Francois Hollande

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Why France so worries European policy makers

31 January 2015 20:10

Today’s huge Podemos rally in Madrid is a reminder that Syriza’s victory in Greece has emboldened the anti-austerity left across the Eurozone. What worries Angela Merkel and other northern European… Continue reading

The scene at the Place de la Republique (Photo: Getty)

Charlie Hebdo attack: French march in defiance alongside world leaders

11 January 2015 14:20

Up to 0ne million people are expected to march through the streets of Paris today, in defiance of the terrorist attacks on the city during the past week. David Cameron… Continue reading

Ed Miliband. Getty Images.

Labour’s two biggest problems—and neither of them is Ed Miliband

13 November 2014 11:00

The knives are out again for Ed Miliband this morning. But the Labour leader is the least of his party’s problems. Labour has still not come up with answers to… Continue reading

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Vince Cable accuses George Osborne of lying about tax rises

6 October 2014 13:58

Vince Cable’s speech today was loyal and funny. Cable was, unlike in some previous years, very much on message. He lavished praise on Clegg for having turned the Liberal Democrats… Continue reading

The South of France is the playground of Russian oligarchs - oodles of cash, lurid boats and a lack of taste. (VALERY HACHE/AFP/GettyImages)

It’s a bit rich for France to castigate Britain for sheltering oligarchs

23 July 2014 17:52

There’s a big to-do between France and Britain at the moment, with France accusing Britain of protecting oligarchs’ money in London. President Francois Hollande’s Socialist Party said that before lecturing… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

Podcast: The Queen’s Speech and the farce of recall and the fight for Ukip’s soul

5 June 2014 10:35

Was this year’s Queen Speech a waste of time? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, the Conservative MPs Zac Goldsmith and Chris Skidmore discuss the government’s plan for the… Continue reading

Jean Paul Gaultier tells Mr Steerpike that he comes to Britain because it's iconoclastic and sexy.

Britain is sexier than France, says Jean Paul Gaultier

23 April 2014 17:03

If the French are flocking to Britain, it’s not just down to a 75 per cent tax hike on the super-rich. Multi-millionaire designer, Jean Paul Gaultier comes to the UK… Continue reading

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Chuka Umunna fails to defend the economics of a 52p tax. But voters like it, he says.

9 February 2014 18:57

How many FTSE 100 chief executives support Labour? How many FTSE 250 chief execs back Ed Miliband? Difficult questions for Chuka Umunna, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, in his outing on… Continue reading

John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough (1650 - 1722), in the process of winning the Battle of Blenheim 13th  August 1704.

French baiting from the PM?

31 January 2014 11:42

The French media might prostrate themselves before their own leaders; but they are a little more adventurous with ours. Le Figaro reports that the original plan for today’s Anglo-French Summit… Continue reading


Why a summit in the pub with Hollande is the last thing Cameron needs today

31 January 2014 9:01

After the week he’s had in the Commons, no-one would blame David Cameron for heading for the pub today. Unfortunately, he’s got François Hollande in tow as he pitches up… Continue reading

All the president's women: Segolene Royal, Valerie Trierweiler and Julie Gayet. (PATRICK KOVARIK,VALERY HACHE,ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP/Getty Images)

The messy Hollande triangle reinforces the case for marriage

20 January 2014 11:13

Well, whatever about the French press, for British papers, the Hollande affair is the gift that keeps on giving. Apparently shored up in the presidential residence in Versailles, Valerie Trierweiler… Continue reading

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Ed Miliband’s problems are mounting

15 January 2014 13:40

Today’s PMQs has left Ed Miliband with a strategic headache. Miliband’s new less-Punch and Judy approach to PMQs isn’t working. In large part, this is because Cameron — who thinks… Continue reading

Is it all over between Francois Hollande and Ed Miliband? (LEFTERIS PITARAKIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Does Ed Miliband feel betrayed by Francois Hollande?

15 January 2014 10:44

President Hollande’s private life continues to fascinate the whole world (other than the French press pack, obviously); but it is worth noting that the embattled president signalled a major shift… Continue reading

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Francois Hollande is hacked off with the press

14 January 2014 19:03

Francois Hollande, was framed by a set of panto-esque red curtains as he attempted to conduct a gigantic U-turn on fiscal policy while simultaneously fending off interest in the identity… Continue reading

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A bad week for ‘President Normal’ just got worse

14 January 2014 17:24

So she’s been fired! We now know why Valérie Trierweiler, the established companion of the president of the republic is currently in hospital suffering from ‘a severe case of the blues’.… Continue reading

The claims surrounding the alleged dalliance between President Hollande and the actress Julie Gayet become more fantastic by the day. (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

The President, his mistress and the Mob

13 January 2014 15:03

There was a moment when it looked like French Closer had done President Hollande a favour. His poll ratings have been abysmal and the economy has tanked. What better distraction… Continue reading


What François Hollande’s latest crisis means for Westminster politics

3 January 2014 12:42

Beyond the slew of amusing ‘No man’s hand’ photos of the beleaguered François Hollande trying and failing to find support from other European leaders, there are a number of implications… Continue reading

François Hollande

François Hollande’s great haul of China

27 April 2013 12:41

François Hollande has just completed his visit to China. The two great socialist nations more or less embraced: ‘I look forward to… working with you to make our relationship closer,… Continue reading

David Cameron has a round of meetings this week with European leaders. Picture: Getty

David Cameron makes the case for reform in Europe

8 April 2013 8:55

Germany has elections on the way, Spain is just about holding a lid on its economic crisis while keeping a wary eye on the uphill struggle that its neighbour Portugal… Continue reading

Tongolese troops being deployed to Mali Image: Getty

Mali could be the gamble that defines Hollande’s presidency

17 January 2013 18:16

The crisis in Mali is yet another unintended consequence of the Arab Spring. Specifically, they are a result of the revolution in Libya, where Tuareg rebels who supported Gaddafi were forced… Continue reading

Ed Miliband welcomed François Hollande with open arms when he visited London in February. Picture: Getty

François Hollande: Ed Miliband’s embarrassing friend

31 December 2012 16:34

Time was when Ed Miliband had plenty to say about François Hollande. When the new French President celebrated his victory in May, the Labour leader praised Hollande for his ‘determination… Continue reading

David Cameron speaking to the press yesterday. Image: Getty.

Europe’s new iron curtain

23 November 2012 10:39

The last 24 hours have yielded no agreement in Europe, and they have seen David Cameron’s ambitions decline (he appears resigned to the fact that EU spending will not be… Continue reading

Alexander says we must stay in the EU to keep our potential customer base high. Photo: AP/Tim Hales

Labour conference: Douglas Alexander describes ‘total unanimity’ for continued EU membership

1 October 2012 8:23

Rumours are swirling at this Labour conference that the party leadership is considering offering a referendum on Britain’s relationship with the European Union. If the party did do as Jon… Continue reading


Cameron plays his part in an eventful G20

20 June 2012 9:15

And there we were thinking that the G20 would be another insipid talking shop. In fact there was intrigue, animus and even a modicum of progress on the crucial question… Continue reading

Merkel And Hollande Meet Hours After Hollande's Inauguration

The morning after the night before

18 June 2012 9:00

This morning’s front pages are devoted to Greece, and the consensus is that the result of yesterday’s election amounts to little more than a stay of execution for Greece and… Continue reading