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Commons vote for strikes against IS in Iraq

26 September 2014 17:19

By 524 votes to 43, the House of Commons has voted to support air-strikes against Islamic State in Iraq. The margin of victory is not surprising given how limited the… Continue reading

The Championships - Wimbledon 2013: Day Five

The case for Britain is being made in Scotland, now it must be made in England too

14 September 2014 11:40

At times in the last few months, it has seemed that if no one was making the case for Britain in Scotland. Too often it seemed that Better Together knew… Continue reading

Gordon Brown Canvasses For Support On The Final Full Day Of The Campaign

Who will revive Scottish Labour?

13 September 2014 12:00

George Galloway announced his support for Gordon Brown as First Minister of Scotland last night. Galloway’s endorsement came as Brown turned up at an event at Usher Hall in Edinburgh… Continue reading

George Galloway speaking at a solidarity conference in Iraq in September 2002. Image:  Taha AL-Rubayyh/Getty Images

Cry Bradford, for George and George

20 August 2014 18:42

It’s going to be the battle of the Georges in Bradford West at next year’s general election – and Mr S reckons it could be a worth keeping an eye… Continue reading


Up yours George

11 August 2014 10:28

The most uplifting news of the weekend? Israeli tourists defied George Galloway’s decree that Bradford become an ‘Israeli-free zone’. Better even that: plenty of locals came out in sympathy with… Continue reading

MP George Galloway In Scotland To Give Speech Against Independent Scotland

George Galloway declares Bradford an ‘Israel free zone’

7 August 2014 16:28

Mr S doesn’t imagine that Israel is among Bradford’s major trading partners. But George Galloway has put the matter beyond doubt with this outburst. It’s raving (and chilling), even by Gorgeous George’s standards.… Continue reading

George Galloway speaking at the Spectator's debate on Scottish independence. Photo: Jonathon Fowler

Listen: Could this George Galloway speech save the Union?

25 June 2014 15:49

Unionists frequently lament the lack of passionate figures on the Better Together campaign, able to take on Alex Salmond. Thankfully, there is at least one such person — George Galloway.… Continue reading

George Galloway in full flow last night, proposing the motion that independence is the greatest threat to Edinburgh. Photo: Jonathon Fowler

Spectator debate: Independence is the greatest threat to Edinburgh

25 June 2014 12:51

Listen: listen to ‘Spectator debate: independence is the greatest threat to Edinburgh’ on Audioboo A kicking. A good, old-fashioned, brutal Glasgow-kissing thrashing. Last night’s Spectator debate on Scottish independence, held… Continue reading

British politician George Galloway celeb

Who will rid us of George Galloway?

2 April 2014 14:16

Nothing George Galloway says or does should surprise anyone any longer. Even so, his latest musings on the situation in Ukraine – delivered on the Iranian propaganda channel Press TV - are… Continue reading


George Galloway blames Israel for the use of chemical weapons in Syria

23 August 2013 9:58

Say this for George Galloway: every time you think he cannot sink any lower he finds new ways to surprise you. His latest contribution to Press TV, Iran’s propaganda station,… Continue reading

George Galloway last night stormed out of a debate in Oxford. Picture: Getty

The decline of George Galloway

21 February 2013 18:41

The decay and decline of George Galloway was on full display in Oxford last night when he stormed out of a debate with a third-year PPE student from Brasenose College.… Continue reading

Protests Are Held At The Royal Courts Of Justice Over Rupert Murdoch's News International

George Galloway, The Great Dictator

12 February 2013 13:22

The video (below) of Galloway really does have to be seen. It is best with the sound off (for what it is worth he is lambasting a student for asking… Continue reading


George Galloway’s awfulness

3 September 2012 12:09

George Galloway’s awfulness falls into two categories. First there is the serial dictator-licking. This is a man so profligate, not to say promiscuous, in his affections that he has in… Continue reading

The Spectator's cover - 25 August 2012. Illustration: Adams.

The View from 22 – international justice, school sports and unfair GCSE results

23 August 2012 8:44

Is there a downside to our glowing era of ‘international justice’? In this week’s cover feature, Douglas Murray writes that our carefully designed system can trap criminals, giving them no… Continue reading

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Seeks Asylum In The Embassy Of Ecuador

Galloway and Murray’s smears ignore how simple the Assange case is

22 August 2012 14:30

The remorseless smears of the alleged victims of serious sexual assault by George Galloway MP and Craig Murray, our former ambassador to Uzbekistan will have serious consequences for the victims… Continue reading

George Galloway Before He Is Sworn In As MP For Bradford West

‘Rape as most people understand it’

21 August 2012 18:05

George Galloway got a spade out today and made a statement in which he attempted to clarify his comments about the allegations against Julian Assange. He dug himself a little… Continue reading

Photo: Getty Images.

George Galloway’s fifty shades of rape

21 August 2012 10:15

The supporters of that exhibitionist monkey Julian Assange are becoming ever more bizarre. George Galloway MP, for example, has been sounding like a High Court judge in 1973: those women… Continue reading


Galloway swears in

16 April 2012 17:38

Here, via the New Statesman’s George Eaton, is footage of George Galloway being sworn into Parliament today: And while we’re on the subject of Galloway and swearing, here’s one for… Continue reading


Galloway and religion

31 March 2012 18:45

A few years ago, The Spectator, in an inspired notion for the Easter issue, asked a number of prominent individuals whether they believed in the Resurrection. And among the surprises… Continue reading


Galloway’s ugly politics

31 March 2012 13:22

Helen Pidd’s report of George Galloway’s victory in Bradford West recounts what happened just after he had arrived back from the count: ‘Galloway climbed on top of a grey car… Continue reading


14th January 2006: What makes George Galloway strut and fret his stuff?

30 March 2012 18:02

In light of George Galloway returning to Parliament as the member for Bradford West, we’ve dug out Matthew Parris’s account of his infamous appearance on Celebrity Big Brother. And if… Continue reading


Behind Galloway’s grin

30 March 2012 16:36

George Galloway has tragically demonstrated that sectarian politics are now alive and well in Britain.  The other week Ken Livingstone appeared at a London mosque and promised to make London… Continue reading


Hitchens vs Galloway

30 March 2012 15:35

Since he has previously been elected in Glasgow and London, I don’t know if it is so astonishing that George Galloway won a by-election in Bradford. Anyway, if you have… Continue reading


This is what politics has become

30 March 2012 13:48

George Galloway’s victory last night is a reminder of a wider problem in British politics: the low regard in which all main political parties are held. By-elections can throw up… Continue reading


The Tories shouldn’t gloat about Galloway’s victory

30 March 2012 11:53

An unedifying week in politics keeps on getting worse. The Tories have this morning sent out a press release headlined ‘Warsi: If Labour can’t win in Bradford, how can they… Continue reading