Boris ignores some basic points when he argues Brexit would cut fuel prices

31 May 2016 8:43

Would Brexit mean cheaper fuel bills for Brits? That’s the claim made by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove today, who…

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How the US shale gas industry has changed the global economy

1 December 2014 11:44

The year 2014 will be remembered for an unprecedented juxtaposition of events. Two oil-producing countries in the Middle East were…

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How America’s shale gas revolution makes Putin ever weaker

5 March 2014 10:02

Once or twice every century something good happens to Russia, but then another long night of suffering closes over the…

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Does Alex Salmond want to swap rule from London for rule by OPEC?

4 March 2014 17:30

Another day, another hole blown in Alex Salmond’s case for breaking up Britain. The IFS has today published its estimates…


BBC vs Fracking

13 December 2012 9:35

There was something odd about George Osborne offering tax breaks for fracking when it was still banned by another part…

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Osborne to back fracking and 30 new gas power stations

4 December 2012 8:51

Coalition tensions over energy won’t relax with George Osborne’s gas strategy, which he will launch alongside the Autumn Statement tomorrow.…

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The energy sector’s Libor-style scandal

13 November 2012 14:55

As David reported earlier, today’s Guardian carries allegations of price-fixing in the energy markets. The paper has an account by…

The bear and the euro

26 June 2011 19:21

Wen Jibao’s comments to the BBC about the euro crisis dramatise the shift in economic power from west to east.…