Francis Maude

The Conservative Party Annual Conference Continues In Birmingham

5 key ways the next government can deliver on its campaign promises

26 March 2015 12:08

Every government comes to power eager to deliver on its manifesto pledges and policy ideas. Yet our polling shows that just 1 in 6 of us believe politicians focus on fulfilling… Continue reading


Who paid for that?

1 March 2015 16:16

One of the things that even its critics, such as myself, have to concede that the European Union has been good at is making clear what it has funded. By… Continue reading

Francis Maude is trying to undo some of the gumming up of Whitehall. Picture: Getty

One area where Labour and the Tories have started agreeing

11 February 2015 19:31

With less than three months to go to the election, politics is pretty partisan at Westminster at the moment as PMQs today demonstrated. But there is one area where there… Continue reading


Gunpowder, treason and caviar – selling out in Westminster, Guido style

22 October 2014 12:20

If you’re going to sell out to the establishment, you might as well do so on an industrial scale. As the PM told the Guido Fawkes blog’s ten -ear anniversary… Continue reading

Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude Announces Plans To Scrap 192 Public Bodies

Mutually assured benefits: Francis Maude’s public sector revolution

2 August 2014 9:45

A revolution is underway in Bromley. The average time that it takes for a leg ulcer to be treated and healed has been cut from 21 weeks to 5 weeks.… Continue reading

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Whitehall needs reform – and the Prime Minister needs to lead it

11 December 2013 13:41

James Forsyth is right. Whitehall does need reforming. But he is wrong to present this in stark terms of ministers versus mandarins. The real position is more complicated, and not… Continue reading

Francis Maude

The great irony of the government’s transparency push

31 October 2013 17:00

David Cameron’s announcement that the government will publish a register of beneficial ownership should make it harder for companies to evade tax. This register of who owns what will make… Continue reading

Build a more modern Conservative party. Image: Getty

Tory modernisers can’t rest on their laurels – the job’s never done

1 October 2013 13:54

Where next for Tory modernisation? The first point is that it never ends. The Conservative party could not have survived and thrived as the longest standing and most successful political… Continue reading

Time for a rethink on Civil Service paper shuffling? Photo: Three Lions/Getty Images

Could making Whitehall smaller, better, faster, stronger save £70 billion?

2 September 2013 18:10

The government could save £70 billion from the Whitehall spending bill by moving into a new digitised age. That’s the gist of a new report from Policy Exchange, detailing the… Continue reading

The Conservative Party Annual Conference Continues In Birmingham

Politicians are finally being grown-up about government

10 July 2013 11:07

One of the promises from the last round of ‘new politics’ pledges when the Tories were in opposition was a cut in the number of special advisers in a government,… Continue reading


Coalition shifts position after a weekend of sleaze, lobbying register now coming in

2 June 2013 13:45

Today is not a good day for politics or parliament. The latest, depressing sleaze revelations are only going to increase public cynicism about politics and parliament. It seems that a… Continue reading


The View from 22 — Francis Maude and Liz Truss on Margaret Thatcher

11 April 2013 8:48

How does Margaret Thatcher’s legacy impact Tory MPs today? This week’s Spectator magazine contains a 16-page supplement considering the premiership of Baroness Thatcher, both high and low points. On this… Continue reading

Francis Maude announced further reforms to the civil service today. Picture: Getty

Francis Maude strikes conciliatory note in stand-off over senior civil servants

20 December 2012 13:58

Francis Maude’s latest plan to get the civil service working more effectively sounds very sensible: so sensible, in fact, that it’s a wonder it has taken so long. The problem… Continue reading

Francis Maude is trying to undo some of the gumming up of Whitehall. Picture: Getty

The gumming up of Whitehall

17 December 2012 12:36

Tony Blair is paying a visit to journalists in the Commons this week for a festive lunch. Last week, David Cameron complained to lunching hacks about the ‘gumming up’ of… Continue reading

Our new digital warriors? Image: Carla Millar and BBC

Who do you think you are kidding mister computer hacker?

4 December 2012 9:30

The Big Society struggles on, making its mark yesterday in the unexpected realm of cyber security. In a written ministerial statement on the nation’s efforts to tackle cyber crime, Cabinet Office Minister… Continue reading

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The gate beckons for Andrew Mitchell

12 October 2012 9:55

The papers are unanimous: Andrew Mitchell is a dead man walking, and like most pantomime ghouls he’s become a laughing stock. Fraser’s Telegraph column tells of MPs and cabinet colleagues… Continue reading

Frankie says no dice to wasteful quangos. Photo: PA.

Firestarter Francis Maude needs to keep fanning the quango bonfire

22 August 2012 13:30

The Prime Minister once promised a ‘bonfire of the quangos’. Although his government has sometimes failed to fulfil expectations, his firestarter in the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude, has managed to make… Continue reading

Parliamentary Workers

Slashing and burning the civil service, or just skimming off the top?

9 August 2012 15:46

Are Francis Maude’s £5.5bn savings in central government spending a significant step forward in his battle to shrink the public sector? In today’s Telegraph, the Cabinet Office minister explains the beneficiaries and sources… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Holds A Meeting With President Of The IOC Jacques Rogge

Overhauling the Rolls Royce

19 June 2012 16:45

‘I was sceptical [about civil service reform] until I read that unreadable column.’ This was the response of a Westminster type who I spoke to earlier about Francis Maude and… Continue reading


Cameron must take on Whitehall

1 April 2012 15:56

I doubt that, come the election in 2015, many voters will remember the row about putting VAT on pasties or Francis Maude’s advice to fill up a jerry can with… Continue reading


A question of motivation

31 March 2012 9:55

Flitting through the opinion pages this morning, there’s one headline that stands out far more than any other. It’s on Charles Moore’s column for the Telegraph, and it reads, ‘Even… Continue reading


Fuel for the political bonfire

29 March 2012 9:48

Pasties and jerry cans — who’d have thought that yesterday’s politics would descend into a roaring debate about two such innocuous items? And still the hullabaloo goes on. Most of… Continue reading


Labour’s baggage stops it from gaining the upper hand

26 March 2012 16:58

It now seems as if Downing Street is moving towards releasing a list of Chequers guests. This is belated recognition of the fact that their best hope of getting beyond… Continue reading


How will the Lib Dems respond?

26 March 2012 14:43

The key thing to watch for during Francis Maude’s statement is the Lib Dem reaction. At the moment, the Tories can rebut Labour’s criticisms of them by pointing to both… Continue reading


Maude lends the unions a hand

12 November 2011 10:51

Francis Maude presents himself as a man trying to help the unions out in today’s Financial Times. Some unions say they have to go ahead with strikes on November 30… Continue reading