Fuel duty

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Breaking: George Osborne wants to freeze fuel duty for the rest of this Parliament

30 September 2013 12:28

George Osborne is currently giving his speech to the Tory conference, which is being well received – particularly impressive in this flat hall. He focused initially on the argument that… Continue reading

Fuel duty

The never-ending fuel duty story

21 March 2013 18:17

One other point worth noting from today’s IFS post-Budget briefing was the way the government has dealt with fuel duty over the past few years. Here’s a table showing how… Continue reading

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George Osborne to Tory MPs: I hear you on fuel duty

27 February 2013 19:04

George Osborne spent an hour in front of the 1922 this evening. 40 Tory MPs took the opportunity to promote their own Budget ideas to him. From what I understand,… Continue reading

Fuel duty

Chancellor caught in the headlights on fuel prices

22 February 2013 9:23

George Osborne is getting used to the twice-yearly battle that precedes an autumn statement or a budget when motorists, newspapers and some of his own MPs start haranguing him on… Continue reading

Ed Miliband has been trying to convince voters that Labour has a better offer to solve their struggles with the cost of living. Picture: Getty

How George Osborne took on Ed Miliband on the cost of living

6 December 2012 18:34

In addition to his effective attack on Labour’s welfare policy, George Osborne used the Autumn Statement to take on Ed Miliband on another key electoral battleground. Over the past few… Continue reading

Can George Osborne find the money to avoid a rise in fuel tax? Photo: Getty Images.

Order returns to the Tory party on fuel duty vote

12 November 2012 23:53

Tonight was a good one for the Tory whips. What looked last week like it could have been a tricky vote on a Labour motion to delay the fuel duty… Continue reading

George Osborne looks set to postpone the fuel duty rise once again in order to head off a Tory rebellion supported by Labour. Image: Getty

Briefing: Another fuel duty freeze?

12 November 2012 18:59

It looks like George Osborne will put the planned fuel duty rise on hold again, in order to avoid another Tory rebellion and potential government defeat in the Commons. This… Continue reading


Promoting tax transparency at the petrol pumps

21 August 2012 11:26

Too many taxes are buried in prices. From Value Added Tax to the cost of extravagant subsidies for renewable energy, all people see is the shop charging them a higher… Continue reading

Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband Speaks At His Weekly Press Conference

Miliband’s notes still lack gusto

27 June 2012 15:30

Ed Miliband was spoilt for choice at today’s PMQs. Scarcely a week goes by without the government reneging on some budget promise, so Labour’s  leader had a whole fistful of… Continue reading


Chloe Smith was bad, and so was Jeremy Paxman

27 June 2012 14:00

Poor Chloe Smith. First she must endure knowing that many of her colleagues in the Conservative party will have enjoyed seeing her flayed by Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Channel Four News… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Meets Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

Cameron’s fuel duty gamble

26 June 2012 19:45

Talk to anyone in Downing Street and they can give you the four main reasons that voters cite for switching from the Tories to Labour: the Tory leadership is out… Continue reading

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Osborne’s handbrake turn on fuel duty

26 June 2012 17:30

George Osborne’s U-turn today on fuel duty seems both canny and confusing. It comes just 48 hours after a denial from Transport Secretary Justine Greening that the Government would scrap… Continue reading

Long-term Demonstration Removed From Parliament Square

Fuel for a duel

26 June 2012 9:00

Dear commuter, how’s your journey panning out after you were woken by the sound of Ed Balls politicking about fuel duty? The shadow chancellor was a ubiquitous presence on the… Continue reading


Which tax cuts do the public want?

4 March 2012 10:19

YouGov’s new poll for the Sunday Times includes one set of numbers that will be of particular interest to George Osborne at the moment. It asks the public: ‘If the… Continue reading


Osborne faces the fire over fuel duty

28 February 2012 9:01

Will fuel ever stop being a cause of political discontent? It was the fuel protests of 2000 that first tarnished Blair’s electoral allure, according to some of the advisors who… Continue reading


How to kick-start the economy

14 February 2012 13:55

This morning’s news is a stark reminder of the desperate need to get the UK’s economy growing faster than the 0.9 per cent it managed in 2011. So far, George… Continue reading


Fuelling the recovery

29 November 2011 16:39

Today, the government has listened. In his Autumn Statement, George Osborne scrapped the fuel tax bombshell that was scheduled for January 2012.    As regular Coffee House readers will know,… Continue reading


Benefits won’t rise in line with September’s inflation figures

17 November 2011 23:37

Jill Sherman, the Whitehall editor of The Times, reports tomorrow that the government will not raise benefits in line with September’s inflation figures as normally happens. However, there’ll be no… Continue reading