Frank Field

If you’ve never tried LSD, a Corbyn government would be a fairly decent simulacrum of the drug

Jeremy Corbyn won’t destroy Labour. But he might yet destroy the country

28 July 2015 17:47

Imagine, for a moment, the following scenario. In 2017 Britain votes narrowly to remain within the European Union, despite the Prime Minister having achieved little in attempting to renegotiate the… Continue reading

Statistics Suggest Poverty Is A Major Issue For Scottish Children

The poverty of the UK poverty measure

25 June 2015 12:30

It’s sad to see so many genuinely well-meaning people judge the fight against poverty by the publication of a massive spreadsheet, but that’s the trap the UK government has been caught in… Continue reading

Home Affairs Select Committee meeting

New select committee chairs elected

18 June 2015 13:25

The new chairs of the select committees have been announced. Before 2009, the party whips handed out the chairmanships of these committees but now they are voted in by MPs.… Continue reading

Frank Field will David Cameron in the days when the Labour MP worked closely with the Tory leader on anti-poverty policy. Picture: Getty

Labour MP suggests Ed Miliband is not speaking frankly about NHS spending

16 April 2015 13:38

This morning Sir David Nicholson criticised Ed Miliband for failing to commit an extra £8 billion a year towards the NHS. The former head of the NHS said that Labour needed to… Continue reading

Image: Getty

How long will the fragile consensus on food banks last?

8 December 2014 14:25

Frank Field just about managed to hold together a cross-party consensus on the need to tackle hunger in this country at the launch of the ‘Feeding Britain’ report. At the… Continue reading


Food bank report is a chance to end the toxic political stand-off

8 December 2014 8:45

It has been quite difficult for anyone following the growth food banks over the past few years to avoid growing dispirited. The debate in Parliament runs along the lines of… Continue reading

Image: PA

The Afghans found in Tilbury Docks remind us that slavery is back in Britain

18 August 2014 9:43

How seriously should we take modern slavery? To some, the very phrase sounds hysterical: slave markets are seen as something belonging to 18th century Jamaica (or present-day Mosul) but not… Continue reading


Video: Frank Field pulls apart the coalition’s Modern Slavery Bill

3 July 2014 13:28

How radical is the coalition’s Modern Slavery Bill? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, the Labour MP Frank Field discusses the government’s efforts to clamp down on slavery and… Continue reading

Nigel Farage has announced he does not want to lead the 'Out' campaign. Photo: Getty Images.

Exclusive: Nigel Farage doesn’t want to lead the Out campaign

21 May 2014 15:51

Nigel Farage has told The Spectator that he doesn’t want to lead the Out campaign come an EU referendum. In an interview, he said, ‘It needs a figurehead and I’m… Continue reading

Frank Field will David Cameron in the days when the Labour MP worked closely with the Tory leader on anti-poverty policy. Picture: Getty

What would Frank Field do for Labour?

19 August 2013 11:18

The latest tranche of advice for Ed Miliband contains pleas for the Labour leader to think the unthinkable and hire Frank Field as his welfare adviser to how that Labour… Continue reading

Frank Field will David Cameron in the days when the Labour MP worked closely with the Tory leader on anti-poverty policy. Picture: Getty

Frank Field interview: Labour needs to do something dramatic to win back its lost working class voters

2 May 2013 15:45

There’s one government adviser who still feels Steve Hilton’s absence very keenly indeed. ‘He was always thinking ahead, how do we set the debate rather than endlessly react to it,… Continue reading

Justin Welby returns to his seat after addressing the General Synod of the Church of England, which includes the House of Laity. Image: Getty

In defence of the CofE’s House of Laity

22 November 2012 11:52

Even friends of an Established church like myself – though I’m a Catholic – should think twice about the wisdom of the idea after the naked political interference in the… Continue reading

Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, Gett Images

Uncontrolled immigration

17 July 2012 18:35

So the 2011 census results for England and Wales are out. And sure enough it turns out that the last decade has seen the largest population increase in any decade… Continue reading


Traducing Canute Watch: Frank Field

7 February 2011 1:24

Interviewed by the Times, Frank Field fails the Canute Test: Mr Field said that it was not good enough for the Government to say there was enough money in the… Continue reading


Frank Field’s report highlights the coalitions within the coalition

3 December 2010 15:12

Frank Field’s review of child poverty policy covers a daunting expanse of ground. From breast-feeding to the little society ("the younger sister of the Big Society"), it’s stuffed with more… Continue reading


IDS the victor?

1 October 2010 18:40

There are still conflicting reports, but Michael Crick and The Times intimate that a deal has been struck: IDS has beaten the recalcitrant Treasury over his £9bn universal benefit reform,… Continue reading


Field caught between reality and fantasy

11 September 2010 18:56

Frank Field’s been thinking. He will make his report on poverty next week and he hints at its contents in an extensive interview with the Times (£). He is convinced… Continue reading


Spending cuts must start with welfare

16 June 2010 9:04

The new and independent Office for Budget Responsibility estimated that interest payments on public debt are set to rise to £67 billion a year by 2014-15. The hole in the… Continue reading


Field gets to work

11 June 2010 9:07

The Times leads with the story that Frank Field, the government’s independent poverty advisor, is recommending that child benefit be stopped at age 13, arguing that: ‘at that age mothers… Continue reading


The war on poverty opens a second front

5 June 2010 10:54

I detest the use of the word ‘Czar’. Everything has a Czar – potato regulation, multi-story car parks and Twitter being my favourite three. But the war on poverty needs… Continue reading


What to do with all that knowledge on welfare

17 May 2010 16:17

Is Frank Field back? The Labour MP has spent much of his life talking about the poor. Judging by reports today, he might be offered a job chairing a commission… Continue reading


Frank Field would complete the Tories’ welfare reform jigsaw

17 May 2010 11:37

So now the coalition stretches as far as Labour, with the news that Frank Field is being lined up as an anti-poverty advisor for the government.  In itself, this is… Continue reading


Many BNP voters’ concerns are legitimate and should be recognised as such

24 February 2010 16:55

Frank Field was characteristically forthright on the Today programme this morning. “I don’t believe, given the strains (on the economy), we will be able to maintain an open door policy… Continue reading


Cameron takes a brave line on family policy

11 January 2010 18:13

David Cameron’s speech today at the launch of Demos’s Character Inquiry was both brave and significant. His message was that it is parenting, not material wealth, that plays the most… Continue reading


Social breakdown by numbers

11 January 2010 13:09

At the Demos event on character this morning, Frank Field came out with a quite remarkable statistic: that for the last year for which there are records, two years ago,… Continue reading