Free market

After one bakery declined to make this  cake, another agreed to do it (Photo: QueerSpace Belfast/Facebook)

The free market is still the greatest force for reducing prejudice

20 May 2015 15:20

I suppose if you’d told someone in Northern Ireland 25 years ago that the most contentious issue come May 2015 would…


The planning system distorts the housing market more than anything Miliband could dream up

27 April 2015 15:37

How foolish of Ed Miliband to try to pervert the free market in housing with his rent controls. There is…

Adam Smith

Free markets need defending. Meet CapX

28 January 2015 18:37

With The Spectator and Coffee House you are already used to getting the very best gossip and news. Can I…

Alice Dellal and Vivienne Westwood

Dame Vivienne Westwood and model Alice Dellal told to frack off by Guido Fawkes gang

6 November 2014 13:05

Mr S was in one of Westminster’s finest watering holes last night to toast Guy Fawkes. And who better to…

The Uber app (Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty)

Uber is for Londoners. Black cabs are for tourists

11 June 2014 9:30

Black cab drivers are striking in London today because they are angry that Uber – a rival taxi service supported…

Image: Getty

George Osborne adopts Labour’s language on markets

25 November 2013 8:55

Stella Creasy sees today’s announcement that the government does want to cap the cost of payday loan credit as a…

Peter Dawson

Who cares about HMV? Shopping has never been better. - Spectator Blogs

15 January 2013 13:45

How many people presently lamenting the demise of HMV (at least in its current incarnation) actually spent any money there…

Adam Curtis Is At It Again

16 September 2011 18:26

  The great story-teller’s latest piece is a rum business indeed. Apparently: The guiding idea at the heart of today’s…

Calling all wonks

18 February 2011 16:38

With this government, it’s often hard to see the wood for the forests. But, overall, David Cameron is on the…