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How the US shale gas industry has changed the global economy

1 December 2014 11:44

The year 2014 will be remembered for an unprecedented juxtaposition of events. Two oil-producing countries in the Middle East were in a state of crisis. Relations between the West and… Continue reading

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How America’s shale gas revolution makes Putin ever weaker

5 March 2014 10:02

Once or twice every century something good happens to Russia, but then another long night of suffering closes over the great Asian wastes. In 1917, the Russians managed to overthrow… Continue reading

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Does Alex Salmond want to swap rule from London for rule by OPEC?

4 March 2014 17:30

Another day, another hole blown in Alex Salmond’s case for breaking up Britain. The IFS has today published its estimates (based on the OBR’s) for Scottish oil and gas revenues,… Continue reading


BBC vs Fracking

13 December 2012 9:35

There was something odd about George Osborne offering tax breaks for fracking when it was still banned by another part of his government. The ban has been lifted and exploration… Continue reading

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Osborne to back fracking and 30 new gas power stations

4 December 2012 8:51

Coalition tensions over energy won’t relax with George Osborne’s gas strategy, which he will launch alongside the Autumn Statement tomorrow. The Financial Times reports that the Chancellor’s strategy will approve… Continue reading

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The energy sector’s Libor-style scandal

13 November 2012 14:55

As David reported earlier, today’s Guardian carries allegations of price-fixing in the energy markets. The paper has an account by Seth Freedman, who worked as a price reporter at ICIS… Continue reading


The bear and the euro

26 June 2011 19:21

Wen Jibao’s comments to the BBC about the euro crisis dramatise the shift in economic power from west to east. Jibao remarked that: “Trust is more important than currency and… Continue reading