Trump and Fillon mean that Britain matters far more to Eastern Europe

28 November 2016 14:46

By next summer, Britain could be the only one of the three major Western military powers unequivocally opposed to the…


Islamic State will want a landslide victory for Marine Le Pen

25 November 2016 10:23

Yassine was one of the most popular teaching assistants at his primary school in Strasbourg. What is known in the…


Marine Le Pen is using fashion as a political weapon

5 November 2016 9:00

In September, Marine Le Pen travelled to Brachay, a microscopic right-wing commune in northeastern France. Despite its diminutive size, this…

Fund manager Gina Miller, who brought the Brexit High Court case, speaks after yesterday's decision

Europe’s press isn’t happy at the Brexit ruling either

4 November 2016 12:44

Britain’s newspapers aren’t happy at yesterday’s High Court ruling that the government cannot trigger Article 50 without the say-so of Parliament. And the…

Sooner or later, the Calais ‘Jungle’ will be back – and the British left can’t wait

25 October 2016 14:53

The massive operation by 1,200 French riot police and gendarmes to bus the migrants in the ‘Jungle’ at Calais to…

Why the French favour secularism over appeasement in the fight to defeat Islamic extremism

21 October 2016 14:57

In the apartment block next to mine in Paris there are two Muslim families. One I see often: the dad…


Sarkozy is sceptical about climate change? String him up

17 September 2016 10:46

Prepare the stake, stoke the fire: someone has blasphemed against climate-change orthodoxy. The speech criminal in question is Nicolas Sarkozy.…

A policeman stands guard in front of a French school (Photo: Getty)

Liberté, égalité, securité is the new normal for French schools

13 September 2016 8:15

My daughter started secondary school on 1 September. She was very excited. I wish I could report that she skipped…


Sarkozy’s tough talk on Islamic radicalisation lacks conviction

12 September 2016 18:13

The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, has announced that the French police and intelligence services have identified 15,000 people across…

France’s Calais threats are a recipe for more human misery

30 August 2016 13:40

French politicians have been busying themselves recently offering solutions to Calais’s crowded ‘jungle’ camp – and it’s good news that the…

France’s burkini ban was an own goal for secularism

26 August 2016 17:00

I’ve always hated the beach. The water? Great. The sunshine? Terrible. It starts with the hot trek across the sands…

(Photo: Reuters)

France is right to ban the burkini

25 August 2016 17:39

May I interrupt, for a moment, the howls of anguish from those liberals in uproar at the news that authorities…


The burkini ban is a political ruse

24 August 2016 13:34

Private Eye used to run a column called the ‘Neo-philes’, listing some of the endless cases of hacks saying ‘X…

A woman is asked to remove some of her clothing on a beach in Nice, as part of a ban on the burkini (Photo:

Women must be free to wear the bikini – and the burkini

24 August 2016 10:42

‘Let’s play a game. Yohji or Burkini?’ a friend and fellow fashion writer in Paris lazily suggested. We were sitting by…


To beat Islamist terror, France must close the gulf between church and state

28 July 2016 9:40

At the beginning of his war memoirs, Charles de Gaulle famously wrote, ‘All my life I have had a certain…

Archbishop of Rouen Dominique Lebrun meets with Francois Hollande and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve after a priest was killed in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (Photo: Getty)

French politicians have a major problem on their hands

26 July 2016 19:35

Today’s attack was the 7th Islamist terrorist atrocity in France since January 2015. Two hundred and thirty six people have…


How tolerant are the French expected to be towards Islamic extremism?

26 July 2016 15:36

In Saturday’s Guardian, Natalie Nougayrède, the former managing editor of Le Monde, wrote that in the days following the slaughter…

Father Jacques Hamel (Photo: AFP)

Will Europe finally face up to the threat of Islamism?

26 July 2016 13:56

On the bright side, the elderly priest who was murdered during mass in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen, had pretty well a…


Theresa May gets a warmer than expected reception in Paris, and a pledge on the border

21 July 2016 20:38

Paris was meant to be the more difficult leg of Theresa May’s first European tour as Prime Minister. But May’s…


France is fed up with terror – and bureaucracy

19 July 2016 14:51

Living in France is a lottery. The chances of getting a losing ticket are very slim, but a chance it…


We need to tackle attacks like the one in Nice from the root

15 July 2016 17:49

The BBC headline says it all: ‘The killing of 84 people celebrating Bastille Day is the worst attack on France…


It is easy to say there’s nothing we can do to prevent lone-wolf attacks. It is also wrong

15 July 2016 17:02

For the third time in the last 18 months – twice in Paris and now in Nice – France has…

Moscow residents commemorate Nice terror attack victims

After the Nice attack, Michel Houllebecq’s nightmare vision edges closer

15 July 2016 15:33

I only got around to reading Michel Houellebecq’s Submission last month, a darkly amusing book about how France destabilises as…

Nice attack: Quiet shock reigns on the city’s streets

15 July 2016 14:27

Nice is quiet today, moving a little slower than it was yesterday, but it still moves. There is a strange…

‘Horror, once again’: French press reacts to Nice terror attack

15 July 2016 13:00

Once again, France is waking up to a massacre on its streets. In Nice, as people gathered on the seafront…