Gay Marriage

Nick Boles has called for the Tories to setup a National Liberal party. Illustration: Ian Tovey.

Nick Boles evidently needs your help

19 November 2013 18:36

Another interesting contribution to the great debate from Nicholas Boles, the MP for Grantham and Stamford and someone who is…

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Can we expect more social conservatism from the Tories?

11 November 2013 12:26

The Telegraph reports that the Relationships Alliance, which is to launch in the House of Commons, warns that the ‘disintegration of…

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Lib Dems vote for forced marriage for commitment-phobic men

19 September 2013 19:11

Never let it be said that the Liberal Democrats are against marriage – in fact they’re so keen on it…

Since the passing of the gay marriage law, what possible reason could David Laws have for remaining a Lib Dem?

Life would be better if the Lib Dems ceased to exist

18 September 2013 15:03

Steerpike’s photos from the Lib Dem conference make the affair look far more interesting than it could possibly have been.…

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Poll: Half of religious people support gay marriage

14 July 2013 14:09

As the House of Lords prepares to vote on gay marriage, a YouGov poll shows that the opinion of people…


Gay divorce

28 June 2013 17:16

It has already been announced that there will be no provision for adultery as grounds for single-sex divorce, for the…

An unlikely rebel: Justin Welby opposes gay marriage

Opposing gay marriage now is as brave as being openly gay was in 1970

16 June 2013 15:12

Since one’s attitude to homosexual acts is now considered the main way of judging whether a person is civilised, one…

Death Of Emily Davison

How Equality will do for the Right in the end

6 June 2013 11:54

As the Same Sex Marriage result shows, the doctrine of Equality now carries all — family, religion, tradition, freedom — before…

Members of both houses of parliament fil

Peers reject gay marriage ‘fatal’ motion

4 June 2013 19:03

So peers have backed the second reading of the marriage (same sex couples) bill, and against an amendment from Lord…


Culture wars

30 May 2013 15:46

Shadow arts minister Dan Jarvis set chins wagging today by suggesting that ‘well-placed sources in Whitehall’ had told him that…


Edmund Burke and post-modern conservatism

24 May 2013 15:28

There has been a lot of talk about Jesse Norman’s book on Edmund Burke, and deservedly so for it’s a…

A girl spray paints figures of male and

Same Sex Marriage Bill: how MPs voted

21 May 2013 20:27

This is the full Hansard of list of how MPs voted on tonight’s third reading of the Marriage (Same Sex…


Gay marriage easily passes third reading vote in the Commons

21 May 2013 19:31

After all the parliamentary back and forth yesterday, gay marriage passed third reading by the comfortable margin of 366 to…

Britain's Opposition Labour Party's Shad

Labour claims credit for gay marriage bill

21 May 2013 18:12

Some might say it was rather audacious of Yvette Cooper to send an email to Labour activists this evening urging…

David Cameron speaks at a Downing Street reception on gay marriage. Picture: Getty

MPs defeat ‘wrecking amendment’ as Cameron tries to patch things up with grassroots

20 May 2013 22:42

MPs have just defeated Tim Loughton’s ‘wrecking amendment’ to the Same Sex Marriage Bill by 375 votes to 70, after…

David Cameron once described himself as a 'man with a plan'. He needs to give that impression now as his party chooses turmoil on Europe once again. Picture: Getty

David Cameron should be out there making the case for gay marriage

20 May 2013 19:14

David Cameron’s approach to the gay marriage debate inside his own party has been to take a low profile. The…

Final Day Of The Labour Party Conference

Labour tries to defuse civil partnerships row – by backing government amendment

20 May 2013 14:23

This morning, Labour was facing a rather awkward choice on the Same Sex Marriage Bill. This afternoon, the opposition party…

Gay Marriage Becomes Legal In The UK

Will civil partnerships kill the gay marriage bill?

20 May 2013 13:05

There’s a conspiracy theory doing the rounds in Westminster that the ‘wrecking amendment’ for the gay marriage bill is a…

Maria Miller

Maria Miller on defensive against gay marriage ‘wrecking amendment’

20 May 2013 8:55

The final stages of the Same Sex marriage bill in the House of Commons were never going to be easy,…

'Some Issues in Human Sexuality' was a compromise: so the church shouldn't go for another such fudge, argues Alan Wilson. Picture: PA

It’s time for the Church of England to drop the culture wars

30 April 2013 15:14

Almost three thousand years ago the Prophet Amos asked ‘can two walk together except they be agreed?’ How can the…

Charles Moore has written the 'authorized' biography of Margaret Thatcher. Is 'authorized' correct? (PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Margaret Thatcher: An Accidental Libertarian Heroine

10 April 2013 12:37

It is 34 years since Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister. Coincidentally, she entered Downing Street 34 years after Clement Attlee…

Katie Price at the launch of her jewellery brand. Image: Getty

Surely Katie Price demeans marriage more than gay marriage ever could?

3 April 2013 13:11

The right of gays to have a civil marriage in a non-religious service is once again an issue. There have…

Cardinal Keith O'Brien Image: Getty

Keith O’Brien’s resignation is no good thing. But it might be good for the Catholic church

26 February 2013 16:33

The downfall of Cardinal Keith O’Brien could not have been more complete if it had been orchestrated by Stonewall, which,…

Cardinal O'Brien standing next to Gordon Brown at a function in 2006. (SHAUN CURRY/AFP/Getty Images)

Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s prayers

26 February 2013 9:48

As the late Christopher Hitchens used to say of the most vociferous, gay-obsessed clergy: ‘I have a rule of thumb…

Tories are keen for the government to consider whether it should separate the civil and religious functions of marriage. Picture: Getty

Exclusive: Tory MPs push government for French-style ‘civil union’ weddings

15 February 2013 9:06

Two Conservative MPs are pushing for the government to consider separating the civil functions of marriage from the religious as…