Francis report

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Illustration: Ian Tovey.

Jeremy Hunt reminds Simon Stevens about £22 billion in NHS savings

2 June 2015 9:13

Jeremy Hunt has fired a warning shot at the NHS, saying that the time for excuses over cost savings is over. In an op-ed for the Telegraph, the Health Secretary has helpfully reminded… Continue reading

The Francis Report into the failings at the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust is published today. Picture: Getty

In praise of those who have improved healthcare in Staffordshire

14 March 2014 16:00

Last week, the House of Commons considered the vital matter of the Francis Report – one year on. It is quite difficult at this stage in the tragedy of Stafford… Continue reading

David Cameron And Jeremy Hunt Visit A Hospital To Mark The 65th Anniversary Of The NHS

Jeremy Hunt calls for a ‘profound transformation in the culture’ of the NHS

19 November 2013 14:01

Jeremy Hunt has delivered his response to the Francis Report. It was as expected: monthly staffing figures on a ward-by-ward basis, minimum standards of safety for staff levels, a national… Continue reading


After Mid-Staffs, the NHS needs whistleblowers – and whistleblowers need protection from the public

19 November 2013 9:36

It is impossible, I would have thought, to have heard Debbie Hazledine’s account on the Today programme of her late mother’s mistreatment at Mid Staffs Hospital and not to have… Continue reading

Julie Bailey with the Francis Report earlier in the year.

Julie Bailey: Enemy of the People

30 May 2013 10:49

They’re running Julie Bailey out of town. The poison pen letters, foul-mouthed phone calls, slashed tyres, shit through the letterbox, boycott of her cafe and attacks on her mother’s grave… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Offers The Latest Technological Advances In Its Care

Nurses cannot dismiss calls for reform out of hand

22 April 2013 8:59

It’s not unusual for a trade union representing its members to resist change, and today the Royal College of Nursing is sticking well and truly to form. Not only has… Continue reading


Jeremy Hunt responds to the Francis Inquiry into Mid Staffs

26 March 2013 18:47

‘The quality of patient care will be put at the heart of the NHS in an overhaul of the health and care system in response to the Francis Inquiry.’ This… Continue reading

Andy Burnham arriving at the public inquiry into the Mid Staffordshire Trust. Tory ministers and MPs have been pinning the blame for the scandal firmly on the former Health Secretary and his Labour colleagues. Picture: Getty

Tories set Labour in their crosshairs over Mid-Staffs

6 March 2013 16:53

After today’s slightly confusing PMQs line from the Prime Minister about unidentified ‘people’ who ‘should be thinking of their positions’ after the Mid-Staffs scandal, ministers and loyal backbenchers have gone… Continue reading

Stafford Hospital

Who should we blame for the Mid-Staffs scandal?

6 March 2013 16:27

As the row over who knew what and when in the Mid-Staffordshire tragedy grows, it’s worth taking a close look at the data involved. When you consider the Mid-Staffs scandal… Continue reading


Being squeamish about the NHS won’t stop another Stafford Hospital

7 February 2013 21:25

Should heads roll over the Mid Staffordshire Hospitals Trust scandal? I ask only because as I listened to Mark Carney giving evidence to the Treasury Select Committee for several hours… Continue reading

Robert Francis QC Publishes His Inquiry Into Mid Staffordshire Hospital

David Cameron’s sombre response to Mid-Staffs report includes hint of political row to come

6 February 2013 15:19

David Cameron does big solemn occasions well. He’s skilled at taking a statement above the usual tit-for-tat partisan exchanges in the Commons. Everyone knows that, as does the Prime Minister,… Continue reading

The Francis Report into the failings at the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust is published today. Picture: Getty

Francis report: Cameron needs to talk about the structure of NHS care as well as the culture

6 February 2013 9:07

The Francis Report into Mid Staffordshire hospital trust will be published at 11.30am today. David Cameron will make a Commons statement this afternoon on the matter. Yesterday I explained why… Continue reading

A memorial gallery of patients who died at Stafford General Hospital. Picture: Getty

Cameron’s opportunity to preach an NHS worthy of worship

5 February 2013 18:31

Today MPs are debating a matter of conscience, invoking their personal religious beliefs as they examine the same sex marriage bill. The debate has largely remained remarkably respectful thus far.… Continue reading