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What a bill about National Parks tells us about the Coalition

4 June 2014 15:34

One of the surprises in the Queen’s Speech is something called the Draft Governance of National Parks (England) and the Broads Bill. Unless you live in a National Park or… Continue reading


Spelman: I got this one wrong

17 February 2011 12:57

Caroline Spelman has just told the Commons that ‘I am sorry. We got this one wrong.’ The forests u-turn is now complete. Rachel Johnson has successfully duffed up the government.… Continue reading


Cameron fells the forestry consultation

17 February 2011 10:27

Despite his easy charm, David Cameron is unsentimental. His dismemberment of Caroline Spelman’s sagging forestry policy at yesterday’s PMQs was as ruthless as it was abrupt. The Prime Minister cannot… Continue reading


The Tories’ secret weapon

16 February 2011 15:22

Too much time at the barbers. That’s the opposition’s problem. Ed Miliband showed up at PMQS today after a long morning lounging in the chair having his hair coiffed and… Continue reading


Cameron breaks from the norm at PMQs

16 February 2011 13:14

PMQs today contained a rare moment: the Prime Minister admitting that he wasn’t happy with government policy. Ed Miliband, who split his questions up this week, asked Cameron if he… Continue reading


A massive failure of communication

12 February 2011 16:58

I have farmer friends in the Highlands who are forbidden from felling trees in their own backgarden – and, ergo, can’t extent their house. The poor souls have to wait… Continue reading


Spelman’s a-turning

11 February 2011 12:43

The BBC reports that the government has dropped some of its plans to privatise forestry. The general scheme will proceed, but the sale of 15 percent of publicly owned forests… Continue reading


Lost in the woods

10 February 2011 13:31

The government’s plans for state forestry are so weak and feeble that it is hard to understand why there is so much fuss about them. Maybe people do not realise… Continue reading


Spelman’s a lumberjack and she’s ok

27 January 2011 16:55

The coalition’s plans to privatise Britain’s woodlands have received what is euphemistically termed ‘a mixed reception’. Caroline Spelman’s consultation document and accompanying article in today’s Times (£) may change that… Continue reading