clear: no special status for Britain in the EU

27 February 2014 14:28

Angela Merkel’s speech today didn’t close doors on EU reform but nor did it open as many as some close to Cameron had hoped that it would. As the German… Continue reading

It's time to get over the Nazis (Photo: Keystone/Getty)

The Nazis no longer deserve a place on the national curriculum

5 February 2014 17:58

Apparently there’s some sort of anniversary coming up to do with a war, you may have noticed. To commemorate this the British publishing industry has launched a ferocious selling offensive,… Continue reading

Michael Gove is no Basil Fawlty, says his wife. He's a great admirer of all things Teutonic.

Sarah Vine: Michael Gove loves Germany

8 January 2014 9:39

While Michael Gove and academic lefties continue to row about the causes of the Great War, the education secretary’s wife, Sarah Vine, has helpfully poured some fuel on the fire.… Continue reading

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What to do about the EU? Work with Germany

17 October 2013 13:01

As the British Parliament continues deliberating the EU Referendum Bill, it’s worth reflecting on the relationship between the UK and Germany: It could determine the future direction of the whole… Continue reading

German Greens' campaign poster: 'Germany is renewable'. Image: Getty

The German Greens might do so badly they end up getting in

20 September 2013 10:27

The German Green Party is having a torrid time. In an election campaign remarkable for static polls, come what may, the collapse of a third of the Green vote has been… Continue reading

Berlin Senior Citizens' Week

World Without Borders: Lebensraum for German Pensioners

18 September 2013 12:33

Borders matter less than they used to. That’s not always apparent in this country protected as it is by the sea but on the continent frontiers are, once again, increasingly… Continue reading

'In Times of Fading Light' by Eugen Ruge tells the story of one German family's conflicts over the course of 70 years.

Review: In Times of Fading Light by Eugen Ruge – a tale of rebellion and conformity

21 August 2013 15:30

In Times of Fading Light’s seven narrators exist in an almost permanent state of bewildered disappointment. Given that the narrators are various generations of the same family, what we’re shown… Continue reading

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats could still lose. It all comes down to the maths

21 August 2013 11:25

Just over a month before election day, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) are in a commanding position. The latest polls give them over 40 per cent support – fully 16… Continue reading

Without a prayer? Peer Steinbrück of the SPD stands before one of the party's new campaign posters.

The SPD has no credible answer to Germany’s Iron Lady as polling day nears

9 August 2013 11:15

As symbolism goes, it borders on cliché. Running out of time to gain any serious traction, Germany’s Social Democrats last week unveiled their new campaign posters, and they promptly disintegrated… Continue reading

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David Goodhart tells David Cameron how to tackle immigration by reforming the EU

31 July 2013 9:41

Much, if not all, of the discussion about immigration in recent days has barely mentioned migration from the European Union, which, given the scale of such migration, was an oversight.… Continue reading

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Why Angela Merkel doesn’t want a haircut

25 July 2013 17:54

The announcement by Angela Merkel last week that there would be no second haircut for Greece may have surprised some readers unfamiliar with financial jargon. But once you know that ‘haircut’ means… Continue reading

We need more people like Bob. Image: Tim Whitby/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Skills are the problem. But does anyone have a solution?

22 April 2013 18:27

For years, words ‘skills’ and ‘crisis’ have been joined in British political discourse. It’s a problem that no one seems able to crack and on May 2nd, The Spectator is… Continue reading

David Cameron has a round of meetings this week with European leaders. Picture: Getty

David Cameron makes the case for reform in Europe

8 April 2013 8:55

Germany has elections on the way, Spain is just about holding a lid on its economic crisis while keeping a wary eye on the uphill struggle that its neighbour Portugal… Continue reading

A statue of General Charles de Gaulle on the Champs Elysees. (JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP/Getty Images)

A tale of two colonels

15 March 2013 9:05

This week, March 11th, marks the 50th anniversary of the shooting by firing squad near Paris of the last person (so far) to be executed by the state for political… Continue reading


Germany realises the limits of the EU project

7 March 2013 12:01

Britain isn’t the only country whose politicians are getting just a little bit jittery about an increase in Bulgarian and Romanian migrants. In this week’s Spectator, Rod Liddle examines the… Continue reading

David Cameron delivers his Europe speech. Image: Getty

The EU must change

26 January 2013 12:11

I have been out of the country for a couple of weeks and away from the sweet furore of the internet. I’ll be posting in the coming days on some… Continue reading

German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Gunther Krichbaum. The CDU member today warned Britain about the dangers of an EU referendum. Picture: Getty

Merkel ally’s referendum warning underlines Cameron’s precarious position

10 January 2013 16:30

The major gamble that David Cameron is taking with his strategy on Europe is, as James explains in this week’s magazine, that he’s relying on signals from Angela Merkel that… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Meets President Of The European Council Herman Van Rompuy

EU budget talks end

23 November 2012 15:59

The EU Budget discussions have ended with no agreement, as seemed inevitable after yesterday’s struggles and rows. David Cameron has been copping a lot of flak for his intransigence, particularly from… Continue reading

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The EU wins the Nobel Peace Prize

12 October 2012 11:20

Today is not April the first; but the European Union has indeed won the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a bizarre decision given what is going on in Europe right… Continue reading

Christopher Clark's monumental and brilliant study of the breakout of the Great War restates the case that all countries were to blame. Image: Getty.

Let’s not be beastly to the Germans

27 September 2012 15:11

The question of how Europe stumbled into the horrific abyss of  the First World War, the catastrophe which The Economist once called ‘the greatest tragedy in human history’ is obviously… Continue reading


How mini jobs could support people back into work

24 August 2012 8:45

Remember when we used to laugh at Germany’s economy? Gordon Brown loved to contrast its sclerotic labour market with booming Britain. That was in the boom years. As Warren Buffet… Continue reading

German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger

The Summer of the PIGS

1 July 2012 11:00

Suddenly, unexpectedly, this is becoming the Summer of the PIGS. The balance of power inside the EU has shifted with Francois Hollande’s election victory. Now the bone idle and impecunious… Continue reading

Frankfurt City Feature

Europe’s illusory deal

29 June 2012 19:45

After Merkel’s decision to allow Eurozone funds to be used to bail out Spanish and Italian banks, the press tomorrow may declare – yet again – that some kind of… Continue reading