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George Osborne: criminal gangs ‘killed’ the drowned refugee boy

3 September 2015 15:06

George Osborne has given the first official comments today regarding the ongoing migrant crisis. The Chancellor told Sky News he was ‘very distressed’ at the picture on the front pages of today’s… Continue reading


What a Corbyn victory will mean for the Tories

3 September 2015 12:07

A Jeremy Corbyn victory in the Labour leadership race now seems like a racing certainty. The consequences of this for Labour have been much discussed but in the magazine this… Continue reading


Accuracy concerns grow over Anthony Seldon’s biography of David Cameron

2 September 2015 11:00

Anthony Seldon and Peter Snowdon’s biography of David Cameron has not even been released yet but already it has managed to send ripples through Westminster. Revelations in the Mail on Sunday’s excerpt… Continue reading

Protest Takes Place Over Immigration Rights

Protesters to serve up anti-Tory cake at party conference

1 September 2015 14:08

The Great British Bake Off has been praised for getting the nation cooking. Now, it seems the fever has become political, as anti-austerity campaigners get baking ahead of this year’s… Continue reading

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No wonder Osborne didn’t want the EU referendum – it may derail his journey to No10

31 August 2015 13:16

Another disclosure from Anthony Seldon’s upcoming biography of David Cameron: he reveals that George Osborne tried to stop the referendum European Union membership. The below is from the Mail on Sunday’s serialisation of Seldon’s… Continue reading

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Why a politician-free House of Lords is the only democratic solution

30 August 2015 12:55

In my business, there’s a lot of fretting about the idea of representativeness. Pollsters put questions to, say, a thousand people – and take them as a sample of the country. How to… Continue reading

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It's honours day for Cameron and Osborne's chums

27 August 2015 16:18

The 2015 Dissolution Peerages have been announced today, following much rumour about who might receive one. While Mr S’s colleague Sebastian Payne has the full list over on Coffee House, it’s… Continue reading

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Geor

Aristocrats, champagne and a Rolex: George Osborne’s 21st birthday bash

21 August 2015 15:41

Although Tatler received a boost to its readership following the BBC’s ‘Posh People: Inside Tatler’, a fly-on-the-wall documentary about the magazine, for some ‘posh people’ the society bible has long been… Continue reading

Labour Leadership Candidate Portraits - Andy Burnham

What’s so bad about professional politicians anyway?

10 August 2015 18:39

If you’re at all ambitious in Westminster these days, the most important thing is to show that you’re not a professional politician. Generally, the accepted definition of ‘professional politician’ is… Continue reading

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Could tax credit cuts undermine the Tory claim to be the ‘Workers’ Party’?

10 August 2015 10:34

The Tories are on a mission to brand themselves the Workers’ Party while Labour messes about with its leadership contest. The party has got the energetic Robert Halfon as its… Continue reading


The Osborne Powerhouse is paying off: Chancellor soars ahead of other leadership rivals

4 August 2015 14:21

George Osborne is having a good summer. He got in first with wooing the new intake of Tory MPs, to the extent that many of them seem slightly besotted with… Continue reading

G7 Finance Ministers Meet In Dresden

Breaking: Tory leadership contest underway

3 August 2015 10:41

Water cannons at the ready: the Tory leadership contest is officially underway. How does Mr S know this? Well, in a clear sign that George Osborne means business, he has… Continue reading


Podcast: the Osborne supremacy and why Labour’s grassroots don’t matter

30 July 2015 20:27

George Osborne reigns supreme over Westminster — how did he end up with all this power? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Isabel Hardman discusses our cover piece on the Chancellor’s… Continue reading

Richard Davies of the Economist is set to join the Treasury. Photo: BBC World News.

George Osborne hires Economist journalist to chair Council of Economic Advisers

30 July 2015 13:32

George Osborne has recruited Richard Davies, The Economist’s economics editor, to replace Rupert Harrison as chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, Coffee House understands. This position is essentially the Chancellor’s top… Continue reading

George Osborne and French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron (L) listen to explanations during a visit of the French start-ups incubator and accelerator TheFamily in Paris on July 27, 2015.

George Osborne: Britain must work with France to build a trade relationship with the EU

29 July 2015 8:41

George Osborne has revealed the aim of Britain’s EU renegotiation: to move our relationship back towards a trading partnership. The Chancellor has told the Daily Telegraph he would like to see a paired… Continue reading

G7 Finance Ministers Meet In Dresden

George Osborne’s ‘Living Wage’ will soon set wages for 11pc of UK workers

24 July 2015 10:55

George Osborne’s Budget plan to raise the minimum wage to £9.35 for over-25s was a surprise – which means it has not yet been much scrutinised. Ed Miliband’s £8 by… Continue reading

Me interviewing Darling for my Ch4 Dispatches film "How the rich get richer"

Alistair Darling: why I changed my mind on tax credits

20 July 2015 16:44

Last autumn, I presented a Ch4 documentary on inequality. I could have made three hours’ worth of that show – or written a book – but it was distilled down… Continue reading

Berlin UKB Hospital Is Among Germany's Most Modern

The benefit cut that isn’t quite as it seems

20 July 2015 16:30

MPs are voting on the Welfare Reform and Work Bill this afternoon, with the big story being about Labour turmoil over the second reading. Harriet Harman’s amendment looks rather forlorn… Continue reading

UK Labour Party Leader ship Hustings

Is the Guardian about to endorse Jeremy Corbyn?

20 July 2015 12:34

Despite frequent claims from both sides of the political spectrum that Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn is ‘unelectable’, he has so far managed to win the endorsement of Unite as well… Continue reading

David Cameron Arrives In London As Conservatives Are Projected To Win The General Election

George Osborne crashes Number 10 for Treasury party

17 July 2015 13:32

When George Osborne stepped in for David Cameron at PMQs, it was seen as the Chancellor’s chance to show that he had what it takes to be Prime Minister. With that… Continue reading

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Britain has a productivity problem. Could email be to blame?

16 July 2015 15:03

It is an oddity that while the UK economy surges ahead as the fastest growing in Europe, its productivity has sagged to an inauspicious 6th in the G7: below that of… Continue reading


Theresa May humiliates Boris Johnson with water cannon announcement

15 July 2015 14:36

In case the Labour leadership fracas has distracted you, there is still a Tory leadership contest going on, albeit with a slightly longer timetable. George Osborne has had a good… Continue reading

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Keep the cops away from the radical clerics, be they Christian or Muslim

15 July 2015 13:40

If you want to see our grievance-ridden, huckster-driven future, looks to Northern Ireland, which has always been a world leader in the fevered politics of religious victimhood and aggression. Just… Continue reading


PMQs: the Tories are set for a happy summer holiday

15 July 2015 13:33

This was the last PMQs before the recess, and the Tory side of the House was in an end of term mood. When Harriet Harman stood up, the Tory benches… Continue reading


Mhairi Black: I’m the only 20-year-old George Osborne will help with housing

14 July 2015 16:10

Last week the SNP MP Phil Boswell made a ‘depravity’ gaffe in his maiden speech. Happily, his colleague – and Parliament’s youngest MP – Mhairi Black had more luck today… Continue reading