The EU would be mad to start a trade war with Britain. Here’s why

24 October 2016 11:27

So far, the debate over what happens to UK-EU trade after Brexit has been conducted around a rather odd premise:…

Is Germany becoming the new sick man of Europe?

11 October 2016 14:48

It’s not going well for Germany at the moment. Their largest bank is on the verge of collapse while their…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) pres

The Spectator took on Chancellor Merkel and President Erdogan – and won

4 October 2016 16:37

Hurray!  It is not often one gets good news, but here is some.  Jan Boehmermann, the German comedian who read…

Meet the German business giant who is excited about Brexit

1 October 2016 16:01

Mathias Döpfner, the extremely tall, extremely intelligent head of Axel Springer, is unusual in the generally conformist German business elite…


Want a bank rescued? Don’t ask a German

30 September 2016 10:10

Make a car? Sure. Win a Word Cup? Yup. Write a symphony? Without doubt. There are lots of things that…


How Brexit Britain can save Greece

29 September 2016 14:45

The cheerful, nattily dressed Englishman checking out at my hotel in Mykonos as I was checking in with my daughter…

Frauke Petry, Chairwoman of Alternative für Germany (Photo: Getty)

How Alternative für Deutschland forced German politics to the right

6 September 2016 13:09

‘When the world ends, I’ll go to Mecklenburg,’ quipped Bismarck, ‘because there, everything happens a hundred years later.’ Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has…

Forget the ‘Norway model’. Germany suggests UK could get ‘special’ EU status

17 August 2016 11:18

Britain’s decision to leave the EU sent shockwaves crashing throughout the continent. As Europe struggled to interpret the outcome of…

Germany turns against EU-Turkey deal

9 August 2016 16:05

Is the tide in Germany turning against Turkey? It certainly seems to be. A poll today shows a majority of Germans…

Special police officers secure a street near the house where a Syrian man lived before the explosion in Ansbach (AP)

Terror is the new normal for Germany and France

25 July 2016 13:30

Update: This piece was written yesterday and so is already out of date. This morning two armed men entered a church near Rouen during…

Germany comes under attack again

25 July 2016 10:44

For the third time in a week, Germany has come under attack. On this occasion, a Syrian asylum seeker blew…


Theresa May’s first day and Boris at the Foreign Office: How the foreign press reacted

14 July 2016 12:38

A new British Prime Minister is always big news on the continent and around the world. This time around, with…

G7 Leaders Meet For Summit At Schloss Elmau

Angela Merkel and David Cameron fail to work out who’s in the driving seat

30 May 2016 11:00

At times in David Cameron’s EU renegotiations, it’s seemed as though the Prime Minister struggled to be in the driver’s…

Göttingen's production of Imeneo

Hit-and-miss Handel at the Göttingen Festival

13 May 2016 15:19

Ask anyone to name the greatest classical composers and certain names are bound to come up – Mozart, Wagner, Beethoven,…

Spanish Prime minister Mariano Rajoy (Photo: Getty)

The Spanish argument for abolishing government

29 April 2016 13:22

On 26 October last year, the Spanish government shut up shop in preparation for a general election. This duly took…

President Obama And The First Lady Attend Town Hall Event In Central London

Obama warns of countries who ‘use trade as a weapon’. Like USA over Brexit?

25 April 2016 18:25

President Obama has taken his European tour to Germany, where he touted the ‘indisputable’ benefits of an EU-US free-trade pact. Speaking…

(Photo: Getty)

Introducing ‘The President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition’

18 April 2016 18:46

Nobody should be surprised that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has instituted effective blasphemy laws to defend himself from criticism…

Activists protest against supporters of the Alternative Für Deutschland (Photo: Getty)

Is more multiculturalism really the cure for the EU’s problems?

15 March 2016 15:10

Germany is on its feet again; the country’s answer to Ukip, Alternative Für Deutschland, made huge gains at the polls,…

Frauke Petry, leader of Alternative für Deutschland (Photo: Getty)

Even the Germans are starting to despair of their country’s migrant policy

14 March 2016 16:59

A rather impressive performance by Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in Germany’s regional elections. Second in Saxony-Anhalt and double digit percentages in Baden-Württemberg and…

AfD supporters celebrate in Rhineland-Palatinate

Right-wing populists surge in Germany’s state elections

13 March 2016 20:55

Angela Merkel continues to reap the whirlwind. In this weekend’s elections Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) has emerged as the fastest-growing political…

Image: Getty

Why are Amnesty keeping the details of their plan to bring in more migrants secret?

24 February 2016 15:09

The head of Amnesty, Kate Allen, was busily talking the most terrible balls on the radio this morning. In an…

EU officials find that most of the ‘refugees’ are not refugees. What a mess

30 January 2016 12:03

Even EU officials are now finally admitting that a lot – or, rather, most – of the people we have…


Our leaders should read history books – but not just ones about the Nazis

28 January 2016 17:31

If I was in charge of the Home Office I’d employ someone whose sole area of expertise was Hitler’s Germany and…

A shattered shop-window in Leipzig after the riots (Photo: Jens Schlueter/Getty)

By downplaying social problems, multiculturalists help extremism to flourish

15 January 2016 16:22

Ross Douthat’s 10 points about immigration is recommended reading for anyone sitting on the fence or who tends towards the open…

A demonstration outside Cologne cathedral (Photo: Roberto Pfeil/AFP/Getty)

Taharrush Gamea: has a new form of sexual harassment arrived in Europe?

14 January 2016 12:27

The Swedish and German authorities say they have never encountered anything like it: groups of men encircling then molesting women…