George Osborne

It’s time for Mark Carney to go

22 October 2016 13:10

Oh dear. Mark Carney is irritated. His proud independence has been challenged. The Prime Minister had the temerity to admit…

Boris’s Royal Yacht obsession shows his weakness for vanity projects

14 October 2016 13:24

I would like to think that the lack of obvious progress on negotiating a post-Brexit deal with the EU is,…


The three Europhiles take on the three Brexiteers

11 October 2016 12:52

Today it was a case of the ghosts of governments past as George Osborne, Michael Heseltine and Vince Cable were…

The Treasury’s ‘Hard Brexit’ warning shows Project Fear isn’t over yet

11 October 2016 9:45

Can someone please tell HM Treasury that the referendum is over? During that campaign, it made history by producing a…


Damian Green strikes a softer tone on welfare

4 October 2016 17:29

Under David Cameron, it was sometimes tricky to tell who was in charge at the DWP. Iain Duncan Smith favoured…

The Brexit bounce continues

4 October 2016 14:02

Just when you thought economists might finally have got the message about their doom-laden predictions for the economy following the…

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Geor

The Notting Hill set stay away from Birmingham

4 October 2016 11:07

At this year’s Labour conference, the absence of several centrist MPs at the annual event was taken as a sign…


The Hammond era will be very different to the Osborne one

3 October 2016 13:25

Philip Hammond is a very different kind of Chancellor than George Osborne. Osborne’s conference speeches ranged across the policy landscape;…

Philip Hammond’s Brexit scepticism is alive and well

3 October 2016 9:28

In the run-up to the referendum, Philip Hammond was one of those warning of the dire consequences of a vote…

Rebekah Brooks, CEO of News UK, attends The Times CEO summit in London

George Osborne warns that he won’t ‘fumble’ his next leadership bid

23 September 2016 14:14

Well, that didn’t take long. George Osborne has had dinner with the FT and the write-up shows him as ambitious…

Jim O'Neill, Head of Economic Research a

Jim O’Neill’s decision to quit gives Theresa May something of a headache

23 September 2016 12:59

Jim O’Neill, who was somehow overlooked in Theresa May’s purge of the Osbornites, has become the first person to resign from…


The Brexit bounce continues – ten forecasters up their predictions for 2016 growth

21 September 2016 12:49

The Brexit bounce continues. HM Treasury has today released forecasts of the economists it follows, as it does every month.…


Brexit U-turns: who is rowing back on their Project Fear warnings?

21 September 2016 12:35

In the run-up to the referendum, we were warned Brexit would unleash misery. George Osborne suggested a vote for Brexit…


George Osborne interview: championing the ‘voice of the liberal mainstream’

16 September 2016 16:59

After just eight weeks in the wilderness, George Osborne is back – and wants to put the pressure on Theresa…

The Spectator podcast: The Brexit bounce

10 September 2016 9:56

On the morning of the 24th June, Britain woke to find its stock market shattered and its pound pummelled. It…

Wetherspoon’s boss is right to mock doomster economists over Brexit

9 September 2016 17:32

In the referendum run-up, we were inundated with warnings and messages of doom and gloom about the untold damage Brexit…

The Spectator podcast: The Brexit bounce

8 September 2016 9:43

On the morning of the 24th June, Britain woke to find its stock market shattered and its pound pummelled. It…


George Osborne’s gone, thank God. So why’s Mark Carney still around?

28 August 2016 8:00

Did you see that odd photo of George Osborne looking shifty, queuing up in the Vietnamese jungle for the chance…

Clare Foges worked as David Cameron's speech writer (Credit: Zumapress)

David Cameron’s larynx comes to his defence on childhood obesity

23 August 2016 13:03

Theresa May was once seen as the continuity candidate to succeed David Cameron. However, since becoming Prime Minister she has gone…


Philip Hammond will not be a hard-hat chancellor

8 August 2016 17:19

Since Theresa May succeeded David Cameron as Prime Minister, she has wasted no time in putting distance between herself and…

An ode for Theresa May: Spectator poetry competition winners

6 August 2016 9:35

There was a good response to the call for poems on a political theme entitled ‘May day’ but the mood…

Theresa May’s Labour land grab starts today

2 August 2016 8:09

Whilst Labour tangle themselves up in civil war, the Prime Minister is making a move for the party’s economic territory.…

Is Theresa May using Hinkley Point to hold the French hostage over Brexit?

1 August 2016 15:32

Plans to build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset suffered a surprise setback on Friday after…

EDF's Hinkley Point B Nuclear Power Station As Company Agrees Deal With China General Nuclear Power Corp To Build Nuclear Plant

Osborne’s Hinkley vanity project deserves to be buried alongside his political career

29 July 2016 9:50

Yesterday was supposed to be the day the nuclear button was finally pressed – a vote by the board of…

Hinkley Point is the imperfect answer to a pressing problem

28 July 2016 16:08

Brits had been told that we’d be cooking our turkeys on power generated at Hinkley Point by next Christmas. It’s…