Gay Rights

The Stonewall memorial statues have been painted as part of a protest against the film Stonewall

There’s a simple reason why the Stonewall trailer doesn’t feature more ‘trans women of colour’

21 August 2015 16:06

Aping Isis, trans activists have defaced a historical monument to make a political point. They blacked-up — seriously, with spray paint and afro wigs — the Christopher Street Gay Liberation… Continue reading


Polygamy could be the next sexual liberation campaign

2 July 2015 17:00

Back in the early 1990s when the kind old 17th Duke of Norfolk was special guest at prize-giving night at our school he remarked that in Islam one was allowed… Continue reading

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If love now rules supreme, should incest and polygamy also be legalised?

29 June 2015 10:09

The question is, says the Guardian in a report from San Francisco, whether God is actually gay, what with the gay marriage movement being on such a roll. The US… Continue reading


Call me Caitlyn or else: the rise of authoritarian transgender politics

2 June 2015 11:10

The Vanity Fair photo of Bruce Jenner in a boob-enhancing swimsuit is being described as iconic. Bruce, one-time American athlete, now wants to be known as Caitlyn, having recently undergone… Continue reading

Is there nobody of any intellectual stature left in our English church, or the Roman church, to frame the argument against same-sex marriage?

As a gay atheist, I want to see the church oppose same-sex marriage

27 May 2015 16:55

I see. So now we have the result of the Irish referendum on gay marriage, and now we’ve heard the Roman Catholic Church’s chastened response, we shall have to rewrite… Continue reading

Ashers Bakery (Photo: Charles McQuillan/Getty)

The ‘gay cake’ case highlights a new intolerance developing in Ireland

20 May 2015 10:12

In what sense, precisely, has a bakery in County Antrim contravened discrimination law by refusing to ice a cake with a gay marriage slogan on it? The ‘gay cake’ case does… Continue reading

Armed soldiers patrol outside a school in the Jewish quarter of the Marais district in Paris (Photo: Jeff Mitchell/ Getty)

Marine Le Pen’s rhetoric is convincing French Jews to trust the Front National

24 February 2015 10:56

A report in today’s Times suggests that French Jews are ready to discard their long-standing distrust for the Far Right and vote for the Front National. In January, Rachel Halliburton described… Continue reading

Michael Cashman with partner Paul Cottingham, brother John Cashman and friend Michelle Collins after he received his CBE

Lord Cashman inherits his late partner Paul Cottingham’s estate

12 February 2015 8:18

After Paul Cottingham passed away last year following a battle with cancer, Ed Miliband led the tributes for the long-term partner of Lord Cashman. Miliband, who described the pair as the ‘Posh and Becks of… Continue reading

Alan Turing (Photo: Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty)

History will be kind to our modern sensibilities because we intend to rewrite it

2 February 2015 13:29

Should we pardon all homosexuals who, in the past, were convicted under laws prohibiting sodomy or indecency or soliciting? The gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell thinks we should: ‘Pardon all… Continue reading

London Gay Pride. Picture: Getty

‘Tolerance’ is the last thing gays need

4 August 2014 16:59

There I was flexing my defensive muscles, waiting for the tsunami of hatred to come my way once my new book hit the shelves, when I discovered that not only… Continue reading

Queen Attends CHOGM - Day 1

Can Britain leave the Commonwealth?

13 November 2013 17:30

My dad used to tell me that when he was a foreign correspondent in the 1960s he was once assigned to the Gambia where, upon arriving at the airport, some… Continue reading

A peaceful protest against Russia's anti-gay law, held at the Barbican last week. Picture: The Peter Tatchell Foundation.

No shame in protesting against pro-Putin conductor, Valery Gergiev

12 November 2013 14:00

For a moment I thought someone had spiked my tea with LSD. With escalating levels of disbelief, I read Melanie McDonagh’s bizarre account of last Thursday’s protest at the Barbican… Continue reading

Valery Gergiev deserves better than to be harassed by the likes of Peter Tatchell.

Peter Tatchell’s shameful treatment of Valery Gergiev, and others

8 November 2013 10:01

Did anyone else feel a bat-squeak of embarrassment, a ‘Not in My Name’ sort of feeling, at the barracking of a Russian composer at the Barbican last night? The only… Continue reading


Revd Dr Alan Clifford’s ‘homophobic’ comments referred to the CPS

29 August 2013 10:00

You’re at home, enjoying a summery Saturday afternoon with the bees and nasturtiums on the patio, when the doorbell intrudes. You’re greeted by an impeccably courteous, fresh-faced police officer from… Continue reading

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Poll: Half of religious people support gay marriage

14 July 2013 14:09

As the House of Lords prepares to vote on gay marriage, a YouGov poll shows that the opinion of people who regard themselves as ‘religious’ is 48pc against and 44pc… Continue reading


Gay divorce

28 June 2013 17:16

It has already been announced that there will be no provision for adultery as grounds for single-sex divorce, for the obvious reason (though it was only belatedly obvious to the… Continue reading

A muslim woman stages a protest against stoning. Other muslims say who is she and who are we to judge. Image: Getty

A model of diversity

19 February 2013 19:25

There’s nothing quite like diversity. Take Manchester. It has a large Muslim population and a lot of gays. What could possibly go wrong? Last week Manchester University’s Student Union played… Continue reading

Gay rights protesters outside a Church of England event in 2003. Picture: Getty

Gay bishops and women bishops are not the same issue

6 January 2013 18:24

This being the Ephiphany, churchgoing Anglicans will be on the receiving end of any variety of sermons on the visit by the three kings to the infant Christ. There won’t,… Continue reading

Gay Marriage Becomes Legal In The UK

Will supporting gay marriage help the Tories? It's all a matter of location, location, location. - Spectator Blogs

15 November 2012 15:34

Do pollsters and pundits actually understand how British elections work? I sometimes wonder. Take, for instance, the debate concerning whether or not supporting gay marriage might win the Conservative party… Continue reading


The danger of complacency on homophobia

15 July 2012 14:00

It’s easy to be complacent about human rights. We commend ourselves for passing laws that are designed to ensure that, for example, gay people are not discriminated against, or subject… Continue reading

Gay Pride March Held In New York City

Proud and partying

8 July 2012 12:00

A rather wonderful spat in the always mysterious and interesting democratic republic of homosexuals. On one side, the excellent lesbian writer Julie Bindel, on the other side, St Peter Tatchell.… Continue reading


Yes, Gay Marriage is a Conservative Cause

6 March 2012 16:07

Melanie McDonagh makes a decent small-c conservative case against gay marriage based on a traditional procreation-based definition of marriage. This is fine as far as it goes but it doesn’t… Continue reading


The case against gay marriage

6 March 2012 12:39

Last night, we posted Douglas Murray’s conservative argument in favour of same-sex marriage. Here’s the opposite view: Consultations are, for the prudent, an exercise you only engage in when you’re… Continue reading


The conservative case for equal marriage

5 March 2012 19:44

With some right-wing voices — including Catholic Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Tory MP Peter Bone and the Daily Telegraph — speaking out against same-sex marriage, here’s a piece Douglas Murray wrote… Continue reading


This Troublesome, Ludicrous Priest

5 March 2012 14:29

If Cardinal Keith O’Brien objects to being considered an intolerant bigot then he should perhaps cease making arguments that are a) intolerant and b) bigoted. Then again, he’s a member… Continue reading