The Stonewall memorial statues have been painted as part of a protest against the film Stonewall

There’s a simple reason why the Stonewall trailer doesn’t feature more ‘trans women of colour’

21 August 2015 16:06

Aping Isis, trans activists have defaced a historical monument to make a political point. They blacked-up — seriously, with spray paint and afro wigs — the Christopher Street Gay Liberation… Continue reading


Force Majeure reviewed: meaty and hilarious – but it may wreck your relationship

24 April 2015 13:13

If you’re unsure about the man (or woman) you’re dating, go and see this film. It’ll cause rifts in a weak relationship, and yield powerful debate – or perhaps agreement… Continue reading


The Falling reviewed: a film of beauty and magic

24 April 2015 12:37

Long live the glockenspiel, that typically dull percussion stalwart usually relegated to primary school memories, along with humdrum gym classes and endless repetitions of Kumbaya. Here the glock is like… Continue reading

A boy who plays with dolls is not trans or dysphoric - he's just a boy who plays with dolls

Trans activists are effectively experimenting on children. Could there be anything more cruel?

8 April 2015 15:45

Can you think of anything more cruel than telling a five-year-old boy who likes Lady Gaga that he might have gender dysphoria? Or telling a nine-year-old tomboy who hates Barbie… Continue reading

An 1867 cartoon from the magazine 'Punch' depicting John Stuart Mill advocating female suffrage (Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty)

Liberate women…from the rotten dictatorial group-think of ‘feminism’

31 October 2014 16:33

Good on David Cameron for refusing to wear that hideous T-shirt. Feminists these days spend an awful lot of time telling people what to think and what to wear. It’s… Continue reading

Mark Ferguson facing off against Cynthia Rahming on the BBC's Queen's Baton Relay

Now the BBC is censoring the word ‘girl’ – it really is in a different world

25 May 2014 18:03

It’s beyond parody, isn’t it? Mark Beaumont, a BBC presenter, has made a documentary about the Commonwealth Games and during the course of it he was filmed grappling with a judo… Continue reading

Pippa Funnell riding Redesigned at the Badminton Horse Trials on May 9, 2014. Image: Getty

If you’re after equality, don’t show women’s football. Show Badminton.

10 May 2014 10:40

Over the next two days, one of the most important events in the British sporting calendar takes place. No, not the final day of the Premier League season. Badminton Horse… Continue reading

Image: Getty

There’s cause to worry about our sons as well as our daughters

2 May 2014 15:41

The graph below shows one of the most unsettling trends I’ve come across. It’s the female and male suicide rates, and while the former has halved since the 1980s, the… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Why do boys outperform girls at university?

28 April 2014 9:02

According to the university’s own statistics, Oxford is one of the worst places in the country to be a female student if you’re hoping for a First Class degree. In… Continue reading

Couple talking over drinks

Don’t knock ‘benevolent sexism’ – it makes us happy

25 March 2014 14:00

The American-led Left has a new fixation: ‘benevolent sexism’. Recent examples found here, here and here. According to one definition: ‘Ambivalent or benevolent sexism usually originates in an idealization of… Continue reading

Mutilating young girls is not something Britain should tolerate (Photo: AFP/ Nichole Sobecki)

The campaign against FGM must ignore intersectionality

25 February 2014 17:58

Two terms have been bouncing around a lot recently: FGM and intersectionality. Julie Burchill dealt with the latter in the Spectator last week, and triggered an angry reaction, proving that… Continue reading


Nigel Farage missed the point about ‘young, able women’

20 January 2014 16:09

Nigel Farage isn’t afraid ‘to court controversy’ over the issue of women’s pay. Speaking on the issue of equal pay, he described how a pay gap exists because women who… Continue reading

Campaigners protest about the social implications of the world's most famous doll, outside the Barbie Dreamhouse Experience in Berlin earlier this year.

Stella Creasy’s stance on gendered toys misses the point

20 December 2013 9:48

I felt a touch of sadness on Tuesday when Marks & Spencer caved in to demands that they de-gender their toys, which must make me the worst person on earth.… Continue reading

Gender segregation at universities in the UK is the latest example of the left's moral cowardice and inaction. Female genital mutilation is another example. (SIMON MAINA/AFP/Getty Images)

‘The left’ doesn’t matter; but its cowardice does

17 December 2013 18:02

I know it’s not quite the year’s end. But I think the sweetest words I heard in 2013 are already set: ‘The left doesn’t really matter’. Those words were said… Continue reading

David Cameron is a feminist who refuses to identify as such. Is this because 'feminism' is out of date?

Why is ‘feminism’ such a dirty word?

30 September 2013 13:47

A few years back I did one of those online debates on the Times website, the subject being why feminism had fallen out of favour. Within about 60 seconds four… Continue reading

There should be no difference between men and women's pay in 2013.

Men and women should be paid the same – end of story

21 August 2013 18:04

The gender pay gap should not exist. But it does, as we were reminded today by the Chartered Management Institute report on corporate pay. It is simply unacceptable for a… Continue reading

Final Day Of The Labour Party Conference

Dear Harriet, what about Labour’s employment practices?

25 July 2013 9:27

Harriet Harperson has written to the editors of seventeen national newspapers with a vast list of questions intended to discover how many women they employ, and how many are women… Continue reading

Old books, Getty Images

Stoner by John Williams – review

22 July 2013 10:41

Faced with a book as simple and true as Stoner, it’s easy to fall into the trap of intentional fallacy. It is the portrait of a quiet farm boy, who… Continue reading

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Cameron whiter than White’s

18 July 2013 11:50

David Cameron has rescinded his membership of White’s. The most prestigious of the St James’s clubs was the unofficial headquarters of the Tory party at the end of the 18th… Continue reading

Pride and Prejudice Ball To Celebrate The 200th Anniversary Of The Book

Alexander Pope, mock-epic, modernity and misogyny

16 July 2013 12:01

from The Rape of the Lock And now, unveiled, the toilet stands displayed, Each silver vase in mystic order laid. First, robed in white, the nymph intent adores With head… Continue reading


Women under 40 have won their battle. It’s the young men we now need to worry about

12 July 2013 19:40

I am taken to task by the Guardian’s Ally Fogg for my Telegraph column on the growing underachievement of boys. It’s a thoughtful and spunky piece, which I thought worth… Continue reading

Lynne Featherstone said both Julie Burchill and the Observer's editor John Mulholland should be sacked immediately. Picture: Getty

Rod Liddle on Moore, Burchill and Featherstone’s lovely bitch fight

16 January 2013 17:54

In tomorrow’s Spectator, Rod Liddle gives his verdict on the social media storm caused by Suzanne Moore and then Julie Burchill. Liddle suggests that until the ‘entire bourgeois bien-pensant left’… Continue reading

Brighton council is planning to abolish the binary world of Mr and Mrs. Image: Getty

Brighton abolishes gender

28 October 2012 19:51

Yet more exciting news from my favourite city, Brighton. Maybe I should do a weekly Brighton update. Or maybe we should just leave them alone and ignore them; it is… Continue reading


What makes a man

16 October 2012 16:28

The Roman orator Quintilian offered some practical advice to the budding politician: don’t move too languidly, flick your fingers, or tilt your neck in a feminine way if you want… Continue reading


Sexism is a red-herring; it’s family that matters

24 January 2011 13:54

I’m afraid that women have been faking it, having us men on. You see they understand the offside rule and always have done. How could they not? It’s so simple… Continue reading